INSIDER producers Herrine Ro and Emily Christian visit four of New York City’s top-ranked burger restaurants to find the best burger in the city. The restaurants included are J.G. Melon, Emily, Peter Luger, and The Happiest Hour. After seeing how they’re made and eating each one, Herrine and Emily share their favorite burger.

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The Best Burger In NYC | Best Of The Best

hello I'm Harris hi I'm here I'm Emily and today we are going to start our venture out into the world to try and find the best burger in New York City so we have pulled four places just through research and Instagram alike and each burger is pretty unique each has its own claim to fame and we're super excited because we're burger lovers we love you burgers and I can't wait to eat every single one of the best burgers in New York our first stop JG melon JG melon is one of the best places to be for burgers because you know internet every single time it's the best papi burger JJ melon is one of the best burgers in the city we started in 1972 in the Upper East Side it was kind of almost a hit in the beginning so you're getting a great burger made with great meat you're also getting a really cool kind of fun vibe when you send me JG knowing so if you're a first-timer JJ Mullins I salute you that's getting it just like classic cheeseburger it comes with onions and pickles wouldn't suggest bacon on your first time it kind of distracts I have heard of this place actually and I'm going to come here for a long time but herons really the burger expert and I don't get as much as she does so shake it oh God hmm I don't have ever had something that's so simple yet so rich all at the same time I might eat the whole thing so I've been to JG melon before and the last time I was here I ordered the classic version that Emmeline had so this time around enjoy the bacon burger with all the fixings I'm gonna you want me to smash it okay I don't still don't think of something the type of burger that you would want to come back to because it is so familiar and taste just like home but I had to come back and reorder this I think I'll stick to the cheeseburger though I think that bacon is a little overwhelming our second stop Emily Emily restaurant is a pizza restaurant we are known for our burger the burger was traded one day one I love the chocolate cake this is hands-down not just the best burger in New York City this is crime Villa crime Wow I think the annenberg is so popular because we just don't really follow any tradition of what a burger should be we do our own thing the same way we do with pizza there's tons of caramelized onion in grafton cheddar it's served on a pretzel bun in perhaps a dealmaker of this whole burger the restaurant signature secret condiment to any saw all we know is that kooky mayonnaise and kochujang a Korean red pepper paste goes into it [Applause] I already know that I love this burger because it has ingredients that I grew up with it I know it love I love Kewpie mayonnaise love Poochie job as everyone has pointed out I have a very small mouth and therefore I have a small bite so I haven't really gotten in to the middle of it and it's like the perfect combination of like fat sweet heat and like savory all in one bite so I have lived in this neighborhood now for two years and I have been desperate to try this record and either there's been a huge line or the burgers are sold out this is an amazing moment two years the juiciest burger I've ever had not just I'm covered people comment on this video and talk about how we definitely don't eat the whole thing but I'm here to say that I'm here to eat this whole burger right this is a burger that isn't like the first bite is the best buy it it just keeps getting better and better the more I don't know man I think I'm gonna beat Emily okay our third stop Peter Luger steakhouse since I was a kid this is one of the best burgers asked I think the Peter Luger hamburger is indicative of who we are as a restaurant it's simple but delicious it has the real sweet taste to it and it's just in my opinion one of most delicious hamburgers in New York the patties are ground fresh daily using a combination of dry aged steak and the steak on the menu since time immemorial as far back as we can remember I think roughly 25 years ago or so they turned it into a hamburger put upon it put on the menu ever since david recommends getting the burger cooked medium-rare the only choice for cheese is american then the burger is stressed with a slice of raw white onion already whatever use a computer lenders burger they always say that it's a steak burger and I'm just stating the obvious here but Patty tastes more like everybody blog on the burger just like elevator but still keeping it simple oh I almost don't want to make this burger so much I think it's ruining my standard of burger our last stop the happiest hour the burgers compared to some sort of combination of in Alberta the happiest hour is made with two packets onion confit American cheese lettuce onion tomato and secret sauce so I am super excited that this burger and actually always want to try this burger because I crave in and out every single day of my life I'm a California native and in and out is my favorite food on the face of the planet it's also said to be a little bit like a Shake Shack burgers in and out is in fact better than Shake Shack but it really sounds too good to be true like in-and-out and Shake Shack matched up together in one beautiful burger it's like country could crew so I'm really excited to try it out for me I like both I'm a marshal well I'm really excited about the spot I'm very excited visually speaking it looks a lot like a double-double he's like the gourmet person in an effort at like a fine establishment I love the song I mean the burger itself is so delicious but the sod it's definitely more mustard even in and up God that sauce okay I'm a sauce girl like to my core like I put sauce on everything but even if it's not supposed to have it so eppley sauce burger it's the way to go for me and this absolutely takes that box after visiting all four spots it was time to pick our favorite so without a further ado it is time to say our favorites it's like picking a favorite child I thought long and hard about I haven't thought a lot about this and that's not just because I think about burgers a lot it's also because I've been really taking my time to decide what I think my favorite burger is and I think I've come to you're not gonna like my decision I will nervous I have no idea what you're about to say she's writing a lot of words are you writing all of them okay three two one hello its day wait you can't have two no listen I knew that you were gonna say this and I know that a lot of the viewers may think this way but here is my rationale hear me out the Emily burger is this new age thing that just like on any day is delicious I've been to Emily three times after we filmed the first time so it is no surprise but I love this burger however I would be doing an injustice and I would be lying to our viewers to you and to myself if I didn't include Peter McGrath my best because that is the burger that I just it's more than I they're twins if you'd never have pitted them against each other in the first place you know listen I'm sorry I'll tell you my personal preference I am a millennial so I went with the new age Emily burger you can't take away from the perfect which one did you personally enjoy both so let us let me just point out Emily Emily not also could be Harrod loves Emily love Emily you can see the bodies here like it's not just me okay guys Heron has something that she'd like to say Heron I will do any time future why because it's best to the best it's best of the best and no more ties

35 thoughts on “The Best Burger In NYC | Best Of The Best

  1. Saerching for the best burger, first thing she does at the first joint, before biting into it is putting a ton of ketchup on the burger. You're opinion just became invalid. Sorry not sorry!

  2. After watching the vid I just went today to both Peter Luger and Emily’s. Peter Luger’s burger was disappointing. It was a very good burger but didn’t belong on this list. The meat was fine, but everything else on the burger was just lacking. A burger is more than meat. The bun and toppings are just as important. It’s not about the best patty in nyc, it’s about the best burger. Emily’s hit the nail on the head. I did post my review on my ig. It’s foodgeorgy

  3. do Americans not like to eat their steaks rare or something? Perfectly fine to eat your beef nice and rare and juicy! Overcooking it takes out all the flavour and makes it tough. At a fancy place in London id happily pay £20 for a burger- its not that expensive considering some of the expensive places to eat in London.

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