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Four teenagers have been arrested after a fire in an Islamic boarding school in south-east London. It follows an arson attack on an Islamic Centre in the city last week. Police are stepping up their presence near places judged to be vulnerable after the targeting of Islamic sites. They are reassuring London’s Muslim population that potential targets will be protected. Al Jazeera’s Nadim Baba reports from London.

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worshipers arriving at a mosque in East London many of the faithful have been coming here for decades but after the targeting of Islamic sites including saturday suspected arson attack at this south london boarding school and a previous fire that destroyed a Somali community center in North London police are stepping up their presence in places judged to be vulnerable they say they've seen a clear rise in anti-muslim incidents in recent weeks normal average about one incident one Islamophobia incident the day around about 35 hate crimes but when we we separate them out we're currently experiencing ran about eight incidents on average a day so there has been an increase a lot of those incidents are name-calling criminal damage and a number of them are the more serious types of crimes like the one we're talking about on saturday and the one last week at the community center when british soldier lee rigby was killed on a South London Street last month Muslim worshippers here Theatre backlash but they say they've worked with the wider community to defuse tensions and they're using volunteers to provide security the area is is pretty huge and I think even if the police were you know patrolling and had a visible presence here would take quite a quite a lot of them you know to to do that task and it certainly takes some of that load of them you know our volunteers have been vetted and they're experienced you know and they've they've dealt with issues such as the London riots and another you know highly tense situations this is one of London's best known Islamic institutions but of course there are hundreds of others community leaders except that police can't monitor all of them all of the time they're just hoping and praying there won't be more violent incidents Polica reassuring London's Muslim population that potential targets will be protected but one monitoring group says at least 11 mosques have been attacked since Lee Rigby's killing and someone police outside the capital to do more to netting bother al Jazeera London

0 thoughts on “Security increased at UK mosques due to threats

  1. Good, until we can neutralise these threats from far right losers there is no choice but to have these places guarded. They complain about the left so much but don't realise they are way, way more stupid than them

  2. I meant out of the major ones. That's why I listed them in order of numbers. I don't know why Judaism is considered major considering it's only like 15 million as they say. I agree it's an important religion but I wouldn't call it major just due to it's population.

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  4. Israel (The false one that came about in 1948) is to blame for many things. However, I don't blame them for whats happening in Syria at all. I can smell their hand in a few things, though apart from the 3 illegal airstrikes in Syrian territory, there isn't much proof of anything else. But then, fighting above board isn't really their style. Zionists are more rat-cunning than brave and stupid. Thats where the USA comes in handy…

  5. Interesting how you project your lack of knowledge and intelligence on to me. I would suggest that you educate yourself before you expose your ignorance. If you are Muslim…TAKE OFF THE BLINDERS!

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  10. I love how people are scared of a group that make up only 5% of the uk population. I don't think there's gonna be any "islamification" happening here.

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  12. Europe has been supporting Radical Islamist that fight Secular Governments all over the Middle East, namely the NATO/US support to the Al-Qaeda FSA terrorist in Syria

    you only have yourself to blame

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