TOTP 1976.

24 thoughts on “Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel – Love's A Prima Donna

  1. Always wondered why I never heard much of these guys here in America. This is the kind of song that could've very well appealed to the millions of Kinks fans here in America had they been promoted well by the label. I guess the labels here were too infatuated by pushing the next Bob Seger or Eagles hit as each of those bands has 20 to 30 songs in rotation on classic rock stations. "Make Me Smile" is to date the only Harley song I've heard on stations here.

  2. 50 times!! I saw him 3 times in the 70's and they were awesome. The records are just different from most on the market. Sebastion still brings tears to my eyes but the original had far more atmosphere than some ofhis live versions.

  3. Couldn't agree more Bassmanj….saw him do his accoustic set on Wednesday night….3rd time I'd seen him live, and he is as good as ever. And (Love) Compared with you is just BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Okay, I love the song, it's been one of my ride-to-work jams for weeks now, but I have to go and be "that guy." (In this case "that girl.") Since I was negative 3 years old when this was filmed, I am so going to use any access to a time machine to go back in time and hit that. Oh his long lanky form and body language! 🙂

  5. in my view a complete genius great song writer, not many geniuses about but steve along with marc bolan, shane mcgowan are a couple who can compete with the big names.

  6. Hi. 🙂 Do you mean that he still do concerts?? Where? Do he have a homesite? I was crazy of Steve Harley and Cockey Rebel, when I was younger. I thought he had stopped long time ago!!! 😉

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