Co-founder of leading architects Stanton Williams, Paul Williams, talks about design, imagination and the power of museums – on a Future Cities Forum panel discussion with Sharon Ament of the Museum of London, Britannia Morton of Sadler’s Wells, and Tim Reeve of the V&A.

I think for our point of view as a design team what was amazing is when we first visited the site you don't remember this is just an iceberg above ground there are phenomenal spaces on the ground I think the sheer physicality of these spaces down below could you go to imagine you as a visitor in 20 23 24 actually going in to say the general market under that dome which is held up by cast-iron columns and they're holding up a very light filled space with timber glass structure with lattice beams you've got this amazing light fill space and you will then drop down in new stairs sort of a moment like creating with this that take you down through these sort of sedimentary layers of the past seven meters and this is really important that sense of this journey from light to dark you're going down now to roman level now once you've got that idea in the head I think you know as designers we already have this in the building the buildings giving business this fits phenomenal objects so you know great museums trigger animation I think you know when when our imaginations triggered we're alive

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