Secret of Meghan Markle’s New Eternity Ring: Prince Harry’s A Year of Marriage Anniversary Gift.

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Secret of Meghan Markle's New Eternity Ring: Prince Harry's A Year of Marriage Anniversary Gift. The Duchess of Sussex was spotted wearing a new, third ring on her wedding finger at Trooping the Colour last month; an eternity ring gifted to her by Prince Harry to celebrate a year of marriage. However, there is much more to the romantic present than just a diamond-encrusted band. The stones that feature on the gold band have more meaning than initially thought, after it was revealed the birthstones of both Harry, Meghan and baby Archie feature on the underside of the ring, out of public view. The ring, which sits next to the Duchess' engagement and wedding rings, has a Sapphire for Harry's September birthday, a peridot for Meghan in August and an emerald to represent Archie's May arrival. The ring was created by top American jewellery designer Lorraine Schwartz, according to society magazine Harper's Bazaar, with Harry working closely with her to ensure the piece had a bespoke feel to it. The band is the latest in an extraordinary collection of jewellery that Meghan has amassed in the past year, which has now been valued at a staggering £600,000. The magazine reported that the Duchess was 'touched' by the fact Harry had created something unique. It had initially been suggested that the new addition to Meghan's finger was a 'push present' from the overjoyed new father husband. The tradition, popular in the US, sees the father gift the mother a ring to mark the birth of their newborn. The Duchess has been on maternity leave caring for her baby, born at a private London hospital on May 6, and Harry has already spoken about how parenthood has changed their lives, saying he cannot imagine life without his son. Meghan had told aides she was eager to get back to work as soon as possible. Baby Archie will be christened at the same Windsor Chapel where both his father and uncle were baptised, and his parents were married in 2018 – next weekend. However, the youngest royal's parents are firmly staying true to their desire to raise Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor as a 'private citizen' by closing off the royal event to the public. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who faced criticism last week for lavish renovations of their home, Frogmore Cottage, at a cost of £2.4million to the taxpayer, look set to make their son's christening an entirely private affair. Kate and William allowed media access to all three of their children's baptisms before conducting the ceremonies in private. The Queen will not attend Archie's christening with Charles and Camilla set to lead the Royal party. Have Meghan and Harry also had Frogmore Cottage soundproofed against the Heathrow roar? Couple may have paid £500K to block out plane noise for baby Archie. Experts have claimed that Harry and Meghan could have spent £500,000 on sound proofing Frogmore cottage. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex live under the Heathrow pathway and apparently wanted to block out the noise from the planes. Living just ten miles away from the runways of one of London's busiest airports they were no doubt hoping to block out the sound of over 1300 daily planes for new baby Archie. However locals have reacted with anger, after finding out how much the soundproofing cost. The news comes after it was revealed last week that renovations at Frogmore cottage came to around £2.4 million of taxpayers money. One local businessman Kye Merkett, 45, who lives in Datchett, four miles from Heathrow, said to the Mirror: 'There's no reason they couldn't pay for it. 'They should put their hand in their own pocket or put up with the noise like the rest of us'. It emerged last week that and Meghan have so far spent a whopping £2.4 million of public funds on their home improvements. The total bill to taxpayers once Frogmore — where the couple moved to this April and are now bringing up baby Archie — is finished is expected to reach up to £3.2 million. This money comes from the Sovereign Grant, valued at £82.2 million this year and comprised of profits from the Queen's property portfolio (the Crown Estate), which are paid to the Government. Twenty-five per cent of these profits are paid to the monarchy to fund the upkeep of its property, travel, security and staff. While the Sovereign Grant isn't taxpayer money, it is considered to be public funds, belonging to the state. The rennovations were said to be spent on new water mains, a nursery for Archie, a designer kitchen and high security. While this morning the Mail on Sunday revealed that the couple spent £5,000 on a freestanding copper bath for their bedroom. Set free-standing in the bedroom – as is the current height of fashion, the bath is produced by luxury firm William Holland, a supplier for the Soho House chain. Depending on exactly which model they chose, it will have cost up to £5,000. The couple have had a busy weekend, with Meghan making her third appearance since having baby Archie. They appeared at a baseball game in London and watched the Red Sox play the New York Yankees, looking loved up as they did. Harry and Meghan risk leaving fans 'jaded' by releasing 'stylised and arty' pictures of Archie. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son, Archie Harrison, will be christened in private on Saturday in the latest move that is leaving royals fans 'jaded'. The ceremony will be in the Queen’s own chapel at Windsor Castle away from press and public, the Mail can reveal. Royal expert, Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, said she felt that people were becoming a ‘bit jaded’ by ‘stylised’ pictures of the newest royal. ‘I think what people want and what people are used to seeing are lovely family images of the baby in the royal Honiton lace christening gown. 'They won’t want an arty Instagram shot of Archie’s foot three days later if it’s left up to the couple themselves to take pictures and release them,’ she said, referring to a Mother’s Day shot issued by the couple of their son on social media. Sources close to the couple stressed that the christening of Archie, who is seventh in line to the throne, will be a ‘small, very intimate, family occasion’ and would be held in the Queen’s private chapel inside the castle itself – not St George’s Chapel, where the couple were married. Royal aides have said the event will not be open to the public but photographs will be released afterwards to newspapers, websites, magazines and television, with further images being released on the couple’s Instagram page, Sussex Royal. They stressed that given the venue –which is not open to the public and is within the ‘inner sanctum’ of Windsor Castle, it would be impossible to make it a public occasion. But acknowledging the massive global interest, aides said they would ‘happily’ release pictures of the day. In all, there will be just 25 guests, including Archie’s godparents, who haven’t yet been revealed but are said to include a number of Harry and Meghan’s closest friends. ‘The pictures they issue are so stylised. People just want to see Harry, Meghan, the baby and the gown and the godparents, that’s all. It’s traditional. But there’s nothing wrong with a bit of traditional when it comes to a royal baby,' Ingrid Seward added. She continued: ‘I think this is quite Harry-led and it is putting Meghan in a very difficult position. She’s the one getting all the flak as a newcomer to the Royal Family. I assume Harry and Meghan don’t know where they are going wrong and think the criticism is all so very unfair. 'But why wouldn’t they want the world to see their baby? I don’t think it is any skin off their nose’. On social media the reaction was more vituperative. One user said: ‘Private Christening but publicly funded’. Another added: ‘Why are taxpayers paying nearly 3 Million for the Royals Harry and Meghan on there new home but they want private christening, you should be paying not taxpayers, put this to Public Vote’. A third raged: ‘This is all fine. As long as we don’t pay for him. You can’t have it both ways. If you are private citizens don’t expect to be publicly funded’. Many forget, however, that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kept Prince George’s christening at The Chapel Royal In St James’s Palace private. A Press Association photographer was present, however to capture a small number of images outside that were released to the media. A similar arrangement was put in place for Prince Louis’s christening at the same venue, with a small media contingency. Only Princess Charlotte’s christening at Sandringham was public with members of the public invited to watch the royal party, family and godparents walk into the country church. While the Queen won’t be present to see her eighth great-grandchild baptised due to a prior engagement, royals will be led by the baby’s grandfather, Prince Charles, and the Duchess of Cornwall, and include the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their family. Last night there was a public backlash after the news earlier this week that £2.4million-worth of taxpayers’ money had been used to refurbish the duke and duchess’s official residence, Frogmore Cottage, in the Queen’s Windsor estate. Insiders have suggested that the bill could come to between £2.8million and £3.2million. So, who will they pick to be godparents? Speculation is mounting over who Harry and Meghan will pick to become Archie’s godparents ahead of a private christening ceremony next weekend. Between six and eight godparents are traditionally chosen for a royal baby and the tussle for who will make the cut is being fought between the Duke of Sussex’s blue-blooded friends and family and the Duchess’s showbiz companions. On Meghan’s side, her oldest friend Jessica Mulroney, a famous stylist to the stars in Canada, is the firm favourite. Mrs Mulroney bonded with Meghan on the set of TV show Suits – in which the royal used to be an actress. Odds for the stylist becoming a godparent is 1/7, Ladbrokes estimates. Meanwhile the second in line to become a godfather to eight-week-old Archie is Charlie Van Straubenzee, an investment executive and Prince Harry’s childhood friend. Harry was Mr Straubenzee’s best man at his wedding to Daisy Jenks in August last year and Ladbrokes has him at 1/5 to become godfather and an official part of the Duke and Duchess’s inner circle. Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: ‘Jessica Mulroney and Charlie Van Straubenzee are seemingly nailed on to be Archie’s godparents but we wouldn’t be surprised to see some famous faces given the honour’. The next most likely candidate to be chosen from Meghan’s friends is Misha Nonoo, who is widely believed to be the matchmaker who introduced her to Harry. Ladbrokes has the designer at 2/1. Other famous faces close to Meghan include George and Amal Clooney with lower odds of 5/1 – and Serena Williams is even lower at 11/2. The royals have tended to steer clear of picking godparents from the family ranks, however. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seem unlikely to become godparents – with odds at 7/2. And Harry’s cousin Zara Tindall and her husband Mark are at 10/1 – despite Harry being asked to be godfather to Zara’s daughter Mia.

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  1. At the end of the day, who cares. Royals have no idea how the rest of us have to live. They could sell half the jewellery and art work and put money into health and schools. Making every child wasnt not hungry. Im sure there are families sitting in the homes with not enough to eat or they are cold. Maybe make videos about this instead of these elite, spoilt people.

  2. Isn't that wonderful British peasants? Me-gain has amassed £600,000 of jewelry. Aren't you just the most generous subjects ever!! I guess it won't bother you to learn all these months the adored couple have been living in a rental house for NOTHING, but they have submitted invoices for reimbursement for what the rental SHOULD HAVE cost the crown. Now isn't that grand!

  3. Lanthanides Jones please excuse her she suffers of cerebrals diarrhea along with brain farts… where did she get that Kate and Harry have a relationship other than being sister-in-law and brother-in-law!!! See is people like here that have A.D.D. That start out with something like this, that snowballs into a disaster. Re-read what you post. If out of sequence is understandable because all that means is you are posting as you remember but this is nothing to remember because nobody has said that!!!!

  4. I think they are making a huge mistake in the way they are keeping Archie away from the public and not following Tradition they would be better off to show a good picture of the baby so that people will stop trying to get a glimpse of him I agree it is much more dangerous to what they are doing then it would be them to allow a few pictures of Aidy of the baby to be seen

  5. hahahaha ..I can just hear all the hens below in the comment sections…🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔

  6. A bunch ov crock. 1- mention of the eternity ring is not the mention of the new redesigned engagement ring 💍 don’t make excuses with the sharing of the new ring. 2- the private heriste I got to keep the media way but they will release a few photos. Yes we know one 100 feet away so that Archie’s face looks like a dot, a close up with someone’s arm or hand reaching across and the face hidden again all to cover the face but no consideration of the bathtub they’re bathing in and all renovations. If Harry supposedly the one that’s doing this then Prince Whopped these are the people of the United Kingdom requesting for a look of your son. Your mother Princess Diana would have never done such a thing but proudly shown her grandchild and disapprove of how you’re handled this. The first thing both PC and PD showed the public your faces and proud Prince Charles when asked said PW was blonde. It is a tragedy that she died being chased by paparazzis but in this case nobody is chasing no one. The more persistence the more they’re going to try for the exclusive shot and that’s what places danger. The people are not believing it’s Harry the people believe it’s Meghan placing indirect ideas to Into Harry’s head. It’s more her style .

  7. Please stop spreading lies, prince Harry don't have any relationship with Kate she's not his type. Prince Harry needs a woman that want put up with his crap and he has found that in Meghan. Both princes have found ladies that fit their needs /personalities. Next I would like to say that royal corespondent Ingrid S. with her big mouth owes duchess Meghan a apology along with the hateful UK media who followed suit when they all were printing lies implying that duchess Meghan redid her engagement ring. I knew it was prince Harry who made the upgrade from the very beginning. But Ingrid's criticism of duchess Meghan is constant,

    I really don't care for the constant Meghan bashing and I find she is one of the main sources who love to write fake articles bashing and blaming duchess Meghan for all things royal. Personally I feel she needs to get those yellow teeth of her's cleaned unless it's a traditional thing and they should n't be upgraded to white. Not trying to be mean but ppl who love to find faults in others,should first make sure they haven't any noticeable ones of their own.

  8. Once AGAIN Elizabeth 2nd is snubbing Prince Harry's son Archie because she feels like a DA for saying yes to Harry, oh yeah thats right it was rushed because people were getting curious about harry and Kates relationship!!!

  9. Let's stop blaming Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan for that damn renovation the price is high and the taxpayers are paying for it but what about the contractors lets be fair and give them same blame too. Hell let's blame everybody and I think it just make you people fill better if you can especially blame DUCHESS MEGHAN

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