We ask the ridiculously fresh-faced US comedian the five most Googled questions about him. As he prepares to perform his award-winning show ‘What’ in London, we speak to comedian and internet whizz-kid Bo Burnham.

is more a jerk oh that's the door that's really cute cuz I think that's probably young people right because like I'd be like is he a national but like is he a jerk seems almost like us yeah yeah it's like a timid like and you have to assume the people asking is he a jerk want answer to be no as opposed to people saying is he a national is he a douche you want the answer to be yes I would think so yeah that sounds I could be wrong but that sounds like young people who maybe see the way act on stage and worry that I'm a jerk or something I don't think I names we call the jerk in the 21st century but yeah but I can't judge I mean I can't answer that it's not heard of an atheist yeah I mean I'm probably don't yeah probably not I mean yeah I don't know I don't let me I don't think he's I don't know yeah probably who cares you know cuz I feel like it's so um aggressive just to say it yeah there's think imply that there's like a a monologue behind it or like an uncomfortable dinner or like oh god you're that guy you know that make sense my mother's loves Jesus and she's great no just as profound no and I I think more profound than is their God is to have a girlfriend in a lot of ways that has more impact on my dating life than God for sure I don't I don't know I don't know enough about I guess I don't even know enough about the definition of modern feminism just say what what it is but I I would think in the layman's understanding or what am I understand it to be probably I worry that um if I were to call myself a feminist I'd be like a I'd be taking the virtual way from people who are actually making an effort to do it yeah I mean it's like it's like me calling a me calling myself a civil rights activist because I'm not racist I don't know well women or women are great my mom's my mom believes in Jesus she's great so really I can't man Oh bows are double reed and they're really really hard I played a saxophone in fifth grade and even the one reed would squeak on me like no one's business I have a song called elbow and one of the puns in it is that like I play the oboe and stupid but I don't like people are googling it I think that Google meant knowing that it's very confused or maybe it'll like Allen up a world to my entire double-reed and subculture that I'm involved in or something

50 thoughts on “The internet interviews… Bo Burnham

  1. He’s the cutest aww

    Btw I like this bo way more than that stage persona lmao… although I love that too?

    His persona is loud, funny, edgy and slightly offensive, kinda extroverted

    Him irl is quiet, still funny, sweet, intellectual, woke, introverted, I could go on forever

  2. So much thoughts are put into answering each question. I love how he has such a deep understanding of each topic to be able to doubt the validity of his stance. The more you know, the more you know about what you don't know. So it's completely valid for him to denied hard label and focus on the detail of himself and his belief.

  3. His stance on feminism is pretty close to my own. I'm not doing anything to help underprivileged women, i sit on my arse all day eating cookie dough ice cream! Like, i agree with what it says it wants to do, but there are proper activists out there who are more deserving of the term if they want it.

  4. After seeing his shows on Netflix and watching him talk about how he is shy and introverted and that ppl shouldn’t expect him to be the way he is on the stage, in real life I wasn’t surprised at all, I totally get him, it’s like me on the internet/with my friends vs me in any other situation

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