I got caught up on the ice covered M25 and the M1, two of Britain’s major motorways, on the way back from Gatwick Airport, Sunday 10th December 2017.

34 thoughts on “Snow causes Chaos on the M25 Motorway.

  1. Look unless you've driven on a motorway with summer tyres on slush you can't say they are just bad drivers. It is really difficult to go anywhere above 20mph the car simply will not stop, your abs will be going mental for no reason and in an automatic there is nothing you can do about it. You must have so much distance in front of you to break it's easy to make a mistake and crash. Drivers that just pin it and drive too close thinking it's a storm in a teacup are the ones that are causing accidents and delays because they will hit someone or spin out trying to change lanes. Respect the situation and get through, chat shit and drive too fast.. You're screwed.

    I think the majority of people here did the right thing slow the fuck down and really be careful you're only wrecking your own car.

  2. how the hell do you get stuck in that kittle snow? i live out in the sticks no snow ploughs here i didnt get stuck once. beast from the east my arse, it was the sissy from Siberia.

  3. I drove out the other night, just locally and it was tipping down with rain.. The new LED brake lights on some cars are dangerous and very dazzling.. 2:46 is white van man mental? 4:42 nice blonde.. Even driving a 4 x 4 there are many things you cannot get away with when driving in this kind of weather.. I don't think all 4 x 4 owners realise this? Mostly in the driving on Russian road clips on here they appear to have devised a cunning plan that allows them to stop their vehicles without using traditional methods such as brakes.. Instead they just plough into each others vehicles to stop, insurance claims maybe cheaper than servicing?

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