Poppy Farrugia and Jake Tyler ahead of the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon

I've lived with depression and what's what's actually pretty great about all this is that that led me to this point being involved in a documentary trying to break a stigma around mental health and to you know and show the correlation between mental health and movement and and and yeah I think depressions got me here but um it's not been a hindrance and it's actually kind of giving my life purpose at this point which is yeah it's pretty amazing really similar to Jake it's really crazy that all of this stuff has happened and I go to all this stuff on a daily basis by it obviously affects how I run me affects how I my outlook on things but all this positive stuff is coming from I don't want to say a bad place or a negative place but it's blossoming out into something that's pretty amazing I think Jake and poppy go through the highs and lows you know and they you don't come into training for a math and it's all kind of all easy you know it's um its ups and downs in anyone's marathon training you know what I've seen them at them learn about themselves and that's what training from a that does it start to give you a blueprint to you it starts to connect the dots between the mind and body and help you understand that relationship a lot better so I've seen them learn about themselves within it and then grow more importantly they've learned that movement is something that they can take with them selves for the rest of their lives to help with the issues that they have I think it's amazing that the Royals are getting behind it and they're using their status for something so positive mental health is being discussed way more than it ever has in collective thought way more than it has been and it makes total sense for that to be the main focus for the London Marathon because you know it's an enormous platform for one it's it's a big sporting event it promotes a healthy lifestyle which is really great for mental health and and also it's I mean not just ask 10 runners but I'm sure plenty of people have been suffered from poor mental health and they're using the marathon as a the goal to kind of you know make it all worthwhile make their life meaningful

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