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good morning everyone and welcome to my channel all welcome back to my channel if you have been here before you guys I am so excited about today I am heading down to London because I have been invited by therapy which is like a clinic and a bit of a beauty heaven really to have a facial and I mean who wouldn't and I'm so so so excited and the reason why they invited me to do it it's because they use environ in their clinic and i have been a massive fan of environment for years if you've been watching my channel for a while you will know I have done so many dedicated videos and you will see environ in every single routine that you know I do on this channel and this video is not sponsored by the way I am getting a free facial but it is not sponsored I am NOT getting paid for this reward so ever I just wanted to like share this with you guys because I am a must-have believer in environ and will everything that they I have been to therapy shaming before as well and it's amazing if you're ever in London I would hundred percent recommend going there for treatment they do a massive variety of things there check them out I will leave the link in the description box below but I'm just excited to go to London I haven't been for a couple of weeks like like you always get such a buzz from being there so I'm super excited to get that facial done and just to lie down and relax and someone do the job of taking care of my skin as much as I enjoy doing that myself it's nice with someone else does it for you so let's get dressed and let's get to let them hiya guys so I'm already at the therapy clinic and I'm here with my wonderful array selfie so we have just done Annabelle like what's the consultation form and decided what are my main concerns for my skin and we're just about to do the skin analysis with this guy right here Sophie can you tell us a bit more about the Machine yes this is called a busy machine so that analyzes the deep layers of the skin shows that things like pigmentation sun damage sensitivity so everything that we can't see so that's nice I have had it done a couple of years ago you guys have seen me if you've been watching my channel for a while but I definitely recommend having it done once in a while to see your progress or if you're doing anything right or maybe wrong so fingers crossed everything that I have been putting on my face is working so we are just about to see that I'm gonna take some pictures I'm a little bit nervous but and then just a couple of little lightning paws on your nose but really your skin is so plump so smooth really really good the environ AVST as well will be helping to thicken up the skin to smooth oh yeah you guys I have told you before that I am currently on the ABC 3 which just means higher amounts of vitamin A in the cream and you guys have seen my journey from like ABC one two three and so yeah I think it's definitely working because Sophie just showed me the amount of like spots but it's more the texture of your skin rather than you know actual spots and then not would you say something not so there we go so next one we have is bacteria Oh bacteria so these yellow dots here just indicate the bacteria in the skin and doesn't matter if you've changed your skin this morning or recently this is embedded in the skin yeah so this ultimately determines how well you're cleansing and toning the skin at the moment so you can just see a bit of an area of congestion around the nose to be honest with you because you are more of a combination skin you're going to get a few little bit actually the nose anyway tiny little bit of congestion just around there and just again around memory here that can be as lonely no touching your fingers if we have a look at your eyes light green is more dehydration okay green or more deeper dehydration and 89 okay if you would just be a deeper dehydration like there so you know about that that's absolutely nothing so it just means to me that your skin essentially is absolutely working really just a little bit of dehydration remember they are the most cream sitting on the surface of the skin yeah it's a lot deeper so with this one you can literally go on the oily I hope I'm right up to there to the lash line and in between the eyebrows folks then if we have a look at sensitivities I'll just take some off yeah yeah that's definitely I get proper like a red little spots once in a while arrived there you can definitely see that just a little bit of sensitivity yeah they're also just here on the other side of your face there now not to bad around your nose everyone gets a little bit of sensitivity around the nostril air and just a tiny bit on your chin area what I would probably say is we could maybe introduce some colostrum serum because of that will just help to strengthen the skin up honestly everyone has it unless we live under a rock oh no I have sun damage it's all about a Verity of it so we're just looking at the darker patches around here not too much considering just a little bit along the cheek area here where typically the Sun catches you everyone has a little bit on the eyelid because they forget to put the Sun cream over the eyes with the rad please take it okay well but your skin is absolutely amazing yeah yeah really all your hard work well you guys my skin is actually not bad at all so whatever I'm doing I'm clearly doing I see something right so we need to boost my Sun cream I think and go over my eyes because Sophie just made a really good point that I never ever pull some cream on my eyelids I don't know why maybe we think because our eyes are open we won't get sunburned but you can definitely see some some damage out here so bear that in mind put your Sun cream on your eyelids as well yeah the bacteria thing yes but be more cleansing but otherwise it's looking pretty good so what are our next steps now I'm just going to write down a prescription for you using the advanced nutrition program supplement antivirus in yes and then you have your facial I cannot wait you guys so I'm already in my therapy room almost afraid to have my treatment just waiting for my therapist and I'm so excited I haven't had a facial in a while and it's gonna be a full 75 minutes of treatment I cannot wait I'll probably fall asleep if I will manage to wake up and film bits of it I definitely will my therapist will come in in a minute and explain what we are doing today if you guys are ever in London therapy is an amazing clinic you guys know if you have been watching my channel I've been using environ for ages and this is not sponsored I have no been paid for this by the way at all I am getting a free facial however because I bought my very first hire on myself and many many environs and greens after I have bought myself as well so this is a genuine a genuine recommendation it works for me and I know that it works for many of the people so I am ready to lie down oh my cushion and enjoy my treatment so you guys I'm here with my wonderful therapist Betty oh she's a little bit nervous my vagin cover but I reassured her that all my audience is very friendly and they just want to hear mine what are we doing today yes so we we've assessed sin your skin today she's had an environment facial before but after her recent sun exposure her skin does seem a little bit dehydrated so today's going to be all about infusing the skin with a lot of higher on the acid and just infusing it with bitumen ages to help repair the skin that sounds absolutely amazing because I definitely needed us to Bali I had an amazing time but my I mean my face needs a bit of TLC so she's here to provide it so yeah we're gonna I'm gonna lie down and she's gonna get to hard work ya know so see you guys in the minute so we're just using me environ clay mask as like a micro exfoliate on the skin to just micro exfoliate any dead skin that sitting on the cell we don't use any granules because we don't want to break the skin barrier environments all about building the sky areas so we just want to be gentle but effective so this clay mask has got Kailyn so it's gonna absorb any excess oils as well on the skin and the action of this is just gonna lift off that dead cells as well so we have double triple cleanse I believe so I'm definitely close now and we are going to do a little people and we yeah so we're just gonna apply a lactic acid on to the t-zone area will just help to remove any dead skin again and also allow for more vitamins to penetrate into the skin so in lactic acid is also very hydrating I know it's an acid and people think yeah I think people have the perception of acid mean like dry how does it actually work with the hydration so what it will do is it would actually the way it gives you an exfoliation is actually just gonna melt in between those skins like the dead cells that holds the skin together so it's gonna allow for that you know to basically take all that gunk out of this year and your products will absorb nice into the skin yes we'd like that we're using the environ hyaluronic acid on your skin which is going to act as like a filler for the skin because it really will just help to like basically add water so send your your cheeks we're gonna use a gel called colostrum just because there is a bit of sensitivity on the cheek so it's gonna just help to rebuild as that barrier of your skin and just help with the immunity of the skin as well mmm so I believe we're actually gonna be doing my favorite bit now look at that little mixture getting yeah so we're just gonna layer the alginate mask all over the skin so she's gonna allow all the vitamins that we've layered just to really penetrate deep into the skin we have secretly done just a few extractions but they were definitely needed so you okay with the eyes yeah yeah so we're just gonna go over the right eye first you guys I have just had my facial and oh my god I feel so so so so good and my skin feels really really really good as well you know how when you think that you have combination skin and because you have combination skin it's oily so you start like basically stripping it off and dehydrating it and that's what I've been experiencing recently because I felt like I'm getting quite a lot of breakouts it felt quite oily but actually my skin is really dehydrated here and like you saw on the scan and like Sophie and like my therapist now she said that you know I've got like sensitivity on my cheeks and that's why I get those red patches so I'm gonna go and pick up some stuff that I don't have at home otherwise my treatment was amazing well I had that mask on I also had a little shoulder and like back massage that was really really relaxing so it was amazing I have to say that I so so thoroughly enjoyed it and also it was really really good and fascinating to have the skin analysis with the Vizia machine again because last time I had it was quite a few years ago and I am so happy that whatever I have been doing I've been working and environ has been working for me and other products that I show you on my channel I've been working for me but I share with you my like morning and night routine but often and so yeah so so happy I'm feeling like so uplifted you guys I am back home from London after a really busy day running around and doing things but also after my amazing treatment at therapy and I loved it so much I mean my skin looks amazing I mean this obviously I have had breakouts last week so does that like the scarring that is still there um but my therapies there I'm recommended me a few products that I'm gonna use to basically like strengthen my skin in the barrier of my skin because I'm on the analysis I saw that I do have quite a lot of like sensitivity here and it's so true I get like red spots here but I didn't realize how dry my skin in place this was so it's definitely definitely worth going for skin analysis if you have one close to you if you're in UK there are a few Vizio machines around UK definitely we have one of my interesting habit Nicks and I have been to quite a few in London as well and my treatment was absolutely amazing like 75 minutes of heaven literally and I honestly cannot tell you how amazing my skin feels and that's like post Sun this is after a peel I had appeal today so yeah I'm super impressed super super happy with it I will leave the information for therapy in the description box below if you are local in London or if you visit and you want to go there because it was an environment I can leave you they like the stockist because you guys this is realistically my like main shelf for what I reach for on a daily basis as you can see and my chronic is there and it has always been there since I discovered it these are like my favourites like this first row is what I reach for the most so yeah I'm not just saying it I do use it every single day anything that I tell you guys about here is genuine I am not pushing anything on you but I know a lot of you have also shared with me your good experiences with environments so yeah I'm so ready to go to bed you guys I had an amazing day and I hope you enjoyed hanging out with me and going for that treatment with me because I definitely enjoyed having it and I just wanted to share it with you so thank you guys for watching thank you Sarah B for having me thank you to Karen as well girl think to Kasasa me out and yeah I am off to bed don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven't done that yet and I will see you guys very very soon in my next video bye

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  1. I remember the first time you went for analysis and talked about Environ, it was one of your earliest videos and have seen you rave about it for a few years now, thank you for taking us to the spa and also taking the time to just relax, I bet you didn't want to fall asleep your skin felt so good, XX

  2. What products did you buy? I have Environ now for 4 years. I love it! I am almost 60 years old, but have a wonderfull skin. But I do want to know what did you buy.

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