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London today is the European Union's biggest city and one of the world's most important economic centres tourists and residents of all nationalities walk its streets each day it's a cosmopolitan city and surprisingly diverse it's not difficult to find delicacies from all over the world while at the same time the interest in Spanish cuisine and food products has been increasing greatly over the past years the fascination the consumer and the British press have for everything Spanish has grown together with a rising presence of restaurants shops and bars where one can buy and savor high-quality Spanish foods and wines in London where you can find absolutely every single restaurant from everything country in the world Spain was missing until very recently we had some type of sparse that was started by foreign investors not knowing very much but they they were doing then of course about maybe eight nine years ago some people who knew a little more started in a very timid way important importing products and also opening all the type of restaurants which they were again tapas bars but perhaps was something different it was a little more modern they were using very good ingredient and that was the key because and then they realized that if they have authentic Spanish ingredients they could do very good the Spanish food and two or three years ago they dis plushy then of course investors realized that they could make money but the Spanish food it they did it properly because the only thing they had to do is to go back to Spain had a good look at all the different restaurants we do the different ways that we eat how we eat and then reproduce it world in this market as financial basil from so camara convert that from which I will do de if I see a potential de Rivoli SS alone in was a UH nación de navidad de una pareja de Janeiro's magnificos young person who export Daniel Vargas or final no no booster or guest out in Abuja no creo que kameido lova lova tenemos la casa dos important I suppose I chose in espanol I still understand it's a base my friend they know Kiki okay Peggy I will go with mean Terry southern it's irrelevant resembles I'm not sure precisely what the quantitative rise in Tampa spars and sherry powers in London has been over the last two years but it's probably in tenfold at least and there's another one open just yesterday and more and more of them are places where people are going in tasting and I think what Spanish food is doing very well is that a lot of it is available to buy retail so people are going in having something good or accion or something and then walking out with a tin of sardines and tuna anchovies and some Manchego cheese so it's not just Britain it's everywhere that is fascinated by Spanish food at the moment food and drink make a perfect tandem Spanish wine has held a presence in the British market for decades and today is one of the most renowned and appreciated it's not only Sherry's or Riojas but also whites Reds roses and sparkling wines that have become very popular the high quality image associated with these wines also promotes the debate in Spain gastronomic experience wine has a role to play different people feel good about Spain I feel good about office I think yeah it's it's a good it's a potential driver tap us absolutely fits with the mood at the moment the in English people some stomach grazing and the idea of grazing is just snacking here and there which is exactly what tap us is I think the challenge in the UK is is in urban centres you need a concentration of places to do that people still will go to at a pass by for the evening whereas in Spain you'd go from one to another to another to another and the last few years we've seen new places that are more ambitious sometimes run by English people sometimes run by Spanish people and I think that's that's really exciting Spanish gastronomy and products are more and more within the reach of both the specialized press and the consumer London hosts restaurants aimed at all kinds of business formulas Spanish entrepreneurial mixed investment Spanish chefs sponsored by British investors an international venture capital one of the examples with the most history is Brindisi after living three years in Barcelona Monica Linton decided to bring the best of Spanish products to London she began as a wholesale importer of Spanish products more than 20 years ago and today also has shops and restaurants in Borough Market London Bridge South Kensington and Soho when we started was about 24 years ago and if you remember Spain wasn't a member of the community EU at that time so people's acquaintance with Spanish food was very very very limited it was limited mainly to beach holidays so in those 20 24 years people have learned an awful lot has taken probably 10 to 15 years for people to really really take an interest seriously and now in the last eight years the interest is really really serious one sign of growing Spanish presence of London is the success of Brenda's original business formula in its Borough Market shop the London public can sample this new market concept by tasting not only beautiful ham and other delicacies but also their star product chorizo looking really the culture of eating indoors and locking yourself into a pub for the evening is how it used to be and now the permissions by the local councils as well allow people to eat outside which is much more compatible with Spanish food so although the markets have grown maybe in a touristy way you could say it's actually a lot to do with eating out and being a little bit more informal about food and enjoying it in a very different way to how we have done traditionally in Britain commuted our Theo is one of the pioneers among Spanish restaurants in the British capital modern Spanish cuisine based on quality products all from Spain in a place infused with the tradition of bullfighting hidden behind the scenes here is an inspiring story one that began 20 years ago and has become a business that now has four restaurants to its name it has been a self-made trajectory under the management of a bell Lucia Ramos do you think one years mr. Feeny I mean this is a nurse empezamos con toda la Lucia under mundo para obviamente pues si UD obvious trojainous tell area pero pero no se va Mo's hasta que punto por ejemplo la la prensa specialized ah de es importante en el Andres en Espana yo creo que no tanto empezamos muy poquito poco sin under Oh si new enduro y compromise toda la cocina de segunda mano en una Mesa remover campbell's Capello puesta La Vista trois dices que bien lo hicimos porque tenemos dinero pero ESO no FEMA's a Louanne Conde Aaron pressed amo ESO tampoco no des animaux y pues con el Poco dinero que teníamos sabe ahmo's que para lo que no sabe empezamos muy muy básico las tapas mess messy cos Espanola lo mejor que las podemos hacer pero el ke raba Keohane aruna diverse ya sassy amigo de la casa cuisine based on products in traditional recipes such as Iberico ham croquettes suckling pig and fried squid which are combined with culinary innovations such as Chang Goro ravioli caramelized oxtail stew or a corn-fed pork chops with Jordi thought puree in short fine cuisine complemented by the other restaurants from the group each offering a different proposition in addition to the modern cuisine at cameo daddario the other restaurants in the group are tended otherö just opposite which is a tapas restaurant and Capote Toros a sherry bar with a list of a hundred and ten different Sherry's that are accompanied by cured Iberico ham and other tapas based on wines from head another is 10 D de cuatro which specializes in rice dishes bullfighting related names for bullfighting themed venues system tanto la decoration sin Cayenne a decoration cliche tanto a decoration como los nombres con el con el mundo Torino notably know i mean–can die soon art a total over and sa artistas de kere city or mundo Miren Andalusia in Mira nuestra cultura en nuestro in flamenco in Ostrow los toros poor templo pero no lo mere antes de como algo Viejo pasado de moda sino Camargo cultural yo yo creo que mundo el toro y mundo de la puerta muy muy moderna tambien there are many examples of Spanish gastronomy in London the restaurant Fino is the story of Sam and Eddie Hart two British brothers who have spent their holidays in Majorca since they were children it was their mother a lover of Spanish astronomy who taught them how to cook today they have two restaurant two very different propositions I was living in Barcelona at the time between jobs I was doing a lot of shopping in the baccarat market I'm cooking we know Spanish ingredients wondering what to do next and actually I came across a restaurant called Cal pet which I just loved I felt fell in love with immediately and really felt that there was a huge gap in the market for Tap House in London so I spoke to my brother who has been working in restaurants much more than that than I had and put to him that you know there's the proposition of opening a Spanish restaurant at a past restaurant specifically in London and there were very very few good Spanish restaurants around and the sort of food that we wanted to do which was ingredients driven so taking great ingredients cooking them quite simply you know in that rather traditional you know traditional Spanish style I suppose you know was this a style of food that we felt would appeal to everyone they didn't have to know about Spanish food or or you know have a fondness for it and so we just thought that there was this huge gap in the market and potential for someone to do Spanish food at a high level the kitchenette Fino and bar afina is managed by Spanish chef Nieves Barragan and they are specialists in seafood and tapas with a dash of traditional Spanish cuisine their customers represent a clientele that is becoming more and more expert when it comes to enjoying fine cuisine in casual surroundings everyone now is much more interested in what they're eating whether it's Spanish or Italian or Indian or whatever it might be than they used to be ten years ago so there's a real interest in the provenance of where ingredients of new styles of cooking of new things people read a lot in the newspapers watch a lot of television you know where there's a lot of been a lot of food programs you know so the English public are much more curious about food than they ever were the most room in my opinion for growth is medium priced restaurants serving you know good quality food in an informal and relaxed surroundings so I would be very nervous of doing you know two-michelin-star Spanish food because I think the back area in London is much more difficult and has much less room for growth you know but where there's huge opportunity for growth the English eat out more and more every year but they're not eating out more and more in fine dining restaurants they're eating out more and more in very good quality mid-priced restaurants and I think that that's that's the area for real growth our next stop is ibérica food and culture a young company that opened its first restaurant in London three years ago they have just opened a second establishment at Canary Wharf it was already a understanding that as far as the story was reaching a certain level you know after an idea and all the other Spanish chefs were in the media everywhere you're something stand at the UK is the main Vista of Spain there is a lot of people that now go into the inside of Spain go to the para la disco and experiment the more gastronomic and cultural Spain so the actual market was there the reception again is sloped I mean a restaurant however fashionable the food maybe has to also gain its its public through doing a good job we were a young company mistakes were made and then slowly we were we were we were gaining public but I can't say that it was difficult for us to gain public in the moment we were doing things as we should also having someone like natural working with us and being a partner in this company helps a lot in bringing the public because what we put in a place in the mouths of the client is good nacho Montano a two-star Michelin chef is behind what America has to offer he is a highly creative chef producing a cuisine based on the concept of top-quality tapas and products from every corner of Spain the remorse like any offender studia know unless it wasn't a student espanol and the high plateaus for the hemlock ways come home come Poconos in the humeral head oh what a Quadro specimen day we never get that one every yourself liking and lawn and laundry things I put a photo of last year's important DC was the museum I gotta get know some time to say came on a monthly basis I was in America no one ever uses a roses in the demos with lahar bubble okay españa hey you know all your nose he embraced I mean you get all established Nam una importante adenine okay so Musa Dagh blaze we wouldn't have you tied up with Mia something else that is different about America is the way it runs as a business in that it has substantial support from investors we've got English investors and we're in talks with hedge funds and venture capital funds at this moment I don't think that it's that is solely on on them investing in in spans of astronomy I think you've got a mix there spanning astronomy is the growing market and then for any investor seeing a growing market is a good market to be in I think that also the the operators doing Spanish restaurants in the UK now more business life so they're they're they're more serious in their approach to the hospitality restaurant industry the most important thing is that you have to come with a very clear idea with obviously the required finance for its because it's not a cheap city to open up a restaurant at certain levels and then it's it's it's working hard Omar alibi is determined to break the mold with his staff as revolution this affable Spanish chef invites Londoners to sit at his bar and sample tapas Spanish gastronomy has also found a place in shopping centers like Westfield London I was coming from his pain 21 years I knew quite a lot of a Spanish question I wanted to open my mind but two years after spent a great time I started to realize that Spanish cuisine was misrepresented and I thought there was something to do about it so that's when I started my own little campaign trying to promote real Spanish food in any way possible that's what I call a tapas revolution so whether it was making videos or writing recipes for the website or in any way which was spread in the world of good Spanish food that's all the spirit that tapas Revolution was about the location of this tapas bar is not a random choice it's a tapas bar concept as envisioned by Omar al Amoy a concept that is designed for places such as this when I start a tapas revolution I didn't know very well where I wanted to go with it but I knew you needed to be in a very busy environment because I wanted to spread the word in to many as many people as possible and one of our environments our airports shopping centres train stations where ticks all the boxes people in these environments want something quick affordable and tasty they warn a smile they want a Spanish hospitality and that's what tapas is about whether you want a little or a bit more affordable and good quality and that's all we have offered and that's why we are so welcomed by people in these environments without a doubt the restaurant specializing in Spanish gastronomy our glorying in the quality of such products different business prototypes with British or Spanish investors behind them are making it easier to bring Spanish products with an easy reach of London it's an easy everyday experience you can savor a Valencian by a maid on the spot right in the heart of Portobello market and why not pass by Notting Hill for some typical ingredients from the Garcias supermarket for that special evening with a Spanish flavor in your own home it's clearer than ever that Spanish food and gastronomy have found a place in London but still there's so much more to enjoy but there is a real argument that Spanish food Spanish crashing we will continue to grow you know over the next 20 years I mean it is it's so far off the level that it could be the restaurants environment all the Spanish you know the football the arts the culture the fashion the style there is something going on in the earth that that you can feel people loves more and more whatever is punished this is just the beginning or what is spain can do in the UK market particularly in not the only thing we need to do is to listen and to evolve that also to remain traditional and faithful so things that we know to do so well and we do better than anybody else but also we have to encourage all the people or the chef's to cook with the Spanish product because at the same time the more Spanish products we have here the more cool the Spanish food will be cooked and the best man will be absolutely secure for long time you

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