Seventeenth episode checking out British synagogues in the Greater London area. duration: 4 min, 13 sec. credits: google maps, no profit intended.

welcome to synagogues of England part 31 London queue this means this is the seventeenth episode checking out the Jewish houses of worship and the Greater London area his first site is the Stamford Hill Bethlem a Jewish this Orthodox congregation has been around since before 1930 we believe it moved to the building shown here around 1938 it belongs to the federation of synagogues which is a further to the right orthodox organization here is the Stanmore and cannons park synagogue the khan Gatien has been around for more than 70 years and claims they have more than 2,200 members Mendel Liu is a senior rabbi and he is assisted by Daniel fine and Melvin bloom the cow Gatien has several services including both Ashkenazi and Sephardic manana mama sue cut sha LOM reformed synagogue at what time was also known as buckler's till reformed synagogue as well as Epping Forest and district Reform synagogue he's been around since 1981 we believe that Laura Janet Klausner is its rabbi it meets somewhere in the building shown here our next stop is the Sutton and District United synagogue which means that it is of the Orthodox persuasion it claims to have a little more than 180 members and it's rabbi is shmuly Sadao we are of the opinion that there are no weekdays services for just those for Shabbat here is a look at the our own kodesh or the holy ark area we nets check out the liberal Jewish synagogue services for Shibata held both Friday evenings and Saturday mornings the congregation was established in 1911 the COG a tional facility that was originally at this site was built in 1925 and had a seating capacity of thirteen hundred and fifty people it was damaged by a Nazi bomb in 1940 it was repaired completely by 1950 and an adjacent building was constructed there are structural issues and by the 1980's the building had to have a total makeover it was torn down in 1988 and the only thing remaining was the original particle the rest of the building as shown here was opened in 1991 senior rabbi is Alexandra right and she is assisted by Rachel Benjamin rabbi emeritus rabbi emeritus is dr. David J Goldberg here's the former location of the Tottenham Hebrew congregation it used to be located here until 1991 this Orthodox congregation had been established in 1904 and it had been a member of the federation of synagogues the final stop on this trip is the Walford road synagogue also known at one time is the new dawson synagogue it is Orthodox you know was formed in 1912 its rabbi is Avraham citroΓ«n Caucasian is also known as Shari Mazel Tov which in English means gates of good luck building has had several remodeling jobs and according to paperwork found part of the building was originally constructed in 1865 there are no regular weekday services services are held only on Shabbat and holidays we're done with this tour but there's still several more synagogues in the Greater London area to check out so bye for now and see ya real soon

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