Host Musa Adnan speaks with Mohammed Hijab on various topics, including drama surrounding speakers’ corner, seeking out fashion advice, how best to invite to Islam, spirituality, and more.

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my name is moose adnan that's mohammad hijab this is rooted and here's what we have coming up for you today a speaker's corner is controversial yeah it can be damaging for the dollar at times yes it's very argumentative arguments take place there yes people you go there people are swearing at each other people are just treating each other like nothing it's not a civilized academic discussion a lot of the time yes and there's not much actual real Dawa happening in Joe's corner yeah how do you feel about those sentiments I think you absolutely right about all of those points for me I went into a couple of public debates and one of the main things that people were talking to me about and complaining about and if you look at the look at the comments if you know when your suit properly now not even that you weren't wearing your suit the next time let me help you okay it's live in that you can help me loser next time so you can help me go to California yeah to do it a bit so what I was gonna say was those the way I did with a particular group of people yeah all right and I came off a t-shirt yeah a pink one no no no it's just a blue t-shirt you won't pink this before I don't know where that isn't that part of your metro thing never yeah I thought I would even if I'm in Miami I'm not wearing a pink vest just like you yeah the white you'll pick no one was anything to you that's you the pink is you you get it dude how many job hey look at me bro is it safe yes we started other things I have a little bit mashallah sparkle it's a pleasure to have you on the rebooted podcast you know for all of our viewers I've been very very excited to film this you know being you know a lot of digging about planning and yes sorry it's it's a privilege to have you unless you drink coffee I'm very very happy to be here IRA is the first Dow home all of us I mean in the UK you know and it's nice to be here see the guys see sabore Ahmed and you know I'm Ron saying Hamza sources and I've never seen and moose Adnan those other people that I've mentioned well sure they mention me lost I'll take no I said last but not least last but not least definitely so there's many things you know with you that we can talk about you you've been very very active online for a number of years now yeah but I wanna I want to go back here I want to start the podcast and I want to talk about some things maybe you might not talk spoken about you know in the past tell me about your upbringing how many jobs upbringing you know I actually filmed we filmed an a podcast of my dad recently you know really yeah I mean he wasn't I mean it's gonna sound a little bit whatever but he wasn't actually an active part of my upbringing in that sense that maybe like you know a nuclear family would be used to like someone with part of the nuclear family but so it was obviously I did have a lot of interaction my dad but mostly it was my mom so my mom was always there you know she's she was a stray she was a strong single mother that that basically helped me get to where I am in every single way shape or form we to be honest obviously a working-class family in the sense that you know my parents are the ones who came to this country my dad my dad was he had both of them had degrees from Egypt and then they went to a bar I Robot for a while then they came to a UK yeah and so they had to establish everything from the very beginning and both of them continued like teaching and learning my dad went on to he's now a professor and so on we went to Manchester University well okay so what does your dad teach he used to teach like mingling with sticks but most particularly English is a foreign language all she had to learn when you learn English to foreign language you become good at certain things like language acquisition and stuff well that was his field so they kind of established themselves in this country in that way but in that process of doing so there was a lot of movement a lot of it was kind of rough in the sense that we had to counsel accommodation mmm temporary accommodation here you know I remember living in a hotel we lived in a hotel for many like because my dad had to go to back to Egypt you know he divorced my mom and then they kind of went their own separate ways and so on so when that happened kind of like we me my mom my sister and so on we were moving around from place to place and a lot of that was like temporary accommodation hotels do you feel like that shaped you as a person you know like going good because that's a little bit rough right I mean pee you find that children who are raised in families you know that have been separated like that may have it harder you know than other families where you're all happy mother-father going on holidays together you know you've got this set routine kind of thing with your family throughout the year you go on two or three holidays like you know the way families typically speaking you know the way typical families are expected to do from societal perspective I see not going into all of that but did you feel like that shaped you you know your family being like that I think that yeah I'm sure it did I can't tell you exactly how I think that's more like a psycho than psychoanalytic yeah dimension unconscious mind that I don't haven't tapped into myself do you feel like you're a strong person yes I stronger or strong strong person generally speaking and I don't listen you necessarily mean physically mashallah but I mean like mentally are you feel like you mean I think that I think that if that's a good question I think that really truly I think that I I'm overconfident I know that for a fact that's one of my characteristics but I think that because of that overconfidence people think that I think of myself as maybe stronger no stronger than I then I actually am I know that emotionally I think that were all quite fragile in on different ways and I think I would put myself in that category of fragile individual in the Quran says were holy Colleen said in life well then who created human being weak but in this context who was talking about sexual desire marriage and obviously all men are and women to something to maybe a lesser extent are weak in that sense and yeah yeah like you know they always find it difficult to control insight from those angles you know as young men whatever we was gonna find a difficult but from an emotional perspective I think that you know the only thing that I feel on a serious genuine level and when you ask me that question like that is is grounded me and given me kind of a continuity and thought is and and a stability in mind is the Quran itself and and the prayers to things do you feel like that helps you form a young age the fingers I wasn't attached to her I'm from a young age so so tell me about that like you how did you become attached you know obviously you mentioned you're going from place to place with your sister your mother yeah what what ended up happening after that I always had a curiosity for um to understand more about purpose of life and the ultimate questions in life I will go through the same things like I mean we were like I was born and raised in this country and to be honest we had the same exposures to non to normative ideas like liberalism feminism science all those things challenges and also like the desires element as well like you grow up in this country obviously I went into a went to a secondary school here yeah school how was your second record I was I was like I was a bit of a loud character you know I've been excluded many times so I was quite I was like I was a naughty kid basically until quite recently and maybe I'm still annoyed kid I'm because I was to go to universe as – yes I still get in trouble you know but I was annoyed kid that was quite loud yeah I went to I've been excluded I think maybe ten times in my temporary exclusion so what reasons were there for like fighting that was you know I wasn't a violent guy I wasn't known for that to be honest like anyone who knows me and probably watching this now from secondary school days knows that you know how many job or as they call me hey gab they still call me Haig about that time you know in the property and how I was my name is actually he said and they did I don't think I was ever known for that not to say that obviously as a teenage guy yeah you know kiddo adolescent you're not gonna get into fights and you don't get especially in the city London so do you feel like what when did religion start to kick in for you because you mentioned obviously in high school you get excluded law you again in trouble a lot so obviously you were clearly doing something you shouldn't be doing yeah when how did religion come into what it is praying you mentioned praying reading Quran how would that will come into the game from curiosity okay everything was triggered by curiosity I wanted to know for me I had this this kind of personality that if I'm gonna get into something I'm gonna get into a fully 100% but I need to know this thing that I'm getting into 100% dedicate my time to in life to is 100% true you know I mean now all I that was actually that was the thought process in my mind I said I'm grown yeah my dad is actually like more liberal-minded and my mom's unless she's just practicing you know a woman is someone but if I had decided to be less practicing or if I had decided to be moderate or quote/unquote modern yeah or moderate or ever yeah if I and all of them for those who are listening to this are not saying I'm using the speech mark you know body language there if I decided to do that I don't think there would have been any consequences on me like as a person to get it for my family I don't think that with my extended family a lot of them they're kind of split into two some of them are very like nationalistic secular and so on and some of them are very religious okay interesting so maybe if I were to go to Egypt the more religious side of the family would have pressured me a little bit or try to convince me a little bit more but it wasn't something that I had like it was a choice I wanted to make for myself at the end of the day like you know so I had to look into religion and at that age maybe I was in 40 okay thing going sounds yeah eight year nine so I was thinking about from that age from you from about you a I remember a year seven I used to go to Egypt and ask people about religion how about this how about that and I used to be exposed I was exposed to a contradiction supposed contradictions of the Quran the whole narrative at the age of 11 or 12 I was exposed to fully I knew exactly the the anti Islamic websites I knew everything I knew nay I knew all of that III saw what was going on in the in the atmosphere and I wanted to see both sides of the argument so obviously I was what people like I'm gonna do that and that time was all zakian like I went and so recently as well by the way how was that it was very good it's good to see someone that you'd been watching for a long time here yeah how is he as a person why some of us how he is on the camera okay that's cool yeah so so yeah I was watching all of that and trying to make sense of everything and it took me I'm not gonna lie it took me some time to conclude that yeah this is I'm hundred percent sure but I was going through the process when I was a teenager so at that time I wasn't really necessarily reciting Quran or trying to memorize or I was praying it wasn't fully like consistent or anything like that you know and I had become religious probably around you at 10 or 11 but then obviously it wasn't just one thing like which is about 15 years old so 1415 around 17 it was quiet like I had a fixed but religious personality so when you were in college you were religious I had a fixed release personality people knew that I prayed that I try and preach to them you know all of those things but at the same time I had been quite a black loud you know funny you know person like I wasn't a lot of religious people are for my experience anyways of them is they're quite introvert like what I softened you know my in terms of the characters a lot yeah from what I saw in school is that they're quite introverted you know they're not really but for me I was I was an extroverted religious person and I realized that that mix was actually quite helpful for for propagation of islam because obviously confidence cells you know I mean and I became a salesman by the way that's something else we could talk about but certainly like it was it wasn't something that just happened overnight yeah it was a process and you know I think I lost parent I'll obviously he guided me and you know I always remember this hadith of the Prophet I said when he says may you may you to deal a be higher on your fucking own 15 yeah look whoever Allah wants good for him he gives him understanding of the religion so the fact that I was searching I think because of the the the persistence of my search over a long space of time Allah gifted me with guidance because I was asking I was knocking at the door I wasn't it wasn't like a matter of you know overnight I just became convinced of Islam in a full sense I had European know I had to go through the whole process I had to critically look at everything all the contentions all the so-called logical problems and so on and then I came to a very solid conclusion to the extent where now like this is it like you know for me obviously religion is something that we would die for you know I think I think that that can be very very very powerful for a person's inside because I went through something similar where I started doubting I started going through a lot of doubts a lot of logic who doubts I just saw a lot of logical in my head and I realized I came to a stage where I was like if you want to keep doing this logical battle or not even logical battle like what's worse battle lega even I'm not saying you had lost but a lot of people even get this yeah yeah yeah there's no point because you know this is the truth at this point but people that haven't that affliction though yeah it's not in their control I'm realizing it's not something they can they just turn off its literally there's something that's stuck in their mind yeah someone's told them something about like oh it's the currents got this conflict yeah yeah yeah they don't have the knowledge to sort out that contradiction in their mind I feel like sometimes you don't even need the knowledge to sort things like the out because when your faith is so strong yeah but you would and you know if it's not strong yet yeah but when your faith is scary and you know for example Islam is the absolute truth nothing anything you know you know how you start thinking I don't know if you'd agree with this but the way I started thinking is okay I don't understand that but maybe I'll understand it in a couple years you know what made me like assured that the that Islam is true basically now for me what made me assure that Islam is true is basically the Quran so I started I started an in-depth kind of study of the Quran on my own like self by as a teenager yeah because I wanted to see certain things and I wanted I looked at everything like all the claims that would be made for and against from mathematical miracles to scientific miracles yeah supposed mathematics supposed to scientific you know there's lots of question marks everywhere but I looked at everything I looked at in linguistics ah now the thing really that did it for me was the language like I think that was the because after all I realized that you know what this book it could no it's not but it's not fathomable that this could have been a human being if someone had I'm not saying obviously this is not a Shelley like that this is the case of the Prophet Salla but if someone had absolutely like the worst record in morality yeah I presented that book I'd accept them as a prophet yeah to get it if I if I know I know about this book yeah yeah if they had the worst more like them runny like they will kill it surah killers they would this note that they were you know that's a raper like you know you know killing the children and whatever it may be you know but he presented just show me how a human being can do this but basically when you when you see that something is the absolute truth in that way yep that's that's gonna because because it's aslam as a way of life I mean you know even for any non-muslims that maybe this thing Islam as a way of life the way it projects itself is as it is that this is the truth and islam from from the second page of the quran radical kitab Alif LAAM Meem Valek al-kitab will are a buffet he who done in 113 that this is that this allah subhanaw taala god almighty is talking about this book and saying that there's no doubt in this book and shucks we know in arabic shut there's an Arabic word is doubt shock is like 50 $50 rabies a little bit of doubt rape in Arabic is a little bit of that Allah saying God is saying there's not even a little bit of down in this book not even a little bit forget Chuck down in 50 50 I'm not sure forget all of that there's not even a little bit of doubt so when you read Quran like that it does definitely inspire talking of reading Quran dog spirituality how has spirituality impacted you as an individual because I've seen brought and this is a criticism I have of you yeah and you can accept it I'm sure yeah yeah because but for example I've been on YouTube channel we've worked together for years as well and I've been on YouTube channel we've been on each other's YouTube channels yeah but before I've noticed something the way the Dawa is projected racialist including yourself as well sometimes you hear is very lacking of public spirituality oh yeah that's exactly right but I know that you're a very spiritual person no I wouldn't say that you know I wouldn't even say that I'm very spiritual I think that that's our lacking like that thing no I think that's the projection of my personality that's why I think that is I think that really yeah yeah I don't think I'm a very spiritual person I've got my daily routines okay it sounds pretty early and stuff like that and I've got the things that I do yeah it terms up cuz I believe in consistency that in the best of armelle the master best of deeds to Allah is at one more inhale the most consistent one and even if it's more yeah so and as Arab say highly endemic ASEAN McCotter Isis a little bit and smooth better than a lot I'm not consistent yeah so consistency is key I believe of that I believe that you know whatever I do have to be it has to be a lifestyle for me yeah yeah so some things like for example of course about myself yeah yeah that is very important translate what a scarf sabaha sir is the supplications of the morning in the evening yeah if you go to the fortress of the Muslim I think it's page 91 or something on that yeah you'll be the contents page it's a range of different dialects that someone can make and to be honest with you when I first started doing it I felt I actually it's kind of difficult to describe this and people might laugh at me or whatever I don't care but I felt like a the sweetness is in my physical heart like you could feel something there like you know there's a there's a sweet feeling a sensation to get it but when you keep tuned you're doing something it's like the gym when you continue going to the gym and you get used to the workout you need to up the game a little bit more you to do something L used to basically mix it up a little bit so basically in terms of spirituality you need to keep it going yeah you need to kind of up it up just like anything else if you if you do something for a while you need to kind of maybe increase volume increase quality yeah yeah either one of the two or both so so again like so you feel like the d'Artois with yourself and I don't mean to put you in a spot here yeah but with yourself with many others in the Dow seen as individuals lack spirituality because those people themself like spirituality I think I could say about those people cause it's okay so for me because it's true bro yeah yeah nobody I've met people that much like to be honest that way more spiritual like I wouldn't get customers at the spiritual person that's number one yeah yeah so I met people that are spiritual I know what they look like what they do how they interact their movements it's completely different to my movements and the reason why is a lot of them number one is environment yeah so I a lot of the people that I meet like people from different countries Morocco Egypt whoever yeah my grandma is the best example she died recently yeah ha Maya she was the most beautiful person I've ever in my life she's yeah she's the most beautiful person I've ever there's no scholar I've met that's more spiritual than her in my opinion oh well I bet the big ones by the way just so anyone saying oh he hasn't seen the scholars yeah I've been there study what scholars in your the ones you like as well but let's say for her like the the my interaction with her was she was very very very spiritual so yeah let me tell you I observed from her please so I observed from her was that she basically she was at that time she was like I mean she died at 77 years old she died like this year yeah and and she had daily routine basically she had leukemia yes a leukemia and half of cancer yeah and and her daily she would fast of Ramadan even though the doctors all of them like kind of like told her not to do it her family told her but she wanted to do it she felt like she was gonna die she wanted to die doing good deeds good TV and her daily routine because when I went it was like I went to Egypt three years ago I'm you know obviously saw her you know interacted with her and Sonia you know I'm going to the toilet or Evan I see her like praying okay I'm Elaine she's playing pray I'm Leila no way yeah yeah she's standing up as well as she can't even stand up properly like she's praying every day it's very consistent federal she's there before feta wakes up every day the same noises toilet you know she going to do it or whatever you get and know throughout the day she's reading Quran she's reading the Quran like she's reading it and reading it and reading it reading it and reading it that food that she's doing you know I don't obviously it's a scar you know I'm trying to say and and and the way she just moves her movements it's the movement of a spiritual person when she just does be each each time she does a glorification of Allah she takes her time like with me when I do it now I'm not trying to get it quickly done so I can go and do my thing my grandma you can see that she was like engaging like with every second of that particular test be amazing so that and by the way a lot of things happen to her and stuff like that which wouldn't happen to regular people like you you see that they have insight and they're speaking in ways as if a lot of heart I'll that gives them you know it gives them dream certain things are gonna happen in the future this and that you know and they see the profits in a profit in a dream and lots of things that just don't happen to us you know so yeah I've seen the movements of spiritual people and I'm certainly not one of them like so but yeah I think it's because of the debates is the reason we I want to come to that as well bro because look this there's some things with the Dawa and you know about these things as well yeah that I just the way some aspects that the Dawa has become like I just don't agree with you know this is one of them and I've noticed it in many of us I'm not pointing you out yeah this is something I've noticed in myself go online go on my channel go on my Instagram you know we're not trying to put but it's like how much do us as dollar figures talk about spirituality yeah you know you can go on our YouTube channel they can go on your YouTube channel and there's not one video maybe there's like not one video you're saying guys do your morning and evening remembrances yeah guys do you read hold on yeah more like it's you know debating and stuff like that one yes and I think you as well it's very good to speak to you about this because I know for a fact you yeah know the power of spirituality because how did you prepare for your debate with David would signals this and that was breached really though what made ah yeah that's just a spiritual aspect of it yeah now you wouldn't be doing that if you don't if you didn't believe it so many of us we we haven't truly tasted that sweetness of spirituality once you taste it because spirituality is what many of us lack and once you feel that spirituality that sweetness that thing that you said you felt in your heart and this is how is this is the importance of spirituality many of us don't focus on it what solutions do you feel like spirituality will bring to people if they tried it at home from what I see of people of spirituality obviously they have tomate Nina which is the idea of elaborately related mental hope that oh but the remembrance of a lot of hearts find rest and you know I think that people confuse sometimes happiness and tranquility and I think tranquility is it more it should be more of a so over psychological state to be honest because what is happiness it's kind of like a spike in your in your state of being you go from eight one zero to 100 or whatever or zero to 80 you go up there's a spike in the reaction your reaction to stimuli in the world yeah but tranquility is a bit more like you feel relaxed you know it's more you're floating rather you swim in or in yes you are you are so the I think you're glad your emotions are colliding together so I feel like that when the Quran says Tama Nina and I basically like he taught my inner loop you know and on the other hand oh it's the Vestas with the remembrance of a lot of hearts find rest and on the other hand is sort of at a sort of Taha this is you know I'm an outlaw the undignified allah almighty's and danke but I should who you're milking every GM you know and whoever goes against our you know my thicker my remembrance then he you know he's gonna have a very depressed life and I'm always the next I sure AM and he wiII you be gathered on the day of judgment blind and what will he say I'll leave a hash out sorry Emma he said come to Basra he was said to him what why have you put me made me blind and I used to be seeing Harlequin delicate ska I took a pharisee toka delicately over to answer mama say that they you were you were given our areas our our science and then you forgot it so that day you'll be forgotten so today your daddy so you're gonna be forgotten yeah so it's like look at look at the people who who who are like that and and and that's why I feel like spirituality is things so so important even all of us are IRA you know what something interesting to mention do I have that is what I I discovered this by the way yep okay myself you seem very carrier so you can use this actual camera if you want to talk sorry yeah and you know I saw a lot on this on this point yeah hours you know Quran one time and I still to modulus also pooja Delia chapter 50 of the Quran okay and I was reading a reading every day and there was one verse came up which is a stylish a confrontation Allah the Shaitaan overcame them so that he made the forget about the remembrance of Allah yeah so I thought this is really interesting guy surah yeah and this is part of like that linguistic miracle of the Quran yeah this is me I didn't consult any secondary port I was just a guy that was with no Quran and I realized something about the surah yeah I don't know how many verses are so gentle aware but every single area has the word align it amazing do you know that I challenge you I find the Surya every single AI has the word Allah why because Allah Allah Allen white but you know Allah says in the same sort of stuff without him Shaitaan fence a music Allah the Shaitaan overcame them and he made them forget the remembrance of Allah so as if Allah is trying to remind us now here the and the next and the next surah which is also her shadow which is in the Quran yet chronologically the next surah allah subhanahu wata'ala he says he he says you know he mentions that those people who forgot Allah fan Salman Fuzhou home so he made the forget themselves yeah what I confess the quote there are the ones who were evildoers so everything is connected by if you forget about Allah then number one you're gonna forget about yourself you will not have like it slow how can you forget about the one that created you and still think that you have an existential purpose in this life do you ever say you you're purposeless you're floating container you're nothing basically without purpose of life that's really important from for me I would hate like being an atheist I mean imagine that that's disgusting I'll do Bellaire for me like personally I would hate to be like that but I forget my parents for example imagine I don't know that I had parents either I don't I don't get a had parents I came here through the medium of parents that would be an embarrassing spiritual stage yeah yeah yeah so there's so many things bro we can talk about to highlight the importance of spirituality there are so many things we can speak about you know for example everyone knows the full full of our rashidun right we have the full great caliphs of Islam omar ali radiyaallahu anhu but girl of mine with Johanna is my and all of them and may allah be pleased with ya let's I wasn't doing you order just do I was just saying a name so do we have these four caliphs yeah do you know that many people they talked about all of the great things they all done yes I'm gonna deal on one who was like this I will but courage to donate so much in charity are you ready Allah one who was like this he was brave he was like this yeah awesome under the Aloha and who was very generous he married two of the wives of the Prophet Solomon Samantha does yeah sorry f1 two of the daughters of the prophets alone our celebrity and we can go on and on and on but how many people mentioned the fact that they were all a father of Quran they had all memorized the Quran we forget about the spiritual aspects and his important man is very very important moving on you know use men you mentioned debates earlier okay yes so I want to ask you my purse do you see me a speaker's corner I've seen you once or twice thing okay so I don't really go speakers corner right neither I've personally feel like and many of us here are higher also share these sentiments the speaker's corner is controversial yeah it can be damaging for the dollar at times yes it's very argumentative arguments take place there yes people you go there people are swearing at each other people are just treating each other like nothing it's not a civilized academic discussion a lot of the time yes and there's not much actual real Dawa happening in jakers corner yeah how do you feel about those sentiments I think absolutely right about all of those points but the issue is so why do you go because one I go spoofs was the muscle ha and because it's a good platform I've been to many universities across different parts of this country and UK went to do us and been to many different other countries as well yeah one thing that I would say is actually a more powerful platform than all of those places almost without exception unless you live it you're debating or you're engaging with a very high profile person social media following is its biggest corner okay so are you know it's using the in terms of viewership yes okay so so let me let me let me let me challenge you in that content and one more thing as well which is important I think that lecture like pedagogue pedagogically or pedagogically pedagogically yeah there's been a lot of research into lecture style presentations okay yeah so pedagogy is basically the study of how one learns and teaches teachings teaching methods and Sonia so in in in in the field of pedagogy there's been discussion and you know now I think at this point you're saying the word wrong yourself so there's the lecture style approach especially obviously if language acquisition is no question yeah that you can't apply you can't have that plot or you can't you can't have that approach but even in general learning yeah a lot of pedagogical studies have shown that lecture style information is is presentations are not great so we've tried I've tried to break it down to 20 minute lectures now in it apply to really not good five minutes now if it has to be done over 45 minutes I will do it but basically engagement is what peace laughter now it's either because corner provides that speaker's corner a lot of people want to see that engagement they want to see that interaction between people so let me let me come in him yeah because what I reality TV as well the storyline that was that's exactly my point here so speaker's corner does provide engagement as does reality TV where you have so-and-so shouting at so-and-so so-and-so punching so etc and I personally believe that is why speaker's corner is watched so widely yeah it not the education value of course it's not the debate value yes not the dollar value it's not that you learn that's all thank you their jets is just that you're you watch you eating popcorn and you're watching so-and-so have a digger so and so on anyway Oh guys did you see that yeah how many jobs just what this guy oooo all the optimism that comes egotistical it can become yeah yeah and it becomes egotistical it's not even can it becomes egoistic a lot of the time yeah so the grid with yourself don't you feel like that can be a detriment to image to that work because a lot of the time and you I feel like you should clarify this because even as someone that goes there a lot of the time people think dabei equals dour there's an iron sword to null and Rosie Rosie comments on the ayah which one it'll be lit a Essen and then where we are lost Subhan Allah speaks about debate here it ability as a debate with them with that which is better and the Wow the WoW is mentioned what it was yeah so in Arabic in Arabic you'll agree with this as well sometimes the wall can be mentioned to in fact it is mentioned what we learn in Arabic is when allow is in place wow it's not it's a separate thing now it's a separate Sentinel issues that you have Alice a yeah you do have other eyes but when we speak about this one I want to focus on the comentary of Rosie where he actually mentions how allah subhanaw taala differentiates between debate and that one that's it i would i would disagree with that you would disagree with that yeah because if you look at the whole quran you remain verses that would bring up there's one Analia so applicable how's it fastener where do I hide alone so what Jed the home is a part of the Dawa or is it new is it new sensitive question is it so is it what for 0f that's the question okay so if it's well Steph it's a new–it's a new you should translate sorry Oh Arthur is a conjunctive it's like an TSO puts two things together yeah well Steph is basically when you start a sentence use the words well separation yeah now if for dinner Ozzy believed that this was separation a separation that's one slowly view but you've got two other heirs to contend with one of them is insert an ankle boot yeah I lost one analysis will let you judge will get a bill ability Assam okay so do not do debate with Ellicott AB except for that which is better and the same wording is used by the way Dumas has an asana hacen has an ass and same kind of wording as you so that makes it clear that actually there is a connection between the two things you done and the third one is and I'm as well we're obviously this was a very famous example where bore him is having his debating his he's basically debate is Jude al always a positive term in the Quran it's neutral I would say it's negative at times yes nutritious negatively a positive when Allah speaks about Hajj in the Quran well gee dad you down a field Hajj yeah Phil Haji yeah but what so why is Allah Subhan Allah telling you not to do in Hajj if he supposes Muslims but in speakers corner you the being with Muslims on that point I would agree with you if you say I I agree but even that to be on this one point be always has a discussion yeah I don't wanna sound like you know I'm preaching a certain you know think but Imam Ahmed had a book kusu Lucinda okay uh Lulu su-9 and I were ever anybody that's the principles to discern upon us and when he says don't don't debate with certain sects like deviate sex in Islam but we don't want to get too deep into it and to that sort of conversation yeah because that but there no he says but there are no which is that sometimes your Venus slam this masala so basically common where it's beneficial that you can do it when you do not you don't and it's gotta be qualified people for specialist specialist thing but let's keep it basic level because a lot of the people are gonna be watching I'm gonna be a very basic never yes I'm not trying to demean the audience because don't you trying to bring the audience up to your level but it look regardless um I don't think I'm sure we can agree I'm sure we can agree that speakers corner I'm sorry that lasting is a sort I'm yeah well I lost upon a talent there is the situation of the blame yeah well hi-de-ho coma who were hi Jehovah who is his people debated with him after what after he says no but they were doing the debating no he was hi Jovie it has to be two people because he was he was debating with them he first was talking about Heather Heather Robbie he said this is my lord talking about the moon and then he says hey that wasn't Ibrahim and he said I'm giving that word to them and they were debating back yeah so if you guess but he was but the difference is of he and I'll actually mention this Ibrahim Anissa Nam was calling to something a lot of the times these conversation speakers corner if you watch them with this in mind with what I'm about to say they're not calling to anything yeah I'm right Europe yeah it's true but if it's religion related if it's doubt really especially don't hate but I think there's a lot definitely yeah you can be calling as well so there's that fair aspect generally speaking though I'm sure you'll agree that sometimes it's better to keep it clean sometimes it's better to keep it clean because some of the things can create controversy and stuff like that one and you've been involved in some of the controversy you've been involved in these controversies and I personally believe it can be something like this always it right sorry so Ibrahim Ali celebrities yeah well comparisons everywhere but the prophets all of the controversial figures I don't know if you can say that yeah yeah would you call it the Quran controversial the Quran is controversial because controversy is well no but no but who is the Quran controversial to exactly that's the same thing we could know by speakers controvert speakers corner becomes controversial to everyone know wise there's arguments taking place everywhere these people kicking chasing it I put it is that you're gonna be controversial either way yeah you're either make an argument yeah oh the other will be made against you the simple as that that's how is in this country I know but once there is a space for it I you know but don't you believe there's a different differentiation between an argument and cooling no I don't believe that you can always differentiate sometimes you go through argument no you can we did there are plans for example for example you speak into an atheist speaking to a Christian and you're calling them you're educating the mom about Islam that doesn't necessarily need to turn into a bait to a debate but though it does but if it does then what you're doing is you're still calling them yeah but you're but you're putting their points yeah right now my goodness you see message so the cooling method is always there that that was always there my point I don't disagree but brought by the way yeah debates are good yeah I might even debate in the future debates are good yeah inshallah debates are good and many of our elders and many of the people we look up to debated you know people like who you mentioned your family dad check as I can like you know may Allah bless them they debated great avail yourself mashallah he is by the way I've just uploaded a video of his on YouTube okay my channel is excellent like exposition this is actually one of the main counter thesis is to what you just said yes it was an incredibly academic exposition where he was mentioned no references video let me but let me clarify Joseph did you watch it no no but let me clarify watch the video where absolutely excellent let me clarify something this is a clarification I'm not saying that speaker's corner is full of negativity in a school bad etc you're gonna have good things coming out there definitely but that's like that's like a lot of things you but you are gonna have a lot like powerful from speaker go I don't stand green house the sources I understand that but now now it's like Korea a lot of us actually if it wasn't for people have to be honest if it wasn't for who speaks to call now the platform might not have been there no but now now I'm talking about now then I used to go then I used to go and I used to even debate with you people but then so the idea is it was not like a reality show if it's something that works and and they can actually attract people's attention I can bring people to Islam and there's good that everything almost everything that you do there's going to be good it's gonna have some offense but I think this is good I think this conversation is good because it's gonna make it clear to people that guys sometimes also take it with a pinch of salt yeah for sure and I think it's important coming from you you know it's important for you because you're one of the most viewed people in speaker's corner regardless I'm not trying to throw you under but under the bus and say oh you're doing nonsense no yeah because debating the scholars of the past debated we believe that as Muslims regardless what advice would you give to people who watch speakers corner video yeah and people who go to it I you know watch beauty school videos I mean to be honest with you like for those who like what you enjoy watching it I would say to them you know it's is what it is I mean if you find that this benefit that you get getting of if it's a way that you're learning by the way a lot of the times we plan lessons the speaker's corner we plan lessons its beauties corner so I think to myself okay I want to do I want I want to teach people about these arguments yeah now it could be very easy that I bring a blackboard or right behind me I start showing the people but it's much easier to engage someone and then again up here so I would say that if you're getting if you're getting educational value from it there's very good but it's got a couple of time well obviously if you want to develop in your knowledge that you're gonna have to move away from that and you're gonna have to do all the research but don't you believe I'm really sorry to come here but don't you believe that that educational value you're giving it the way you're giving it to them is in the form of a debate and sometimes an argument yeah don't you believe that that's gonna now encourage people to approach people in that way but the in the workplace and that data that yeah that's not suitable yeah for example the person yeah that's a good point I start talking to Katie at work and Katie's like really receptive but because of what he's watch some speakers corner and all of a sudden he SES is approached so there is that as well yeah definitely in terms of advice that's a good point so I think we just said is very valid so I wouldn't I wouldn't use those methods with people that are late the lady who ever like you know start nice and just you know try your best to win them over as individuals I think learning the arguments is a good thing yeah but it the way in which you project your arguments is very important to bear in mind that different environments call yeah one last topic I want to speak about with you yeah is so separate now yeah okay so you can calm down alright what we can look out this was quite nice and now we read it up we really love you iris oh that's one of the reasons why we wanted to get you on the show as well Brazilian Jujitsu yeah you don't really talk about online that much but you're someone that I'm not widest in mind I trust me I'm as well say they've been doing it for some time right no not really like a few years man yeah two three years but before that I was more into freestyle wrestling you know and you know to be honest review it's all levels like to be honest if I compare myself with someone who's a full-time professional fighter then then they're gonna be awesome in the same way so I'm not I don't know how often do you do it I do it on the side like a super honest with you like I try and do I've got a schedule yeah like I said everything that's good try and keep things in to schedule things consistently so if I can get to two times a week of grappling at one time that would be optimum if I can have one time at one time of strike in a week to grappling and if I need to work on the strike and I'll mix it up are these two striking the one grapple whatever but so long as I'm doing two or three times a week obviously sometimes I am tired ill or traveling or you know I've travelled a lot this year so it's been difficult to keep a consistency what's your favorite thing about that choice of martial art BJJ because my favorite mush a lot personally is more time ya know my I wouldn't say that video is my favorite in essence I'll say that I enjoy stand-up freestyle wrestling yeah that's why okay yeah I like that I'm so jujitsu I started off quite away when I was a teenager I was a be a boxer okay yeah so I you know I was a heavyweight have you a categories of 91 kilos and over at that times ABA is Amateur Boxing Association now they change the rules but obviously now you know why I actually stopped because of the hadith there's a hadith and Sasuke bridges in the kata I had to come a half a year to college for in the La Jolla my palace or tea party and muslim hadith it always says that you know if the in the face and so and so for i and also and this is kind of related I don't like the fact that actually you can get really hurt and in the way that you get hurt is that it affects your brain I don't like that because if I'm studying because a lot of my objectives in life was to learn yeah yeah yeah I know it sounds a bit like whatever but my objective and life was like to learn no that's what you do and to be honest with you a lot of the research has shown that if you do have especially have respond because we've just bought every single week once or twice yeah and needs to be quite heavier as teenagers we you know it's difficult to have that maturity to go seventy percent or ever teenagers you just go for it you know I'm trying to say and so I believe that that had an impact on me and I don't like it I don't like the fact that someone could especially as a heavyweight could just give me one punch one day I could be caught with one smack and that smack could actually have an impact on something it could damage you for life it can smack it can actually have impact on learning but for example with wrestling if I get the kind of injuries that you get with wrestling it's less impact for you is it's not less impact for you you get joint injuries you get like your knee injuries you get negative areas which are problematic I'm not saying anything but it's not your brain you get it's not it's not gonna affect your cognitive functionality so for that reason I kind of moved hovered for those two reasons Islamic I swear the main reason was Islamic because otherwise I wouldn't be out of I would have really enjoyed to do more and more of the ABA stuff yeah so I moved on to like would you call it because you know I moved on to wrestling for for some time some Iranians actually you know and and after I don't be today so it was kind of like nice you know all three of the things that you need to do and then after that I started experimenting with Bill kickboxing Muay Thai as well but not I'm not anything on that so nice I know why you say that looking away look good to me yeah but the thing is if I had to choose yep excellent question yeah if I had to choose a martial art for a Muslim community to learn yeah it would be resilient idiots ooh yeah really yeah yeah but it's of ground and pound I don't know the reason why I would choose over and above like striking is number one for the reason I just mentioned yeah well the two reasons I mentioned number one number two oh you mean as in something to do like to pray yeah I was out my son yeah to like I would not bring him into boxing if he said I wanted works I'd try my best to dissuade him from it if you like as a profession or something no I'm not talking about sparring like sometimes you can training I'm not talking about that I'm saying that this guy my son said you know let me go and be you know a you know a professional or even an amateur but cuz in amateur you can get hurt now is it's 12 ounce gloves yeah before used to be sorry it stands because I think before used to be 12 and they've taken the head covering off before these two had the head going out days you have to either have head covering now you don't have and so it's problematic like you know especially if you're if you're studying like I said this or that and you break your loss quite often as well I got broken you know I don't know if I broke I don't think I broke it but but a black blend and stuff like that you get inspiring and weapon I think sparring is a very good feeling though and the face like you know you don't your face look ugly at all because you you end up I swear this is sounds a bit thing but you know when you're thinking you're getting cuts in the eye you you know you get it's different Wars wrestling and BJJ and all that stuff you you're cut so he did kind of feel your bruises I hated yeah so and BJJ I there's no way in hell you can put a light weight over heavyweight in in boxing when I'll get murdered yeah unless have you seen the fight as a fight basically Shaquille O'Neal and Oscar De La Hoya you know for those who don't know Oscar De La Hoya is one of the best fighters of all time top 50 yeah one of the best boxers of all time yeah I was a top-15 maybe talking you could even make an argument top Fay Shaquille O'Neal's a tall basketball player here seven foot school player and they did like a charity boxing match yeah and it was very even I mean why was it so even because of this guy's reach advantage and his height advance his weight advantage simple as that he did not know how to box they put him into a rigorous training camp and after about three or four weeks he he boxed him or maybe five or six weeks but how can someone who's one of the best fighters of all time even compete with someone so the weight differential there it destroys it had it been the case for BJJ like that yeah where you got someone like he's been doing BJJ for 20 30 years yeah and you have someone who's a much bigger big guy that guy will be Assurant he'll be he'll be lucky to be survived for two or three minutes very lucky to three minutes he's very lucky night is a powerful sport so we'll BJJ that's why you have open categories they have open you can you can you can find someone who's 75 kilos if you 120 that's possible they have those open categories box and you'll never have those open K you won't have that yeah and wrestling you'll never have those open categories you'll never it's just it's too much size matters basically in those sports more so I think for a woman for example or someone who's of average or small size doing BJJ will put you like will allow you to compete with bigger opponents hmm in a much more effective what generally speaking obviously yeah it's not um one size fits all Everlast nine maybe with you bro just like a lock here for coming on the podcast mines that one it's by the way these other people well I'm doing no they it's been really really good what this is so the people cabe I hate you're sitting comms now yeah I mean it's good what's happening listen will tell the people to follow you on Instagram and then they can you can tell them when it's not as to grab me some ice on my um what you call it I've made a new website how many jobs or do you K and there's a shop section there by Sampson it's comes it's very nice I'm sure you need one actually yeah how does it feel well you mean it's got two sides it's got like for the rough you've got me I've got like kind of course bid hmm you you you you take a look before we finish and I'm sorry I'm you you take care of yourself don't you okay can I ask you advice before we edit sorry I know this is actually on I do I try to you yeah because this is actually I want advice from you yeah okay so because I think that you do you know you've got that metro look you've got that you know you've got that in taking care of yourself you know you honestly I mean yeah do you have a routine like that you that you want it seriously do you have a general routine me I'm a bit like slapdash in it like to be honest only recently I realize that I'll tell you what happened okay from Annie for me I went into a couple of public debates and one of the main things that people were talking to me about and complaining about and if you look at the look at the comments if you know when your suit properly now not even that you weren't wearing a suit yeah the next time let me help you okay it's not even that you can help me there's a next time so you can help me go to California yeah to do it a bit so what I was gonna say was those the way I did with a particular group of people yeah all right and I came off a t-shirt yeah a pink one no no no it's just a blue t-shirt you want pink this before I don't wear that isn't that part of your Metro thing never yeah I thought I would even if I'm in Miami I'm not wearing a pink vest it's like yeah the white you'll pick no one was anything to you that's you'd think is you you get it recently it hasn't been but yeah I understand what you saying yeah you could get if I can get with it you can yeah I could yeah now what I was gonna say was that when I went to this debate I was wearing a t-shirt yeah alright and the guy had you know this debate he's a particular like you know like a student of knowledge kind of individual yeah all right so you had piles of books in whatever I know okay came with his whole like garb and this and that any students were there oh I know you're talking about yeah yeah yeah so I came in yeah over t-shirt and my and because I was all rushing or like yeah I love those did not debate I could tell you I had two days preparation for that day he was preparing for four weeks and he told me look here's what I'm gonna do it otherwise do it yeah run out that's two days in two days I'll do it yeah yeah so that day I was doing I was doing things that was the reset I'll do some things in life I was driving to the place yeah going with the ship through muhammad' a was with me go through some arguments go through some verses yeah yeah just make sure that I've got them you know and whatever so I was there and obviously like my face my beard it wasn't calm know anything yeah and I was just like roughed up hmm people criticize you for so I would look at the comments after debate yeah and and it was like this guy's going he's a new brush brush this is how good this is how they validate their religion is how they validate their sexiest not it's important so can you give us some tips honestly why this report can you give us tips on what you do or what you should do yeah Mel grooming and whether we're brushing your bed you know fits within that context please Oh bro show me you brush a bit I do I do you do how often I do every day every day I try to brush my bit how do you brush it okay so obviously it depends how your bed is right so my bit is quite similar to yours yeah is yeah so basically I brought my bed out with it with a comb now I only own the brush clean up yeah I just comment forward and comment it down from the sides yeah what else you do like just getting ready generally yellow yeah do you spend time choosing your clothes yeah do I love him below allows my windows are matching with this oh let me show you something yeah yeah the maximum time I spend yeah yeah choosing my clothes yeah is one minute okay it has not you just throw anything with anything I look and just find anything yeah you're nothing is clean is clean that's not good though man can you give me advice please just put a bit more F in just people you know what I hear one guy came to me and he was like you know one guy came to me I was wearing like a my jacket yeah and I was wearing white gloves because corner yeah then white gloves I said listen to me do you have a budget well you when are you gonna have a budget of money to spend good maybe three or four hundred when the combs start selling Briella okay shopping together well what would you recommend I weigh what should be my style what should be my thing you said to me you like dressing smart I like you I enjoy it but you know I don't want to be that nobody you don't need to wear a suit to dress smart you know that going suddenly so you like salsa style yeah like he's got a he's got a Jesus is very nice means with boots and as you know I believe you're giving your dad fashion advice you know why because I'm speakin every day and it was really like a tracksuit Matty – yeah came up listen that LLC kid this is wassup man did you tell him what – it I didn't you know I think it's my mom learning from me and just keep buying him stuff my mom dies my dad's clothes but I basically you know in this you know in Islam you have a mush diet yeah I have no palate yeah yeah a mush diet is someone who can hurt the tools that's you're able to yeah it just it doesn't think Macaulay someone's copy he's just now I have to be on my palate in this matter you know I have no knowledge I'm jealous but I have no idea what I'm doing you know one time I lay here one time I put on pajamas and you know I took my kids are and wherever yeah yeah and I was walking this in that and some guy came white guy he goes welcome to Britain did not care welcome to England but sometimes it pays off his dividends you know sometimes it pays off for dividends that one time like I said yeah I was wearing my jacket hmm and I was cold that day my sister was in the house yeah I said to my sister I need gloves yeah obviously she had this gloves which were like feminine a little bit why feminine right and someone's look he's he's trying to look you know yeah I mean they had this kind of like bells on them or something yeah yeah that stuff's yeah so you wore them so I said you know my hands are cold I don't give a damn so I just pulled it off I pulled those two things off yeah and I put the white gloves on I want to speak when I was talking to I think it was James that week yeah well my wife gloves yeah and I was tokens in that and I went back and these guys were saying would you get your clothes from series 1 why they said they would talk it to me as if I like I'm a fashion guru expert something like that you can read one time I had my mom had like a like a shoulder shoot a fruit on me at one day I was cold I'm sure yeah I put on like I don't I don't I have no you know like this offering of man masculine perfume versus women's perfume I don't who made that it doesn't matter you know what I wore my dad almost won once I walked into one shop here and I go to the Anna Anna and I took her jacket oh so this is a very nice jacket I took it to the guy goes you know this is a few more Jackie right oh yeah yeah yes some of them are more sweet or worried about with jackets to be honest with female few more ones they then when I took you home I started looking in the mirror and I was like yeah it does come in a little bit from the waist but you know maybe we'll get away with it so for me if I think it's important to take care of yourself I think I think is important so how do I give me some food give me some principles yeah for someone's jail like me and this Bab and this masala yeah like someone who does not know how to what to it the only way I don't have to make a decision the only way I can do it is by showing you a lot of people have been telling me to you know look this year the there's different collide in this different brain you can you please yeah yeah so for example one principle is black goes with anything okay so black goes with in if you if you were black jump is outrage is that racial slur is that racial what white goes with everything as well so when you're wearing clothes I'm gonna do everything really yeah is that right yeah so if you were white jumper right oh well I'm black what go with everything well I am black but doesn't mean you just wear white I'm black so what house would look good on me I think brown would look good on you but like black would look good on you burgundy would look good on you but agree is it to do with the skin complexion yes you will your skin complexion yeah is it yeah so what do you do how'd you find out your skin color I'm a similar sink skin color too so I've got that nice gold look you got that you know it up on that no we can do this though we need to definitely go shopping I think that yeah shopping but I can't buy shoes you definitely buy it's the clothes I know I think I can go to I can get jackets like you what but trousers and choose after special order you know or have to go to them with shops big and tall and find my ear or them things what size are you in twos 13 no that's crazy man it's not crazy that's got ice it stops at 12 you get it you know I say to them when I'm walking down us I go and say have you got a size 13 shoes yeah I don't care what it is just give me I'm gonna look give it a go so hot feet and the trousers are even was you know hmm so I mean crazy I need to know you are six for what five six six six four six you could face an teenager sure with that I I could but I don't think I'd get anywhere I think you'd look you will not be about being it would just be about surviving one round supply some have one round one run forget about two or three then that's it right so low but if I come in with if I take him down is in big trouble on that no bridges are closed for coming on the show it's been a pleasure having you I'm sure every single person you know has enjoyed this you know it's been lovely having you and I'm sure we're gonna have you on again and again and again and you're gonna make a video for like Muslim men how to dress good yeah we won't a channel we have your channels been dormant what's wrong with you I'm coming back is that you want to try and go back in just working on myself a little bit yeah yeah okay come back if you try sometimes a colloquy and for coming on the show brothers and sisters this has been rebooted with your host at nine if you have not subscribed to us or if you do not follow us on iTunes U we are on iTunes be on Android Google Play I think it's called Google Play it's cool the it SoundCloud sound I don't think we're on some we're on all of the major platforms Spotify Apple music app at the iTunes app and we are also on Google podcasts Google podcasts I think that's what it's called so you can watch us on there as well you can listen to us on there and you can subscribe to us until the next episode from myself and Mohammed did her job Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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