(FACEBOOK.COM/DAMONTBERRYFILMMAKER) Series creator, Damon T. Berry unveils his greatest and his most stunning work to date. The knowledge of the 50,000 year old Cave Paintings is so profound and so staggering to the mind that it is impossible to walk away from it the same way you came to it.. The film opens with the howling voices of the last 50,000 years, and believe it or not, their voices are actually screams of fear and desperation. Every cave painting of a cow or horse is actually an encrypted prehistoric message, and these messages actually tells us how our world ends. The film reveals a prehistoric tale that is so holy and so powerful that it will shake every part of you. Every dull and boring painting by dumb savages is actually a sophisticated warning and every painting is telling us…that our world is coming to an end. Upon the walls of old and ancient caves is the greatest story never told on this earth, and believe it or not these cave paintings actually tells us how to save ourselves from the end. Each painting allows us to hear the voices of those who died over 100,000 years ago, and the question is….if you could hear them what would you do?

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    The wildly successful documentary series, "The Knowledge Of The Forever Time," has been deemed a threat to US National Interests. The series which reveals ancient knowledge also reveals information and understanding that has never been heard before. Many of the films detail a step by step instruction that will lead to alien contact and dialog. While other episodes reveal ancient Stargate technology that allows man to travel deep into the cosmos with unbelievable ease.

    Series Creator Damon T. Berry has recently had his home looted while at the same time being under 24 hour surveillance. The US Government has seized all documents, scripts and master copies of the films. They have taken over his bank accounts, blocked all email accounts, phones, and have seized all assets from all bank safe deposit boxes. He is currently under 24 hour house arrest and no longer allowed to create another episode or move freely around the world. This type of action is unprecedented is a democracy and it highlights our ever changing country and it also portends a dark and terrifying future.

  2. As someone with a BS in Physical Anthropology I have to say its just brilliant watching facts ruin the christian extremist, terrorists. Christianity is the reason everyone hates us around the world and why we fight inside America. We can not afford to waste much more time people, I love everyone, give up on Christianity immediately, I love former Christians too BTW. If you are Christian, Im not down.

  3. So, the bull just happens to be the United States? Why? So they had a country that occupied the same exact borders of our country? I don't think so. If it had been the shape of a continent, that would be one thing but this is a specific country from our present. The odds of the outline of the U.S. existing twice are astronomical.

  4. How I can add captions for this video ? Because I am nearly deaf I cant fully understand (hear) this awesome document.. and too captions are really helpful for non-native english speakers. Thank you for telling us this story. For the true.

  5. So once again introduction to the video you're making an assumption that you're correct. Just because they believed in a god doesn't reach any conclusion. That is the ad populum fallacy. You're not presenting evidence of a god just assuming based on cave paintings and hieroglyphics which is also the argument from ignorance. We don't just use carbon dating we also use potassium argons. Another thing you have to provide evidence or model to call our origin false or lied about. Then you claim history has been lied about. How do you know there was an SOS in the cave paintings? How did you know the emotions of the artist's? How do you know what they knew???? Evidence please? Scholar? Empirical? Next, how do you know they put stars on the bulls eye?! The other cave painting of the bull did not show "stars" around its eyes. It seems like you're attempting to prove astrology. The version of the bear that was pained looks more in common with an evolved bear transition of that time. Your perception of these cave paintings is like using inkblots. Then you claim it to be the hand to be the hand of god? Can you prove it? The picture of the hand of god looks like a Raichu. Smh. Then you try to reverse cognitive dissonance on the ones who don't agree with you. Pathetic. And you even threaten people with the you will find out later nonsense. Every time someone has said this NOTHING happened. Then you claim this is the world above. You have to prove that. How do you know they weren't attempting to paint cow's? I noticed when you stated races will go back to their origins you didn't say whites would go back to Europe and give the land back to Natives. 🤔You looking suspect. How do you know these things are warnings??? You have so much to prove with your claims. Are you a traveler of space?? it is completely idiotic and fallacious for you to clean that these holy books are true with their apocalypse endings without proof smh. Then swear its because we are "plucked" from the tree of life?

  6. So Damon or (Demon) creates a series based on accepting aliens at the end times even the chanel nam 'Adamtree" is truth in plain site for the Devil Saton that old serpent is so prideful he cannot help himself but rub salt in your wounds.

    This is just in time when the Bible says the old serpent is thrown from heaven and has a short time so he makes war against the Saints those who believe in Jesus Christ.
    The Old Serpant comes March 2021. The rings shown from Africa are the spacecraft. Mazda he is known as Enki. ObBible says once was now is not yet is again. The old Samerian god the Dragon. Those whom do not have eyes to see will believe the lie…. Yet the truth is Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father. Aliens are demons. Spirits that can manifest.

  7. I hope you get to read this mr. Damon, I just wanted to say that before I watched this series I always thought I was the only one who could see our REAL history. Since the first time I saw the results of the human genome project and understood what it meant. Again, I'm just writing to say thank you for your hard work and dedication to the TRUTH.

  8. If these Creator/ETs who wanted to “wipe out all traces of human civilizations” really wanted to cleanse the earth, pretty sure they would have noticed the pyramids and cave paintings. This is such a flimsy attempt at awakening. Such confidence used to express ideas pulled from ones butthole. Unlike Spirit Science who states references and explains in detail without ever claiming to know for certain. If I wanted to hear a know it all babble on about nonsense I’d listen to the Bible on tape.

  9. How do you come up with this stuff? Seriously, how the heck is it that you know other Human Beings were here over 400 Million Years ago, and that their hearts were greater than ours? How could you possibly know details like that?

  10. As a lifelong professional artist and over 25 years of airbrush experience, I've always thought "the hands" look airbrushed…. aka blow sprayed back then. PHENOMENAL! Wishing for the gift to go see these things being created… just a fly on that wall… STUPENDOUS communication is the gift of all art. Sometimes it gets translated in so many ways beyond the initial intention. Artistic ability is a certain part of the brain that, obviously, we do not all have. When I create, I often feel like I'm in a trance and afterward, I see the creation from the outside. Unfortunately, we are all our worst critics. I once heard a painting is never finished, it is simply abandoned. I know this is a fact. 40 years later and I still pick apart a pen and ink drawing that I have hanging on the wall from high school. I could pick it up right now and continue it. I'm a Taurus!

  11. I am God. You are God. Once you accept and respect your inner God, THEN you will become one with all existence that is or was or will be. Embrace it! We don't need all these bans and laws for the least common denominator. Once schools did this, society became it. One law… treat others (including all life) as you wish to be treated. Thank the plant for the flower you pick. Apologize to the fly you killed. Don't EVER think you are a superior being when so many species use you for sustenance.

  12. Pathetic. Please, open your eyes. The reason why we call her "Mother Earth" is because it is a Mother. It gives BIRTH periodically to global organisms made up of US as it's cells, just like we give birth to babies which are composed of trillions of cells. And the "cleansing of all life" on Earth is simply what happens naturally when a baby leaves the womb. If you are part of an unlucky isolated cell which stays in the womb, yes, you witness a form of "cleansing", where all "life" is "killed". But that's simply because the womb is being prepared for the NEXT being, for the next birth cycle. We don't die, we are simply BORN! Please stop this silly "tragedy is around the corner" baiting and expose the TRUTH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LUVB_VR0Ko

  13. Maybe the Egyptians pointed to this as a warning, otherwise why warn against it? And why WERE live people sacrificed in the pyramids? It sounds more like a sacrifice to something bad: I'm sure God or any other 'good' entity would want that .

  14. I would love the opportunity to speak with Damon, however I’m no body of great importance. Just a guy from the midwest who is trying to become more enlightened, closer to god and the truth. Damon’s insight to the past makes more sense to me. The previous stories that have been told around the world have so many holes I could see that when I was twenty, now I’m in now I’m in my forties and on a mission nit to waste my time on someone else’s hidden agendas.

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