We take ourselves around the capital city in the UK on our own little London food tour throughout the city.

Philly Cheesesteak (yes!, really!)
Chicken and waffles
Local cider
Various cuts of beef
Bubble waffles
Bubble tea

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hey guys welcome back to Wonder lets her life here on YouTube and today we are in London yes alright gonna go eat a bunch of things and try to find some interesting stuff so let's go our first stop of the day is a Philly cheesesteak place in London yeah it's passed young Avenue and it's basically a haven for anybody who loves affiliate evils or the pliers or and of course the cheesesteak first off we got real mozzarella sticks with real marinara guys seriously they were amazing but the star was the cheesesteak John got with whiz just cheese whiz and onions and I got provolone cheese which is super stretchy and cheesy but absolutely delicious I had so much fun eating it because it was thrown tasty and we're gonna go back so we just finished up a passing Avenue and it was awesome absolutely the best cheese thing I've had outside Philly it was so good yeah it was really cool to be able to find a spot in London and being in there it was just so fun everybody who works there is so nice and even the patrons like you just start talking it's like a community place yeah very cool we'll come back yeah and you should too give it a try when you're London the thing about London for me is I really like that there are some of the options very international they speak English I really kind of a door the British culture for the most part but it's so busy in some spots so we really enjoyed finding the spots that aren't super busy and you get to really feel more of what the city really is and not what the tourists Hartsook you know and some of our best experiences coming from doing that as well so London is worth exploring and getting out of the comfort zone pick a bus stop or met your stop that you don't know get out got the whole history of London around this circle superfast this is right outside the tower home better stuff we're now up to the mobi market and the it's not as famous as its the other markets in London like the Borough Market and its total fields market and the Camden Market so we're actually gonna go see and you know what's so special about it and there's also a lot of cider ease around so hopefully we're gonna go try some cider we're about to cross the iconic Tower Bridge this is not not the London Bridge this tower was built kind of as a complement to the Tower of London and it's in my opinion one of the prettiest bridges in the entire world it's very special to be a prophet my first bite of chicken waffle never nurses not now I do what do you think this place yet offer you would you say that you're excited about urban Richard in the house looks pretty good enough it's not very doesn't see very sharp we'll see like this right now Oh can't wait to try it guess I'll try that now that's very sweet never on blankety rakishly other train just add the onion on a whim we decided to come down to Borough Market I don't know because we had time and it's closed but it has like this totally different vibe to it now that it's closed what do you think yeah I think it'll be kind of nice to walk around but we're gonna find another place to kind of get warm and I'm sure that we're off to dinner and it's a place that we love and yeah I try to go here every time I go and it's so yeah so we're gonna go find something awesome tonight we're here having Zelman meets in solo the slurred favorite shots of London now the concept is you order your meat by weight for you and they bring it over and they put it on a big tray in the middle and you share with Rovers at your table this is what my favor so I only know after it's become one of my favorites as well every single time and it's we got 200 grams of the Vacanti then 200 grams of the Chateaubriand right next to it those are our favorite pizzas and so precise and they got some cabbage is about guess what we found in London and so bubble tea we drank so much bubble tea in pom-pom in Singapore so we saw this place that we just had to get a shot at single and I'm trying a totally different bubble tea than what I'm used to it's a tie milk tea I mean – the Hong Kong belt tea but I'm really excited to try it I think has palm sugar instead of regular sugar I don't really know but I'm gonna give it a shot my favorite thing that I found in Hong Kong which is gonna get or a buffalo fillets Oh bubble wrap which is really clever bubble tea me too we got plane we like the original ready and everybody else put gelato and we also just had a massive median self we gotta get I guess like City Sheriff's hey you know we're also eating this in Chinatown and it's a very Pacific in here there's a lot of people I don't do very well with a lot of people so I'm just gonna enjoy this and then walk the streets to you

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  1. Just came over from Twitter. Saw Way Away RT you guys! :31 I used to live in philadelphia haha. We went to the UK last September. Enjoyed our time there, especially Scotland! Such a lovely place.

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