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good morning guys it's now Tuesday I didn't vlog yesterday I've straightened my hair and thank you for so much for the tips yesterday on the video that went live on Monday Monday vlog so obviously you'll get in this week later but basically everyone helped me out with like frizzies staff and always kind of stuff I straightened it but what that means with me is when I straighten it it goes really flat the next day and if I wash it too much it goes to frizzy but if I flatten it it goes too flat so I'm gonna try and some of the products everyone's recommended and I'm gonna try the mores it's gonna tell me a little while and then I would do kind of a video on it maybe and yeah because it's I don't know it depends on the weather as well because obviously it's kind of grain horrible outside at the moment but if it's really nice it's really dry and really frizzy so the hot of the weather the frizzy of my hair goes which I don't really understand as opposed to humidity but yeah so we'll see what happens there but obviously and the ends are in bad condition anyway because obviously I used to be blonde so you know I don't know we'll see what happens with that I'm just gonna film my video that I'm doing for my declutter channel I'm hoping I can get that up before 36 so now I've got my Thursday video with my all don't forget my giveaway my giveaway is it should be up now when you're getting this vlog but don't forget to go over well go go over and check my declutter shell now and don't forget to check the video out for the giveaway if you haven't done already but um yeah so I'm gonna do my it's called an entryway in England would call it hallway but I'm going to call it the entryway just because obviously a lot of my viewers are Americans so I'm gonna do it that way because obviously I think you know it I'll put a whole bite and entryway on there I think possibly I don't know they never check that channel out and the video out if you want to I would try and video and vlog a little bit later on with things I'll see how I go okay there is a story one done one speaking so I will keep it short and sweet today so I try and do that but it's all about the groove Vuitton thing that happened I haven't actually told you about yeah something about that another video yeah so I will try and take you with me today can't promise to cleanse on my storage okay if she's been down to resolve some things for loops on I had the other week my hair is blowing no place I'm messy yeah but no makeup on I was up really early this morning and they are so two shows today little goodies and you'll see those on the next video on Thursday so yeah basically I look a wreck again I don't think I'm going to do a video on that actually because I actually kind of prefer sleep then looking well and I know that it's kind of wrong in some aspects but brightening out of effects and they've just made this they throw a double way road which I did nine and it got killed anyways a bit noisy so I will clocking in a minute I'm just leaving one Street now there bit funny guys filming so I didn't kind of want to push it and they are very funny like they were filming it at the wine and Prada they're so lovely in there and they're always lovely and they were redoing it up kind of redoing the new collection just London Fashion Week next weeks that are kind of bumping it all up and it the blessing they were so nice anyway so I can film anywhere today I'm just going to hit down to water stones or hedgehogs to go and get some books that I need from my son you so yeah I'm just about to go in and have a look around I'm really like they're shuffled but I don't know if I'm gonna get any so I don't know we'll see okay so I'm just about to head down I've gone obviously shopping wires I've got some other things which I've tried to show you possibly like there you go that's better I'm just in a quiet part of London I was going to go down the back street it's now but there's too many people so I'm just going to go down the battery it's to the Savoy Theatre what grandpa picked some stuff up because I used to work there about Dreamgirls and I've probably got notice actually and I was really gutted because it's a really good show so yeah anyway there for time I'm gonna cover him some one but yeah basically it's going to put down there okay I'm just this close to announce I'm not going to film but basically I'm just strained I'm just about to go in and get ready to get him and then I'm gonna go back to come on garden get some moisturizer to meet you Nate was there from Sun and you gotta work trying gets been tweets peril for actually guesswork I have walls with away from Green Park to Australians and I walk through come garden and into problem I am is because it's actually quicker if you go put down the back streets to walk so he's actually to get the cheapest but I'm you go down to come up and all that kind of stuff it's mayhem at that point so I've actually spent a lot of time walking today so I haven't said Anne yet and I've been on the go since six o'clock Dorian its have a bit knackered so anyway and Sid bit okay I mean come and garden if she's here behind me or was it just nice with Larry but it is always mayhem here and I'm gonna straight to me in a minute which is why I always wear flats because every time in London you can walk around everywhere if you always find someone on the nine you're gonna find these so now I'm gonna go to click for men's moisturizer but after the other day it's not for me actually I will hasten to add after my conversation with you guys the other day about two people thinking I look like a man and actually to be honest I've got my hair tie back but I feel like I'm kind of sweating horrible so and the light into your already hasn't you can see look there you go but yeah so I actually gonna buy men's moisturizer but is not for me because I'm not a man

11 thoughts on “Shopping At Louis Vuitton Vlog – London -Dionne Ward

  1. I love to walk as a form of commute too! Just seems much more fuss-free, and I get to see what’s going on in the vicinity – what’s new, what’s interesting… 🙂 loved the vlog as always!

  2. Hi 👋 I would love to go there one day maybe one day we can meet up and it is so beautiful can’t wait to see what you got I love Laduree they don’t have the big keychain here only the small one so I have to wait 😐happy you didn’t get it by the 🚗 and you look nice don’t worry if you don’t have makeup on 😊❤️

  3. Loved watching the vlog and also I liked the luxury shopping 😍😍 I would definitely visit Covent Garden during my trip to London. I must say this place has changed so much and it looks beautiful now espscially during the Christmas month. Isn't it? 😊😊🙂🙂

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