well my background is actually in the civil service and i work for over 25 years in the silver service mania michael most lastly in the Department for Culture Media in sports where I which in the sports policy say it set and works in the number 10 strategy in it on a report on sport back in 2002 called game plan so I've had a sports policy background are then in 2008 after the mayor was elected to go over to City Hall actually just as useful man to help though from a legacy fund for the Olympic Games and I've stayed there ever since I worked a whole range of Harris was the DC messing and sport which then worked actually for the first sports minister for Kate Hoey and then going over to City Hall in London and obviously prior to the games and join the games and since it's been a hugely exciting time and we're still obviously reaping the benefits of 2012 and that's something reading what we really want to continue to do well I think just getting people and seeing the excitement of people in sport working in sport and having a passion for it obviously we're in a very very fortunate position so i think it's when we give out grants for sports projects it's when you give that money out and you can see the difference that it makes so setting up the mayor's legacy fund seeing that have a real impact on the ground and the work that we're doing a major events you know we want to influence and impact on people's lives in a positive way and that's the biggest thrill of all really

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