Two weeks ago the #RAF Museum’s Conservation Team was doing an incredible job on the re-assembly of our Hawker #Typhoon, the only remaining complete #aircraft of its type in the world.

Our Typhoon had been on a 4-year loan at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa. It was safely transported to the RAF Museum London in October in several sections – without its wheels, wings, #propeller and parts of its fuselage connected to its main frame.

Our amazing Conservation team from #Cosford rebuilt the Typhoon in three days, attaching back the wings, the wheels and all other parts.

Now the work is completed, our Typhoon has taken its rightful place in our ‘#BattleofBritain’ exhibition at our #London site.

In this video we show its re-assembly. After watching it why not plan your visit to the Museum to marvel at this incredible aircraft in all its glory. We are open daily from 10.00am. Admission is free.

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hi I'm Brendan I'm the conservation manager here at the London site of the RF Museum behind me we have the Hawker typhoon it's just returned from a four-year loan in Canada in order to transport it had to have its wings propeller and sail plane removed try to do right these were the wings and the tail plane on were then able to stop us in panels on around the engine around the wing fairings we then had the propeller in its separate parts so we had to rebuild the Pella put it all together this side phone is the last of its type so we're very lucky to have it here on display in hangar three of our London site the RF museum is now ready to welcome all members of the public to come and view the hawk typhoon

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