Colleges involved include:
New City college, Westminister Kingsway, London South East colleges, Barnet and Southgate, Lewisham Southwark, West Thames college & Newham sixth form

sometimes things get harder if you like they in many cases available to you you wanna go somewhere talk to someone but there's nothing we feel stuck and the future feels uncertain it's been thinking like this start feeling hopeless I'm feeling hopeless there's not a long way from feeling desperate and making choices you man are made if things have been different the student commission on life crimes in London is a group of over 30 students from several different colleges in London we've been working together on this project to understand and discuss knife crime looking at the different causes and solutions which actually come young people the conversations we've had and some of the personal stories people are concerned with us have been really powerful and insightful it's got a speed in that we can really do something about this problem and that's affecting our communities the young people have got to be part of the solution we produced this film to bring it all together and get other young people to have these conversations

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