Rapper T.I Has some words for Kodak black after he talked reckless about Nipsey’s Hussle Girl Lauren London today on social media.





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they say the best things come from the worst alright man the internet right now I was going crazy over this comment that Kodak black said about Lauren London I'm gonna play what exactly what he said and I'm gonna get to TI now coming out responding you know I'm so Kodak back putting them in his picture he goes Kodak black then we want to talk about this Oh No try to be like if he's our friend the jalapeno ti-ti jumps on his Instagram to drop this video going that Kodak black this came up a few moments ago check this out hey kodak bet you got a packet nick fix that shit quickly expeditious you thank you yeah packet Nick hey nobody was gonna see you think I don't see it see you nigga if I see you I'm seein your face you're out of pocket maybe get your motherfuckin self together game that they got social media right now and it's a shame that somebody was actually recording and it's a shame that Kodak black actually fixed his mouth to say that now T I dropped this video less than an hour ago G check on him whatever you want to call it pretty much being a man that standing up and saying look man you out of pocket for even making reference to this man you know his wife being a widow and then you heard what he said he wouldn't wanna say a few more things you know about that um I'm a reserved my comment you know for this one I'm gonna hear which I got to say you know about this in the comment section let me know which I think about Kodak black what he said was it too crazy was it not do you think it was disrespectful and also what do y'all think about t I stepping up releasing this video on Instagram because they already know once you put these videos out that people are gonna run with them and that just is what it is so once you publish it these guys know what they're doing but I wanna hear which I got to say about this I'll be reading the comments you know I mean all night we know I'm cuz I definitely want to hear which I got to say but anyway you know that kind of is what it is make sure you go ahead and share this video hit the like button this shit boy oh god hip-hop news our sensor over and out peace like Malcolm X marching with the shooters like Martin Luther 40 KSK or the fucking Ruger don't ever question they forgot the hot they say the best things come from the worst shit this off fact this ain't no first shit out of food stayed on some first shit filming like Franklin today touched his first brick first trip by the 95 all night bitch suck telecom verse off-white that lays that your wires if it's suicide Dre so the red with the oil strike when I broke the legs I felt like Malcolm little ah write down Martin Luther Bulevar touch too tight you got full of haha I'm the new black jake gyllenhaal full of skull cook you're wrong oh just look at all up all night scramble an egg white the leg city niggas gamble with your life happen out the legs I felt like Malcolm X marching with the shooters like Martin Luther 40 KSK you're the fucking Ruger don't ever question if I got the heart they say Oh seeing only Patman Wow how we got shot how shoot niggas

32 thoughts on “T.I. CHECKS Kodak Black For What He Said About Lauren London On This Video!!

  1. Honestly…in all fairness to Kodak Black…It wasn't like Kodak Black made a public statement…It appears that he was chilling with his peoples…and he was just talking shit….And it appears someone who was there video it on the low and posted it…A lot of us say things when we are with our people that we will never say publicly….To Kodak Black…I would say be careful what you say around people…remember, people video tape everything now a days….

    With regards to T.I….I think T.I. needs to chill sometimes….It appears like he always try to be the first to rush and speak on matters without analyzing the situation…..The way he spoke to Kodak Black…It was as if Kodak Black was his child….And tell me T.I….If Kodak doesn't fix it expeditiously…Like you said…WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT T.I….ANSWER: NOTHING…

    Kodak Black is a grown young man…Let him decide how to address the situation.


  2. I could not understand a word Kodak was saying in that clip. Step your word game up son. In fact, I only heard about this prick recently for saying he thought he was top rank. So, I took a quick listen and I had to delete that search from my history. Garbage.

  3. To be real nipsey would've forgave bruh and told everybody it's cool spare him young people like Kodak still developing and really need to be around positive vibes consistently to get right

  4. T i people we have to understand, some human beings are just ignorant disrespectful and you know you take the U off ugly you have gly. That's what Kodak Black is one GLY ass motherfucker. Thanks TI for checking his dumb ugly disrespectful stupid ass. That's what real men do stick up for a woman. Lauren London was one of your co-stars in ATL. And I know you only have respect for this young lady as well as everyone else. So TI when you do see him, I hope you do check his ugly disrespectful stupid ignorant ass. Again miss London he have everybody's support no doubt about it. We love you Lauren London. But remember God loves you more. Keep the faith always keep God first. Lauren London God got you, and your fans have you as well be strong young lady God will give you strength to carry on. May God continue to bless you and your family. May God continue to bless us all, even the ignorant disrespectful stupid people. To God be the glory. Again thanks TI Harris God bless you man. 🤗🤗🤗

  5. Ummm…. Out of pocket?! That's a pimp/ hoe word. You pimping her or something TI? Word on the street is the day he got killed was the 13th year anniversary of the movie ATL. People are blowing his comment out of control. He was in a room with his homies and said what he said. Being from the streets I know that when a famous hood dude die, by the end of the repast his so called friends and his current and ex broads be linked up in the most disrespectful way. It's messed up, but it happens all the time. He didn't actually say it to her; he just said what millions of men were thinking. His timing was definitely off. But what I find disrespectful is that people have more grief in their hearts for Lauren London than they do for Nipsey Mother, children and siblings. One day life will go on for her, but his blood family will grieve for him until the day they die. And by the way, TI needs to fix that herpes on his lip; looks real nasty.

  6. These little fuckers with all this money, the money if frying their fucking brains and they dont need it, if I see a lil pump or kodak im fuckin kidnapping these kids for all their shit till their paranoid for ever (Ptsd)

  7. I don't see anything wrong with what he said…he did not say anything about having sex with her he even made it clear that he wasn't shooting his shot but talking from a friendship perspective…PLEASE LEARN TO THINK FOR URSELVES!! Humans irritate me

  8. Sorry to hear about Hussle's death. I do not see anything wrong with what Kodak said. He is just saying what most celebrity men are thinking. What is timing? Timing is not going to bring the dead back. He just put it out there because he thinks he may have a chance because he knows he fits the profile of the type of men Lauren prefers. People should question why T.I. is so concern about who is trying to talk to Lauren and what was said. That was none of his concern. Unless he is trying to get with her as well seems like he may be also interested in Lauren why he is so easily offended or taking it so personal. If I was Tiny I would question T.I.'s motives.

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