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also I'm running out of ideas if you guys have any video ideas make sure you comment down below and I'll try and make this videos for you in today's video I'm going to be doing in mini up the street whore so as you can see in front of me are the stuff that I bought from Oxford Street when I went to London on a Saturday there's not much things because obviously there wasn't much that I'm like so a bit of this stuff that I liked and I brought so I went to about five different shops though the first shops I went to his new look and the first thing that I brought was this color corrector and this was 7 pounds and it's in the color green and that's how it looks and it is 13 milliliters I'll just show you how it looks so it looks like this it comes in this this bottle then the next thing when you look was this was this Get Set lipstick nail spray and this was three pounds and just comes in like a normal kind of like Deirdre and looking but all thing and I saw this and I thought oh why not get this and try out to see if it actually works or if it's good enough then I've got this quick dry top coat nail polish from new look and this was 4 pounds – and this is I get yeah so this is how it looks it's just a normal top coat clear split the nails then this detox purifying facemask and it comes in like you know how the shower gels come in just like that and this was for five pound just comes out that and this is 75 milliliters so it's just a face mask in a then the last thing that when you look and clip it says like a gold thin gold chain with like these little red pom-poms so guys if you can hear in the background they're my buddies they're being quite loud that's why I got anchor and this was 4 pounds then I popped in – hmm and I didn't really fancy anything from there but I saw these earrings and I thought they're really nice this is that these are the earrings and it's all set so it goes big and then kind of big the medium small and G's were $2.99 so three bands from the next shop that I went to was Primark and I only got a few bits from Primark so the first thing that I should got this black and gold purse with like a bow on top it's really nice and it just has like a gold zipper going down the middle and it's like a good nice size I put this in person and this was four five pounds I literally wrenched a new look all right – Zara I'll make sure hmm I'm into Topshop I went everyone I couldn't find a nice purse and this is the actual person I liked from Primark black and gold jangly earrings and this is how they look and these were for two pounds and I just really like them so I bought them RIMPAC full facial cleansing wipe these were for one pound normally I'll go through the blue pack but they didn't have the blue pack in stock so I've got the pink one and yeah 425 wipes each oh yeah Autobot I forgot to mention from Primark we also got this face mask from Chronicle this is lengthen IPF what dimensions are you guys because I needed to get a printable charge up cuz as you know foam battery died so we need to readjust what you need to get a charger and zoom into calories and this is only charger they had that was good enough it sounds because it's already open because we used it and guys I know it's bit cringe ESS keep calm and plug and only trouble trying to the head that was actually charged so as soon as we went there and we closed in and paid for it so this is the only one I know is lick cringe and it looks like a boyish color but this is the only code that I doesn't have pink we're gonna have different colors this is the only good one so this is let me find out this is five thousand so this pulpit Roger is five thousand you can get like two thousand five hundred me at 6,000 but this is five thousand because this is the one that the guy gave us and he goes this one's good so if I open let's just show you and it's quite a good portable charger because it's just it's really small so this is how it looks and you just obviously you plug your cable and then and they get it comes with a little charging cable this is high looks let's keep on plugging obviously I would not buy this if I wanted to if I saw it in the store and those other ones I would never buy this but obviously because we're in desperate need of a charger we needed a charger we had a cable but we didn't have a plug for eight pound 98 which is also a good price for it too and then it comes with a cable there is just a little cable that you can charge it but I need to actually charge this anyways appears it's dead because what happened was my mom's phone died sort and obviously mom need to have things like pictures and stuff and her phone died and my friend it's you're gonna die too so mom needs it has disc release the portable charger but we have a plug through it into we went into a two and three just to use the plugs to charge us when we sat there for a bit it charged then it nearly died again so just watch this portable charger and this was half charge so that means there's four bars here so it's 50% so any had two of these lighting up and then it died Saloni our phones were literally about to die and it just died so didn't use it afterward after that that's the charger don't do is JD as you can see there's a mic box right there JD so I thought these all-black Karachi's in size 5 and 1/2 and I just bought these her Archie's and a cot remember sniffle I think they were for 6495 I think but yeah either the halacha cheese are really comfortable I like flat shoes too soggy so I thought I'll get her our cheese and these are the all black ones they're brand new night cheese and that's what we've got to be honest there's much stuff to get because we didn't really find anything we liked but this is the stuff that we actually got so guys hope you enjoy this video make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and turn on a pair certifications to get notified every time we upload and I'll see you guys next time my whole night

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