The British Museum is the most popular visitor attraction in London. Take a tour through 5,000 years of human history under one (amazing!) roof with our preview of the museum.

so we're history at the British Museum it's the biggest Museum in London it's also the oldest and by far the most popular in fact is the most popular tourist attraction in the whole of the UK it was opened in 1759 and there are seven million objects inside so we're gonna go have a look around so these are the paths of our marbles you might also minimize the Elgon walls and I quite controversial some people think they were looted from Greece some people think they were taken lawfully but however they got here they're here now and they are pretty impressive July go so this is the British Museum's beautiful roof which was designed by Norman Foster and partners the famous architects you also did City Hall and the Gherkin amongst many many other projects and it looks like an absolute beaut so at the British Museum it's home to mummies it's home to Greek marvels times the rosetta stone the most famous objects in the world you can see it all for free so get yourself down here what are you waiting for

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