The Tooting MP and Labour candidate beat Conservative rival Zac Goldsmith with 57% of the vote.

My report from Friday 6th May/Saturday 7th May.

I field produced from City Hall for a two hour show, and then stayed behind to report, record footage, chase interviews and put together a package for the next day’s news programming.

midnight in the capital as a new mayor of london is announced I therefore declare Sadiq Khan to be elected of the numero Sadiq on the first generation immigrant son of a bus driver beat Zac Goldsmith in the race for City Hall after a close first preference vote Karm took a clear lead in the second preference beating Goldsmith by fifty-seven percent of the vote to forty three percent I promise to always be in there all others to work hard it's made life better for every leavener regardless of your background and to do everything in my power to ensure you get opportunities that look credible see go to me karnin faced a tough fight on his way to London's top job with Goldsmith's fighting a brutal campaign one branded as divisive by many even those closest to him zacks and sister Jemima Goldsmith formerly Jemima Khan has come out and has said that she doesn't feel the campaign reflected sack that it doesn't reflect the independent minded politician the environmentally conscious politician she knows and basically put the boot into his campaign team before the results even been formally announced certainly I received some feedback from the sub perhaps our supporters out there in London that they felt as though they they were all of a sudden under suspicion and and it was a very negative thing to do and reflected badly on the Conservative Party a victory for labor but also a victory for democracy with the highest voter turnout ever in a mayoral race with forty five percent of Londoners that's 2.6 million people turning out to vote and there was drama for the London Assembly as well with many close calls in the different constituencies the Conservatives just about held havering and redbridge and labour kept the seat previously held by long-standing assembly member Val Shawcross in lamberton Southwark following her retirement from the chamber after 16 years you kept in the Green Party also saw a positive result with both parties winning two seats on the London Assembly and the Greens become the third largest party in the capital the labor it's a major win in the face of recent party drama but for Sadiq Khan the first Muslim mayor of a major European city it's a chance to stamp his mark on the London he holds so dear I'm so proud at London after a chosen hope over fear and unity over division

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