Follow Si, Rich and Matt as they return to the stretch of foreshore that previously produced a silver button and silver pendant, in search of more treasures given up by the famous River Thames in London.

Info on the Masonic Pipe can be found here:

hello model others here we are same spot we found still fun I've been superb so now we're gonna but again they built an even more today dude small to give things a lot banging there's a lot of construction going on the super sewer has been steadily increasing they've got some sheet metal that they're pulverizing down and it's really noisy today so returns hopefully we can find a few more little treasures before all this gets filled in and taken away and all the rest of it we can save a few more little items just seen this little strange that all shaped object oh cool gültekin this is a worley stores Brixton Road with a five on the back Julia means five things but I have to do the research right we can play spot find somewhere in there I'm sure someone's will you found it by now I bought why nice clean one I think it would probably be 1750s some mother no coca-cola ball I'm showing the age of it either the green ones are a little bit earlier and these ones might be last week nice day you're doing a bottle of that today so I'm for a lot of dick lot dig no pressure let's get going yeah looks a signal yeah not too much though it's only a 15 so thanks face a lump and rust number what rust no definitely not really you're likely gonna be like range toothbrush stop or told me maybe right what's up of a cat okay it's not like you're so well keep looking keep trying okay are you gonna make the keys were kids scabby toupee built clasp thingy book class maybe sorry the ring wholesome butt-naked he's gone yeah it's a bit cheap go to Nick's use real marks anything soon he's got quite a bit of light green on it we link with a box with it yeah good ring see what you probably get this Aki's was its signet ring or something where there's someone that's on the front of it yeah it looks to me like there might be a little wear like a pattern on it you know yeah there is a prepared I Spit bit chunky clearly a bloke tree absolutely sausage fingers and it just fits there breaches that's his bag oh yes I know he's got the ladder we got on there where is his bag Pauline see oh there is yeah so this is a lesson to everyone who thinking about coming mud Larkin go mud Larkin watch the tired because you get cut off but it's not the fact the pits just cut off he's forgot his bag and in a minute hope they'll be nice to get down it's just too thick for him to go across so I'm being really helpful now run just video and it all that's not a good signal before I came in here he goes Oh will you make it what do you make it there he goes I'll be careful mate also watching Napoleon Dynamite going to PO yen what am I ha but I reach so now you've one line Napoleon Dynamite yeah look at this darling these welly little roundup of all the fines from today beating down your son so fast out the shadow so got a mob its first of all your pipe coke bowl strange little metal but I know container for something God knows what a is I've got these little tokens which I found another one off and this one's actually been stamped so I'll have a look at that and see what these are and actually Matt found one as well so now we have three from today so maybe they were put in here over at the same time also some musket balls this is a pretty cool finder – a love token I see it's been into an s-shape well the story goes that a young man would bend it into an S shape give it to his prospective loved one and if she threw it away it meant that she wasn't interested but if she kept it it meant that she was interested in him so maybe she threw it away because this guy was a bit tight and made it out of copper and not not normally silver to snow penniless and modern changed their North Ursaring this is a little Victorian half penny but it's been flattened so maybe that was under the railway or something the railway lines anyway that's mine Punta Metz you want to help me to explain some of these finds nephew yeah same time same we got some cups of tooth to pace of a cleans one stud cut the patterns flow a patent cloth seal there a lot you bullet as well assess yes Civil War is it um nah probably Victoria's late first of all that's one sent from the 60s this one's a father from 1946 Oh penny no nicely joint that pipe is really nice say it's Victoria went way yeah yeah I've got a feeling it might be a Masonic I think you might him yes I think anyway because it's it's got like sort triangles on it and stuff like that yeah so again I might see if metal do be a research on that and there's no if he manages to idea bit shrapnel very sharp shutting off from the war and then very flattened Victorian a penny micron under a railway it will have been and don't forget your ring there you go green gold colored ring lots of copper coming through you never know you might be knowing character sometimes 9 karat gold he does I've got 1 similarly system once the cleaning up it's at 8 see they say or something like yeah carat so maybe it's a foreign via foreign gold I think somewhere remember they used to make replicas it rings the original ring nor something it's never been sent to war or something I mean like we're lost this insert' losing the original it might be a little bit off track but it's something similar story interesting well might be with you look into that as well already told me why aptoide had a few points yeah or something soon it's something like that mission cook this is why it's married to this material last one well if you like those fines reaches reaches blown us out the water today what he's found well not fair endures more it wasn't quantity but it was what's quality so we've got a coin here which is unknown at the moment it's quite worn away yeah squashed up Limbaugh bit of silver silver sixpence is it silver sixpence yeah would have been was out with us ninety know something nice and seen the other side think bomb can't see you might not sure what that is nice decorative button so got that that's nice that isn't it yeah nice Peter bun so I'd love to explain this again I thought he was a Victoria Cross Bates no it's a what would you call it what would it be from well the makeup is bull rule yeah but why would it have this little bit on it as if it was would be worn under channels I don't know I'll be honest with you I'd have to look it up yeah I mean it's not every day you find it before all middle is it maybe they were really good customers and they bought thousand jars and they managed to get what is the say on the back reading scriptures what role is infinitely more nourishing than ordinary extract of meat or beef I've never had a beef cheek before well maybe was for some sort of a centenary or this was got some numbers at the top like an 80 what was that be vo I think it might be Oh aye ya stranger that will do some research on that quickly and let you know why it was made and sort of era but that's that's nice but the best the best financier names we all agree on is it's really rare James the first we think change the second cleaning I need to get a date for me we've got some wording on this side and on a Robert too much yeah yeah on the back they were matron team but they had copper core and a copper core would be in the middle so they would prevent forgeries because forgery was rife bein in but that that's that's bigger than that that's a that's a penny isn't it yeah so the half pin is a rare but the penny are things even rarer so that that all anything great condition it's also got write writing along there along the H as well so if you look on the edge don't you've yet seen it in at the moment there's a little bit writing I think that's the date there whether this is folks name very well don't know but it's even got writing along the M anyway that's the staff finder today or cleanings we don't know yeah and you got be careful in you clean eyes because they're tin and they can easily fight yeah I'll sneaky you a little incest – you're not right what on boys let's go let's get out of here cuz it's high it's almost coming up you serious man Beauty so why is this superb coin so rare firstly it was made during the reign of James ii and he was on yon throne for three years between 1685 and 1688 having succeeded his brother charles a second so not many were made secondly is made from a very soft metal Tim this was done to help the ailing Cornish tin industry therefore these coins didn't survive very well to avoid forgery a copper plug was introduced in the center as shown on this very fine example the Bothwell middle is actually a commemorative token made in 1897 to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee a clever person working in bovril's advertising department realized that the V R in Bothell could also represent Victoria Regina the Queen's royal cypher and this token was produced in the shape of the Victoria Cross to help promote the product for those who have never heard of Bovril it was a very popular type of British food that's it on sale today it's a beef extract made from a by-product of the meat industry and was heavily advertised to give you strength and vitality he comes in the form of a black paste that can be spread or mixed in with food or made into hot drink it's an acquired taste the tokens we found are from Morley stores in Brixton which is a large department store which is still trading today they began as Morley and Lance Lee back in 1897 selling household goods and suffered a famous fire in 1910 where 40,000 pounds of stock was lost but no fatalities in 1927 he became Morley stores so we can assume these tokens were made between 1930s and 1950s I'm trying to figure out why these particular tokens were made and it could be for a number of reasons for example these tokens could have been given to staff as payment to spend in store or maybe it was a deposit scheme which encouraged you to return boxes or containers in return for deposit back they may even have been used in a promotion which also helped advertise the store for example spend five pounds and get a fire shooting token I'd love to know the correct reason and also why a batch of them ended up in the Thames in the first place thanks for watching

26 thoughts on “Super-rare 300-year-old coin found Mudlarking the River Thames foreshore plus other cool finds

  1. So I'm binge watching your video's backwards in time, Simon. So I have seen your video about tips for beginners. But do you have tips about the metaldetector itself? I would use it here on the shore and fields, just as an outdoors hobby, and meanwhile cleaning the neighbourhood 🙂

  2. New to the channel but some of these finds are great and it seems a lot of people find these little pipes they look so cool really would like to start I have just sent a email to send for the permit but have to wait 4 weeks 🙁 I love the history you show on your channel to your finds…great work keep up the hard work….do you generally go first thing in the morning or do the tide times change is there a chart to follow

  3. I have subscribed because of the completeness of your videos, i.e. the intro, the fun of the search and then the history afterwards which is marvelous. So many others don't show the research info afterwards, so I very much appreciate that you do. Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi Simon, I just viewed a video with Nicola and Matt on YouTube, Nicola and you advised me of your channel so I subscribed to your channel, I liked what your finds at a construction area, nice finding

  5. Hi mate, great vid, especially your mate legging back to get his bag…lol interesting on the James coin, it being made out of tin…and the Bovril medal was a very clever marketing ploy….
    I like the way you explain a few of the items at the end, I might pinch that idea off you….haha
    take care mate
    GL & HH

  6. the ring you found..if it wasn't gold or could be a salesman's sample as it had an impression inside (letter and number i recall?) not usual even for today's jewellery wholesaler .

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