After years of devoted restoration, the St Pancras Renaissance London Hotel is being hailed as the city’s most romantic building.

George Gilbert Scott’s landmark above St Pancras station, this London 5-star hotel features glorious Gothic Revival metalwork, gold leaf ceilings, hand-stenciled wall designs – and the grand staircase are as dazzling as the day Queen Victoria opened the hotel in 1873.

This film features interviews with Ed White, Marcus Wareing, Kevin Kelly, and Royden Stock.

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when you walk in here it lifts you I mean the energy that's in the building and the history that's in the building is just unbelievable an embarrassment of riches in history people have stayed here the grandeur the scale of the building jaw-dropping to be honest it's like no other hotel I would say in the world the building is so unique takes your breath away really it's such a unique building it's a very unusual building it's a much-loved building one of the best Gothic Revival buildings in the world it's a five star lifestyle property that reflects what they're trying to do in the area generally it is the final piece to the jigsaw for some Pancras certainly because you've got a magnificent station that houses the Eurostar with direct connectivity to Europe it's very architectural important and artistically important as well the thing with this building is it's lay on the horizon of the community as somewhat of a myth over recent years its lay dormant it's been boarded up the beauty is there for everyone to see outside but actually inside is is where the real stories and romance starts to unfold so I think it's a really really important building in its community but also for London I think the building and the detail of the building makes you raise your game it really does that the detail that's a Gilbert Scott did with this building in the and the the Gothic design and it can't help but make you think about excellence the most eminent architect in Britain Scott was really dating at that time more with cathedrals and churches so for him to actually come in and and deal with the hotel was very unusual original details like this roof you know put up in 1869 cost 861 pounds 15 shillings and fourpence costs us more than that now just for one down pipe you know the window is every window in the building is designed differently and carved differently that makes us think about how we present our services and we look after the people that are staying here we'll have about 500 staff in total and we've got two restaurants two bars a spa swimming pool gymnasium treatment rooms so we try and do what George Gilbert Scott did 138 years ago we're trying to recreate and do justice to what he did with the building really so there are various touches that pulls through the history and the authenticity of the building whilst also being quite playful and meaning something – – the origination of this location probably probably one of the main features would be the booking-office bar it's actually the most listed part of st. Pancras station it features an old wooden ticket office where people would buy their tickets and we've recreated that into probably the best bar in London the menu types here in the booking office a very British very hearty food so you can get a pork pie originating from Melton Mowbray is incredible I just love the fact that this has now been brought back to life the bar structured quite industrial like very much like the time of the late 1800s so I think you know that through the design and the natural beauty of the place trying to keep it in keeping with the building but also you know bring it into the modern world as well we have 245 rooms of which 38 of those rooms are suites probably the best Suites in London 8 meter high ceilings fireplaces in every rooms butler service I mean the corridors the height of the corridors the grandeur of those rooms are just spectacular and although the Victorian rooms and they have the Victorian grandeur and the scale of a Victorian room there is a modern twist there we've used Victorian colours but brought very contemporary furnishings and fittings into those rooms so the latest TV the biggest TV internet but all within a Victorian chamber if it was completely restored back to its Victorian glory we'd get very few people in here because actually the Victorian style was very heavy and overbearing so getting the blend right getting the mix right is very much a matter of experiment and in areas like this for instance I've got it I think they've got it perfect always in it you know in a Greg or listed building there's always going to be challenges but the challenges are basically there drill through to the walls and don't knock things around respect the place and fitting a kitchen it was tough but we've worked and moulded the kitchen around the building so putting the kitchen was like hitting the you know a beautiful engine into an old place yes modern day engine in a vintage car an English Heritage have been fully involved in this so to a certain extent there are areas of the building that are like a museum that people just want to walk into and look round they have an interest in its authenticity its history it's origination such a legend in the area really yeah the building dig play a massive part on what I wanted to do here because the building is British anything you can do here is a British restaurant and bridge restaurants are browsers so from from the late 18-hundreds to the present day city through all old cookbooks recipes and ideas and bringing them to life again Queen and artichoke tart but we've carried that forward with modern day cookery to make it better than yesterday for using the same ingredients really Londyn quite often people save st. Pancras why st. Pancras but actually you don't need to leave this building you can stay here for a week exploring the the building and this is so much to do in the building and see and the history and bring the history alive every day I've been here nearly one year now every day I noticed something new I discover a new little hidden gem that I didn't know before it's amazing and they've done a really good job on bringing back this building back to life again and of course that's the most important thing with any building is that it works for people because without people building means nothing and many many people will know the feel for Bibi Hotel for the films that were were made here Harry Potter Batman Begins it just is such a spectacular backdrop and now that we're open as a hotel for continuity a lot of people want to get back into the building if they're making a remake of that film it's just such a just a splendid backdrop for for whatever the event whether it be a movie launch for filming the fashion shows and we're just finding that London's elite are trying to get in here and and they're trying to use our hotel it's an honor we've worked and worked and trained and trained to get this building ready and the day we opened the doors was the curtain went up the lights were on and it was action so my favorite moment is the doorman put his glass of champagne down on the desk went to the door and said Here I am you


  1. I am not convinced that the modern furnishings are in keeping with the historical spirit of the hotel!! Why not use Victorian/faux Victorian or at least traditional//classical furnishings to meld modern and old together seamlessly?

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