In the wake of the Christchurch attack in New Zealand, police have increased patrols at London mosques to provide reassurance.

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27 thoughts on “Security tightened at London mosques after Christchurch shooting – BBC London

  1. What a fackin laugh!! London mosques have just had some 'windows broken!!' lmfao, and they're calling it a terrorist attack??? Wtf?
    Get a glazier in and get the windows fixed ffs.Get over it!!
    Wouldn't be surprised if Khan employed somebody to break the windows, why? Well to justify the hundreds and thousands of pounds he's just spent on armed guards at mosques, all for nothing!!

  2. Hysteria! Typical Brits turning attention on their pwn political agenda as a result of something which occurred a million miles away!! Ps! London is a filthy dirty cesspit

  3. Trust khan to protect all the mosques how about worrying about the problems we have in London daily. And what about when isis do attacks in London they put a couple barriers up ?crazy.

  4. why police outside mosques I would think it more important police outside churches and that bishop should be more focused on the murder and pe rsicussion of Christians in Muslim countries

  5. These attacks are all orchestrated by your own governments !!!!!! Time to wake up people !!!! Gematria, killing by numbers for ritual sacrifice !!!!! Do some research on this, and you will find out that there are so many similarities between every attack !!!!!! Otherwise , follow the flock and believe the lying media, freemason police scum and politicians !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Amazing how they can find police resources for this, as shocking this attack has been and I'm not saying it is the wrong thing to do, but still the numbers of police on the front-line is small, and knife crime is the highest it has ever been. But as Sadiq Khan says himself, these attacks are just part and parcel of living in a big city, so don't be surprised when these things happen in London.

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