Former Royal Chef Graham Newbould who was once a chef on the Royal Yacht Britannia for the Queen reveals what goes on in the kitchens of the famous House of Windsor.

From TV suppers at Buckingham Palace, to poached salmon caught and cooked at the Royal Family’s Scotland retreat at Balmoral, Graham shows the viewers how to cook food fit for a Queen. He goes back on board the Royal Yacht Britannia where he makes good use of the Royal ice cream machine, and even recreates the wedding breakfast he helped serve up for the Prince of Wales and Princess Diana. He also gives a fascinating insight into the day-to-day food in a Palace – from eight sided cucumber sandwiches to a special dish of liver and rice, a firm favourite with the ever-present Royal corgis.

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they're the most famous family in the world they're used to the very best of everything and that includes their food ask Graham newbould for six years he was a royal chef when you're cooking for the royal family things have to be done fairly simple but elegant lick things not too spicy things not too cold which could be harsh on the teeth portions not too big portions not too small they wouldn't like to be over face and they would like to think that food would have been wasted there's no room for error you can't really make mistakes that's where everything's so well practiced and rehearsed I did like things done a certain way whether it's right or whether it's wrong that's the way they like it and that's what you've got to do Windsor the Royals favorite place for entertaining this is the drinks reception before the Queen's Royal Jubilee Garter lunch on occasions like this the guests are often served a stalwart of royal cuisine the canopy kind of is are something that royal chefs know a great deal about there's one particular reception during the where a team of some 20 chefs have to produce 15,000 of these 15,000 canapes takes three days to make and they're all consumed within two hours nobody else in the land really has so many servants waiting on the table or such large dinners I mean for instance it's not uncommon for 140 people to sit down to dinner and some George's Hall at Windsor the footman actually walk along the table with a cloth dusters on their feet measuring out the distance between each place every knife and fork is placed in a specific manner and what is nice is even at the grandest occasion however busy she is the Queen may be 20 minutes for the first guests arrive she would go in and she will check that everything is just right it does look magnificent there must be a tremendous temptation for some people to remove a girl's booth when the guests sit down to eat it means things must be hotting up in the kitchen it takes an awful lot of planning time effort hardwork pep reactions disaster there before and all 20 chefs get involved it gets a little bit busy but not quite as hectic as what I restaurant kitchen would get it's all very well organized so on the day everything runs like clockwork in this particular main course is called duck bigger ad bigger ad means with orange and lemon sauce it's a particular favorite of the Queen and the royal family the Queen's wine collection is extensive and kept in perfect condition by the yeoman of the Royal wine cellar but among the vintage labels are a few surprises astonishingly one of her favorites is Mateus Rosie which a lot of people snare out as a nothing wine from Portugal it's a very good champagne it used to be vertically Coe Petrelli is a major feat in itself but now with all the economies it comes from Tesco's [Applause] Buckingham Palace is known as BP to the staff to the royal family it's the head office and we're all royal catering is organized anything to do with food is taken care of by F branch from the odwin to the stars to the cooking of it and all the administration all belongs to to F branch a full state visit like this for the French president involves a banquet cooked by all 20 royal chefs 50 Butler's are on hand to attend the table the food is served on solid gold platters and eaten off the finest China a washing up is done very gingerly by hand but what happens when the Queen is home alone well when the Queen's on her own she would actually eat in her dining room on a card table possibly in front of the television and she'll serve herself from a sideboard and if she's not going out to lunch she does the same at lunchtime the role version of fish and chips which is called Haddix and Zuma King George the six used to send out for fish and chips and he and the Queen Mother and the Queen and Princess Margaret used to sit and eat fish and chips and listen to the radio those the smallest chips in the world oh uh and they thought that was an absolute gasps I mean that was wonderful sort of bohemian thing to do the portion size of the fish is really small and it's done in their breadcrumbs and we could have salt vinegar or tatis or something like that but Bearnaise sauce it's it's equally as nice it's made those egg yolks butter a vinegar and white wine reduction and some freshly chopped tarragon there you go fish and chips fit for a queen royal cooking and catering in the way they eat meals hasn't altered that much in the last hundred years I know it seems incredible but the way the royal family lived in Victorian times is not that different – no it wasn't just the senior Royals Graham had to cook for first of all need some cabbage next you need some freshly boiled lamb sliver finely chopped the final ingredient is some well cooked long grain rice this needs a really good stir and that's it it's ready to serve for half a century Her Majesty's yacht Britannia was the Royal Family's floating palace above decks the Queen played host to the most powerful people in the world the most important were invited for dinner served in the ships state dining room and in a style every bit as grand as at Windsor or Balmoral here I've got a few mementos of a trip I did with the Queen and the Duke to Australia on the royal yacht that's a picture on board ship with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and all the household staff I'm right in the middle the back in the shed every trip that you go on you're given a group photograph which is a souvenir for yourself to keep when you go on the royal yacht here you're issued with a booklet of rules and regulations what you're allowed to were not allowed to do this is a typical evenings entertainment there's always a band of Royal Marines so wherever the traveled royal family they could always have music these are menus from the Royal Yacht they're just the same as any of the palace well the Royal yachts a floating palace anyway and it's similar sort of food which will get Buckingham Palace the only difference between there's a picture of the Royal Yacht on the actual menu card by the time she left service in 1997 Britannia had sailed more than a million miles and visited 135 countries on a typical voyage five chefs from the royal household would travel – it was fantastic traveling the world if I didn't work for the royal family I would never have had that opportunity this is the cabin where I used to steer his cubby number 45 it's not a bad-size cabin compared to what some of the naval personnel had to stay in there – stay like three or four people in a room this size means household stuff we had our own cabin not quite the height of luxury but it's a Duke I think he was so tired at night that she could have slept on a clothesline telling the truth britannia is now on permanent show in edinburgh and the royal galley is still in full working order today I'm going to cook rack of lamb Dewberry it's one of the main cost is offer a royal menu all the Royal menus are written in French this is Kerry Daniel which means rack of lamb and the garnish Davari normally anything Dewberry is with cauliflower this time it's with the cauliflower cheese and it's with french beans barrel-shaped roast potatoes and it's served with a red wine and rosemary gravy the first job is to do the rock a lamb so first of all just season it with a little bit of salt and pepper this is English lamb when they're all the family are at Balmoral in Scotland if there's a special type of land at the abbot's site it's called Sai sheep it was quite nice for a bit lamp that just goes into the hot pan we want to seal the meat on the outside we don't want the bones to burn in the oven so just wrap a little bit of tinfoil around that's it between 20 minutes laughter now it depends on the size of the record it's not the biggest kitchen in the world it gets a little bit cramped and it gets very hot when you're cooking in the tropics it can be quite difficult when you when you're at sea cooking if it's really really rough you would be confined to your quarters you wouldn't really be able to cook and then the royal family they would be airlifted off even in the tropics the royal family insist on familiar favorites to eat like the humble roast potato Chateau potatoes they classically supposed to have seven sides they're just quite difficult because to quite fiddly have some great times on here you do feel a bit a bit silently coming back on it because I still like it when it was at sea so food on board Britannia was just like back home but when the Royals venture – or it was a different story well when the Queen's on tour and she goes to some very exotic places as you know she or obviously will have to eat the food at the country and she has been presented with some fairly exotic and strange dishes as indeed they all have take this occasion in Tonga where his royal hungriness the King all twenty-eight stones of him laid on a huge feast a day of sumptuous Polynesian hospitality watermelons sweet potatoes crayfish and 400 suckling pigs slaughtered especially for the occasion the Queen was offered her very own suckling pig which she managed to decline politely but things got slightly trickier on a trip to Central America I remember in 1985 she was in Belize and she was going to be served a rat for dinner in fact it was something that the Belizeans called a Knik ulis packer which is a jib knot but when you actually look at the definition of what that is that means it's a rat great big long thing she really pushed her food from the plate that night back on Britannia and that rack of lamb the red wine and rosemary sauce is now underway so this sauce this has been made with onions carrots celery and leek you then add tomato puree sprinkling a flour red wine half a bottle should do it the next stage is to add some beef stock you then add the bones from the language have been browned off three sprigs of rosemary and then I need to leave that to simmer the Royals enjoyed lamb cooked on board Britannia and learned to be wary when apparently offered it elsewhere take this feast on a Middle Eastern trip they were served this exotic Arabian feast with lots of strange things mostly meat we couldn't quite tell and of course the great tradition is that you serve the guests of honor sheep's eyes I didn't see Diana touching me it was a great joke that would she or didn't she dad had just sort of got out of it beautifully charmingly by just giggling I'll now just do the extra fine beans top and tell them just take the bottoms off and then it will be cut in half it's quite important for the royal family because if there's an important dinner can't be seen with beans hanging out of your mouth so it's got to be quite delicate a meeting with the Pope in 2000 was all smiles but there was outrage in the Italian press when it emerged that the Queen had made it known that she wouldn't eat pasta tomato sauce or garlic oh no the the Queen doesn't like anything like that she's very ambitious in her days I think it's a fairly obvious reasons that if you're talking to somebody the last thing you need is sort of Suede's of garlic breathed all over you I tried to be with the Queen she's got impeccable taste garlic and onions should be abolished the Italians didn't realize that Her Majesty had also said non grazie to the local mineral water she doesn't trust the local water at all not even the bottle variety she takes crates and crates of more than water with that she likes her tea made with more than water because she can't run risks of getting ill anywhere and ruining the tour usually these twos have planned two or three years in advance so you know for that reason she doesn't eat a seafood when she's abroad because you know it's a bit risky the state visit to China in 1986 brought a worried look from her majesty and it wasn't just the prospect of chopsticks on her plate was that favorite Chinese delicacy the slimy sea slug things they do for England Graham is making a cheese sauce for the cauliflower Du Barry no cheddar here just freshly grated Gruyere the thing that published six out of my mind about cooking on board was the long days used to have to be up at six o'clock in the morning start work for half six prepare royal breakfast and after that royal lunch afternoon tea and then dinner didn't really get a break until maybe ten o'clock at night and when you're on board for maybe a month at a time it can be really hard work royal food is always labor intensive for example you couldn't just serve any old cauliflower cheese there has to be a twist so now what I've got to do is prepare the Dubarry garnish for the lamp and it's a cauliflower florets and you get a nice clean white napkin just place it inside and squeeze it and it takes out most of the moisture and you also end up with a nice neat like miniature cauliflower well there's one it's a lot of effort for a piece of cauliflower but I think it's worth in the end presentation wise at this stage you have to get everything out on time timing has got to be absolutely spot-on you can't have the Queen waiting now we've got our cheese sauce so I need to do now is just not be at the top of the cauliflower nefarious means cover them so they're just like individual miniature cauliflower this is cauliflower cheese a lot Royalle sprinkle a little bit of Parmesan cheese on top and that has to go under the grill the Queen Mum in Venice a chance too good to miss for the paparazzi [Applause] the gondolier with the red headband approached the Cornetto was exchanged got a handshake so did his mate and the object was whisked away by the entourage who didn't think it as funny as everyone else did the Italians may be good at making ice cream but the Royal chefs know a thing or two as well there's nothing wrong with ice cream out of a tub but it's much much better for you if you can then if you can make your own so now I've got ten egg yolks now I need two pints of thick cream this cream would normally come from the Royal dairy it's the thickest cream I've ever seen the Windsor cream and to that I will add five ounces of sugar so what we have to do now is bring this to the boil so now the creams come to the boil just pour it onto the egg yolks but you've got to whisk all the time and fire it on slowly once it's thoroughly mixed in you have to pour the mixture back into the pan and just reheat it slowly just so it thickens a little and coats the back of a spoon when that's cooled down I'm going to add the plum puree that I've made and I've made this by skewing two pounds of garden plums with a little bit of lemon rind some sugar and a drop of water just to make it a nice thick sauce like that that's the Royal ice cream machine I've got my thumb ice cream in there now it's freezing it and at the same time it's whipping it as well this is how the Royals have their ice cream presented all the time the royal family time to finish off the main course the presentation is very important so I'll just discard the end couple of pieces of lamb and just get the ones from the middle with a real nice Ayad meat when you've been entertained by the royal family I think that people have very high expectations so it's got to be absolutely perfect that lambs lovely and pink lovely and juicy and now it's ready to serve these aren't terribly big portions because royal family quite often the five meals a day it's better to be everything that you've got on your plate and ask for a little more if you want some rather than leave some that's the etiquette just drizzle a little bit of the sauce over and there we have real saddle of lamb Dewberry Ally Royale being on the royal yacht was really hard work I've never been at sea before so I liked it occasionally the royal family would go out for lunch maybe to a government house or something so you got a break then and got to have a look around it was an exciting time every summer the Queen and her family had north to Scotland royal chef Greg Newbold used to join them more often than that I would come in mid-july so between six to ten weeks and that would be two to look after and cook for the royal family at Balmoral everything will be shipped up from looking and Palace it would be packed up by the kitchen staff all the kitchen equipment and then it would be puts in army troops and the army trucks would travel overnight Balmoral is a throwback to a culinary age long since gone Balmoral is full of antlers they seem to be everywhere sprouting at you the season is whether it's salmon fishing or stalking or shooting they will eat what they kill is vast vegetable gardens and the Queen has a herd of Highland cattle so they're very self-sufficient the royal family could choose anywhere in the world to holiday but since Queen Victoria's time they've always headed for Deeside they forged a unique culinary connection with the Glen and it's people take the tiny village of ballot er it seems every shop here has a warrant to supply the castle the village bakery is amongst them bread from here is sent up to what's called the big house a loaf or rather the middle of one is needed for the first meal of the day this is a crouton that I'm making it's to serve the poached eggs on for Royal breakfast like that and then you take a smaller cutter and put it inside like that right through with a little one I wonder if I'd scoop out the middle so it looks like an empty bowl of on case and the poached egg will just Nestle on top of it and what goes with the Queen's poached egg well this is Michael Sheridan's butcher shop in Balladur he's a royal warrant holder and supplier of the Royal sausages with a huge ring just we do have a beef and Guinness with a pork can find up all we do work in Apple venison is a very popular one as well so what's the secret of sausages fit for a queen the finest mincemeat isn't the only thing you need special blend of seasonings a good quality let go what what up make it bang together it's no sausage meat the sausages are good to bomb all exactly the same sausages you can buy in the show oh and another thing the casing it's a traditional one not for the faint-hearted some people use a synthetic skin we like to stick to the natural product which is huge enough which gives you one huge – sausage – then make ended links of sausage these cities are definitely fit for any king or queen so even in Scotland a full English breakfast but even this choice doesn't satisfy all the Royals Prince Charles he has wealthier option he would have all made bread a ball of fresh fruit fresh fruit juices and wherever the Prince goes in the world the breakfast box goes with him is six different types of honey some special muesli his dried fruit and anything that's a bit special that is quite fussy about 40 miles from Balmoral in Aberdeen the morning's catch is being unloaded fish suppliers from across Britain bid for the fish but among the crowd is a man who is less concerned with the price market is top quality real fresh fish quality is not there I will not buy the fish ken watt moe is a fishmonger to the Royals well what we got here is flight think it's a lovely fish and it's one of the fish I send up Royal decide what I'm looking for is firm flesh and also the very bright eyes that the fish should have also the other feature should be bright red gills rather than a grayish color these are excellent condition fish from his small shop in aberdeen ken has supplied fish to Balmoral for 16 years on the wall inside hang royal warrants for the Prince of Wales and the late Queen Mother who had her own house on D side called Burke Hall one of the favorite dishes of Her Majesty the Queen Mother was meddling on Kaleo and is based on this fish which is fighting take the fish and remove its back fins it's lower fins and on the underside and clean the inside out and take out the gills the next step is then to a little incision up the back of the head we then remove the skin totally down one side and then down the other side like such and we then lined up with the finished product which we then cuddle the tail of the fish into its mouth and the dish becomes Marilyn in French for whiting alquiler meaning in anger it's a dish this either baked in the oven or can be poached and then served up with a drizzle of white sauce around the fish but there's one fish that's really synonymous with royal Deeside and particularly Prince Charles and that's the salmon Prince Charles used to go fishing around five o'clock in the evening for a couple of hours and maybe till about seven o'clock although is a fantastic fisherman there were times when he never used to catch a fish so I would always have fun sparing the ladder just in case if Prince Giles was successful in catching a salmon he used to bring it into the kitchen and we will discuss the method of cooking with a salmon of such quality straight out of the river I think it's it's best not to spoil it just plain porch with a nice sauce hollandaise and that's fantastic the Queen maintains a royal tradition of having a piper to play her into dinner whenever she's at Balmoral Graham is cooking at fast house the country seat of the Gladstone family nearby so first of all you have to take off the head by going behind the fin then lifts up the belly and you have to press your knife against the back well and with the sewing action just tip one side of the phyllis off it's very important to get these small pin bones out because you don't want anyone to get a bomb stuck in the throat the Queen Mother once had a problem with that the next stage is to take the skin off just slide in your sharp knife underneath the flesh and press it all the way down against the skin so it comes away nice and clean just like that I'll now portion it up there we are and now the best thing is we've got to go and cook it they have such an abundance of it that they restrict the amount of times they eat a tea tree it used to be like the staff in the old days they'd have it written into their contract that you'd only have to eat oysters and salmon twice a week because it was considered peasant food then and now of course it's mentally expensive particularly wild salmon their salt supply grains of pepper you have to make sure that their summons completely covered with the cooking liquor and that will approach between seven and ten minutes the poaching liquor is dry white wine water and white wine vinegar with celery leeks carrots and shallots a bay leaf and peppercorns and flavor I'm now going to make the hollandaise sauce what I've done here is separate four eggs I don't need the whites I just need the yolks what I've got in this small pan is a drop of white wine vinegar some white wine some sliced shallots for peppercorns and the bay leaf I reduce it down until there's only a spoonful of liquid left and we add that to the egg yolks and that's the flavoring for the hollandaise sauce why we do it over boiling water is to cook the eggs through and to make it nice and fluffy it's what we call a sabayon in the trade and then once the Savion de nice and fluffy then I'll add some clarified butter verified butter is what does it be melted slowly and it's just the fact that you want on the top with lemon juice peanut in and that's the hollandaise sauce done show you how the royal family like the carrots take the carrots and lightly scrape them most of the vegetables come from royal palaces kitchen gardens the ones at Balmoral obviously bigger than the ones that Highgrove i mean said that the Prince of Wales has probably got a better variety of vegetable I'm now going to finish the salmon off by sprinkling some samphire around it's also known as sea asparagus all you do with that is drop it in water for about one minute and then take it out and add a little bit of butter to it so there we have porch filler of salmon with hollandaise sauce cook this dish many times for the royal family I think they enjoy it especially when they're in Scotland Scottish salmon it's the best you can get for Prince Charles it's not just salmon that he's particular about even when he's in Scotland for goodness sake he won't eat the vegetables he will actually have them brought in from Highgrove in about 600 miles away daily same when he's abroad Highgrove is the prince's country estate in Gloucestershire it's not only his house it's the place where he puts his most controversial ideas on food into practice that's true he does get a lot of pleasure in telling people that the food they're eating has come from the estate it gives him a lot of pleasure what happens at home farm on the Highgrove estate has made the Prince of Wales Britain's foremost ambassador for organic produce home farm was set up in 1985 the farm is something that he feels passionate about the more you find out about organic farming systems the more you realize it's just common sense and good husbandry he was a very early advocate of this movement and I can see why I mean he thinks it's healthier and he thinks it's much tastier large black pigs that we got on the farm are a rare breed the Prince of Wales is patron the rare breeds trust so we're really doing our bit by keeping a small gene pool of purebred pigs they are very very fat which is why they've become unfashionable but the bacon that you get from them is absolutely fantastic it's different to anything you could buy today Prince of Wales really likes that bacon I have to say the Prince has now taken his organic campaign and the produce from home farm into the high street he donates the profits to his own Charitable Trusts is a very rich man I mean he gets all his income from the Duchy of Cornwall and the latest figures showed that that was very nearly 8 million pounds last year so he can afford to have these sort of expensive fancy ideas which others can't afford when Graham was asked to be the personal chef to The Prince and Princess of Wales Highgrove became his weekend home with so much organic produce on hand it was an exhilarating job and the atmosphere was much less formal if the prince or princess would have been a smaller setup if they wanted anything different or anything special they were normally come into the kitchen and speak to you Diana brought new ideas to the Royal kitchens soon the talk was a bj peas or baked jacket potatoes as they're better known in this pan have some Greenland prawns in a cheese sauce some of this goes in the bottom on top of the prawns because a soft poached egg you will then take your mashed potato and just pipe it around carefully the Princess of Wales was a great fan of this type of thing the Prince of Wales not so much but he wouldn't try them on occasions drizzle a little bit of cheese sauce over the egg like so and sprinkle on top a little Parmesan cheese and then these were in the hot oven for ten minutes the best way probably is just to have it with a nice avocado salad with a nice vinaigrette dressing even really simple food can be made quite special until Diana came along and took her boys to McDonald's you never never saw members of the royal family gain a fast-food joints never but you know that's part of normal life and she wanted to keep her boys in touch with reality today young Royals like Prince Harry are often spotted at Polo tucking into the same things as other youngsters he obviously was looking for something more substantial to eat than the dainty little cucumber sandwiches that his grandma was serving at the Pavilion Stanny or cucumber sandwich you have to peel the cucumber you never serve anything with seeds into the royal family there's probably never even seen a cucumber seed the best way to cut the red for the sandwiches is to just put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes just so it kills and it's much easier to slice there particularly like the red really really thin just a turn of pepper and stack them up so the perfect the royal family when the Romans Square sandwiches they always have the corners cut off his tradition it goes back a long time in the olden days if you served anything to the monarch that had a point on it it meant that he was trying to overthrow the throne so they still do it with the sandwiches Graham Newbold was personal chef to the Prince and Princess of Wales for four and a half years he went to work for them after helping cook at one of the most famous Royal occasions of all probably the the best souvenir that I have I guess it was like the pinnacle of my career working on the Royal Wedding is an actual piece of royal wedding cake there's the actual cake at the bottom and there's the lid for the box all the world loves a wedding and nothing beats a royal one the wedding breakfast consisted of quenelles of brill and with the lobster sauce that was the first course that was followed by restive chicken which was stuff for the lamb mousse with brioche bread crumbs a minted cream sauce and samsaya while the royal family were leaving Buckingham Palace for some Paul's Cathedral Graham and the rest of the kitchen crew had their minds firmly focused on the lobster sauce for the starter it's dead easy to do take the flowers off first and then take the head off the meats in the tail and also in the class it might seem a lot of hassle but if you want a proper taste in lobster sauce this is the only way to do it [Applause] lobster sauce is the essence of luxury along with the lobster shell go wine brandy stock and cream to simmer down before being saved the meat from the lobster tail is to be used as a garnish but first graham has a small but vital job to do in the tail is an intestine and you need to get that out with a cocktail stick you really really don't want to send on some of the most famous people in the world and you don't want to give them a bad tummy or anything outside the groom was on his way in the kitchens they had no time to wave him off we didn't really have time to think about all the festivities that were going on it was getting a cold down and you had a job to do the individual Brill noses are a delicate operation the fish is blended with egg white and cream and it mustn't separate before being served this is the real moose which I'm now farming into what's known as Quinn Elle's still got to pretend the chicken and prepare the lamb mousse and the chicken sauce as well so it's quite hectic but most weddings it's the bride and her mother who make all the decisions but Lady Diana Spencer had little or no say in the menu for her wedding breakfast it was a state occasion and the food was chosen by the Queen [Applause] this is the lamb mousse that will be used as a filling for the chicken when this is finished it will look something like a chicken Kiev but without the garlic it'll have bland mousse inside [Applause] the bride may not have chosen the menu but she did have the main course named after her supreme duvall I can test the gal it's not a traditional dish this particular dish was made especially for the day in honor of the Princess of Wales its breast of chicken princess well I've got areas of a moose that's been put in a piping bag and it's just piped into the envelope you then place the flat and fill it on top and then fold the ends over so the Moose is totally encased all the way around hundreds of millions watched the service on television two and a half thousand crammed into the Cathedral but only a lucky 120 would sit down to enjoy the wedding-breakfast Royal Family's riaj for breadcrumbs which is a cemented bundle it's very lights then just cut the cross off and slice it thin you can smell the sweetness of the brioche crumbs I Diana Francis take the Charles Philip Arthur drawn to my wedded husband the blushing bride got the groom's name her model she won the hearts of a nation a mistake in the Royal kitchen Oz would only place added pressure on the chef's if anything had have been wrong we would have had some some more fish in reserve to start again we would just have to panic a little bit and work a little bit faster yeah is the stuff of which fairytales are made [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so there we have it who knows of brill with lobster sauce followed by chicken stuffed with the lamb mousse demented white wine sauce and samsaya buttered new potatoes sweet corn broad beans organic strawberries wonderful classic read from the Duchy of Cornwall [Applause] I spent six years with the royal family two years with the Queen and foreign affairs with the prince and princess it's probably one of the best times of my life it's a real honor to serve them you

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