Secret and hidden places right in the city centre of Prague. Enjoy!
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we are in the city center of Prague this is Wenceslas Square and we're gonna show you five hidden spots that tourists have no idea about we took the first passage to the right from Wenceslas Square but don't worry map is in the description as always we're going right there looks like we're going to a church we're actually going to a beer garden this place is great especially in the summer because since you're sitting literally next to a church wall it's really cool here and it's cool here as well back on Wednesday software and at the bottom part on the right side right there is a hotel you wish let's go check it out coffee place is on the second floor you don't use the first elevator but the next one dude – well in all honesty I've never been here my friend Adam suggested this place I love it already we're in the middle of Wenceslas Square you can tell by all the tramps and the tram tracks and we're gonna go to the right follow me and we are going to a place called Lankans gallery because not only a gallery it's also a coffee place this is Langham's gallery a beautiful coffee place within the inner blocks it's part of the people in need which is an organization helping people so you can help them by having a copy back on the square and if you want to have a coffee actually on the square you can have it right there you go inside the bookshop yours are inside and then they will bring it to you to the terrace people quite often complain how crowded Prague is while we are on the main Wenceslas Square on a terrorist beautiful coffee place there's nobody here we walked about 100 meters from the Wenceslas Square and if you want to send a postcard yes you can just throw it in the mailbox or you can see the main post office because that is worth it so these were the five hidden spots right here in the city center of Prague on Winston sub squared if you are here don't forget to always look up because all the buildings are absolutely amazing so I suggest walking through the middle of the square so you can see all the buildings thank you so much for watching be honest guys this messianic and honza make sure to subscribe to our show because every week there's a new episode coming out alright and a Czech word for today it's about Sasuke and obviously it's Wenceslas Square lots of scare nom est nom est is a square that's where we were today


  1. Would highly recommend hotel Julis. Very nice 4 star hotel with breakfast included. Which was of good standard. Very nice rooms with option for double beds or single beds. Living area in room also and very nice staff inside hotel. Only just seen this Channel having got back yesterday. Luckily have had many friends and family who have visited who gave me some recommendations. Will use this Channel for next time !

  2. 🙌 Great video & polished presentation, I love your content and thanks to you I shall be visiting some of these secret spots in Wenceslas Square during my visit this summer! ☀️

  3. Janik..
    Please let texts stay little longer on screen
    Remember..for is difficult to grab a word right away..however reading spellings makes it easy.

  4. Everytime I´m in Prague I always go to U Pinkasu & U Medvidku just love it.
    I have never meet anyone arrogant there but it does happen sometimes that waiters or store personnel tend too be abit arrogant it´s usually because of a missunderstanding or if they just don´t know how to speak englisch.

  5. * Hello Honest Guide * first of all i would really like to tell you that you are doing extreamly well with your guidence 🙂 i m coming to Prague on 29th Octuber with My Wife, i would really likr to meet u up there 😉
    Can you please tell us if we can find some places with Halal Food ? Any idea … ?
    Thanks alot buddy 🙂

  6. I'm from Taipei
    After I saw your videos, I bought a ticket to Prague.
    Love it
    And I will not be a stupid tourist, I'll take your advise(e.g. do not exchange money from the blue 0% commission shop)

  7. Awesome video! I’m excited for my trip to Prague in 5 weeks! Just as I am excited I am a bit nervous and anxious because of all the scams but thanks to you guys I will take the necessary precautions not to get scammed! Btw…I have a question….are there any clubs or bars you recommend staying away from? Particularly in the old town area. You feedback is greatly appreciated! 🙂

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