Mayor for London Sadiq Khan gave a statement on the #FinsburyPark attack with MET Police Commissioner Cressida Dick.

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this is a truly horrific Sara's attack on our city where innocent bystanders were deliberately targeted after returning from the Ferrari Ramadhan prayers as you know one person died on the scene eight people were seriously injured that had gone to hospital three others were treated on the pavement my thoughts and prayers as I'm sure the thoughts and prayers of all of London and the country are with the all those affected by the attack last night particularly the family of the man who tragically died last night at the scene I've been close contact with a commissioner since the attack last night and with senior officers I attended the cobra meeting this morning one of a tributes to the fantastic response from the police and emergency services but also from the local community local that local worshippers apprehended the man in the van who mows down the pedestrians I've been stories from the Imam who stopped local residents from understandably taking out their anger on this terrorist and I'm a tribute to the Muslim welfare house the local council a Jeremy Corbyn and Emily for Barry for the good work they do as a community hub for the entire community this attack behind me on Seven Sisters the attack in Manchester the attack on London Bridge the attack on Westminster Bridge are all an attack on our shared values our shared values of tolerance and freedom and respect and we will not allow these terrorists to succeed another faculty Commissioner for ensuring that during the course of today and the next few days Londoners will see an increased number of visible police officers particularly added around Moss and places of worship as we approach the holy day of Eid and the last few days of Ramadan and as the Commissioner said there will be a zero tolerance towards hate crime and my message to anyone who's the victim of hate crime is please report it to the police don't think it's too trivial don't think the police will take action they will it can I just send by saying this these have been a terrible few weeks for London unprecedented in recent times we've seen the horror of the fire like Grenfell tower we've seen the attack on London Bridge and before that Westminster Bridge we saw last night the terrorist attack here in Seven Sisters we will stay a strong City we will ensure that we aren't powered by terrorism and we will not be defeated we are united today and we're going to carry on being a united city thank you very much baby thing is how stretch to the police resources here given that we had so many horrendous well at least the police are working incredibly hard I've been saying for 13 months now I'm concerned about the resources the Met Police and others have I've been lobbying for more resources for the Met Police my message to the government is the plans you have to make the further cuts or 400 pounds don't do it my message the government is the plans you have to change the police funding formula so London loses more money don't do it the mission of the government is we need to get the right level of funding for a capital city I've been reassured by the commissioner and by Gold command that the borough commanders across London will be able to use a leave from officers including by the way call in some officers back off leave to make sure we've got an increased presence across London so all Londoners can feel safe in this particular time you'll appreciate why those of the Islamic faith that who gain about their place of worship particularly evenings need the additional resource so they're going to be extra patrols the Muslim community the the the police will be ensuring there's an increased police presence across London but particularly in those parts of London where there are big Muslim communities around most of the places of worship can you tell us what this Elvis knew about the threat posed from Islamophobia and is that a threat that week so far and director terrorism is terrorism it doesn't matter whether you're inspired by a perverse force of Islam a perverse version of Islam more by you're inspired by some other motives to try and terrorize others the intention is the same to divide communities to make a stop leading the lives that we do but I've been briefed I receive regular briefings from the counter-terror team and the good news is the counterterrorism have for a while now have been recognizing there is a there are terrorists or motivated by other means other than Islamists motivation perverse Islam is the motivation the good news is that the police recognize this is an additional challenge they face at the work that the prevent team does includes working with what they would call extreme right but others motivated to excel but terror based upon their beliefs and just like we're all going to work together to make sure our youngsters have resilience so that brainwashed at groomed and radicalized by those creatures of plates we've got to make sure our youngsters are have the resilience so that radicalized by others motivating individuals to commit these acts of terror since to March since the Westminster Bridge terror a plateau earlier this year there have been five separate occasions where the police and others have reported terrorist attacks on our city unfortunately Westminster Bridge and London Bridge and last night individual surfer managed to get through and caused a loss of life and injury to others my message though to anybody who is motivating others to commit acts of terror you will not succeed in carrying us you will not succeed in dividing us and there is anger in the I'm afraid the bad news is there has been a spike in hate crime including a particular Islamophobic crime after the lemon bridge attack we've got to make sure that the commuters confidence to report these things to the police and to the authorities but also I reinforced the message from the commissioner the police will take a zero-tolerance actually attitude towards this our message to the community is this our police and others are working their socks off working around the clock you will see additional visible policing of the course of today and the next few days don't be alarmed they're there to keep us safe one of the things that beat Erik hate about us is whether you're a Christian a Jew a Muslim a Hindu a Buddhist a Sikh member of an organized faith or not rich or poor older young you're accepted for who you are here in London behind me where I prayed with the congregation at Muslim Wells the house I was hearing stories how this weekend we'll see well for house organized a great get together to remember Joe Cox but also the very important messages are made in speech we have far more in common that unites us than divides us thank you very much

50 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan gives statement on #FinsburyPark attack


  2. IT WAS A RAMAVAN FASTING OR SPEEDING HE HAD MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES PMSL he never mentioned its all part and parcel of living in londestan he so funny he even wears a norman wisdom suit

  3. Satan is in Sadiq Khan to even call Muslims bowing, prayers. Jesus did not teach Christians to bow like Muslims else they would do that. Jesus did not teach people to bow a certain number of times a day. Sadiq Khan blurts out thoughts and prayers rapidly being bitter words on his lips. He wanted to get them out fast. Sadiq Khan is laughing inside like any Muslim doing his best to hide it being as straight as he can be. Sadiq Khan respects the book that active terrorists obeyed. Sadiq Khan will not curse the Quran that was obeyed thus is pleasantly pleased what the active terrorist did doing his best to hide it. Sadiq Khan is saying this to make Sadiq Khan seem to not be a terrorist himself. Sadiq Khan allows people in to do what they did. Sadiq Khan is a door for active terrorists. That door needs to be slammed shut. Get away from Zuckerberg too who is friends with Muslims who are terrorists obeying a blaspmious book. Sadiq Khan wants people to tolerate demonic terrorists. People will tolerate them when they tolerate Sadiq Khan. Sadiq Khan wants Muslims to have the freedom to kill as many people as they can with people respecting that. That is what is in Sadiq Khan's mind. Police being around Mosques will do nothing. Sadiq Khan is lifting the ego of the policeman. That is all. Mosques need to be brought down. That will make Muslins who are terrorists to leave. Muslims have nothing that is Holy. How can anything good come from a blasphemous book. Allah tries to be God in it without God being in him. There is one author for the Quran with another author for the Bible. Saudi Khan is saying what people want to hear tickling their ears. The problem is Muslims. Saudi Khan wants to keep that problem.

  4. Accept your muslim vermin brethren being killed, you filthy Islamist Jihadist Sadiq Khan.
    Its all part of living in a city. Hopefully, next bomb blows you filth to ashes.

  5. I'm a 13 Year old Muslim boy and just by saying just that there will be many hate comments/replies
    I'm growing up a good Muslim and have many diverse friends and condemn any sort of hate to any religion whatsoever!
    The type of people to commit an atrocity like this in my opinion do not belong to any religion as all religions have only one key goal and that's to spread peace we are not anyone's enemy and in a time like this need support from our fellow brothers and sisters from other religions. Ask an imam, Islamic scholar or even a good Muslim what our religion is truly about and you will realise we are normal human beings like you and we are being picked on and repeatedly discriminated by others. There is anger in the air I understand but this anger is not for muslims its for ISIS and believe me we hate them just as much as you do
    if not more. that's all I have to say and remember to stay strong and united against terror.
    Spread peace not hate ……………….

  6. So is Sadiq Khan gonna call for increased police presence at Christmas markets, music arenas, Westminster and London Bridge as well? Or is it just a problem when white guys do it?

  7. having a muslm mayor suggests that not only it is under his dominion but also of islam. so unless the strong man is bound and kicked out his cohorts would commit violence in the open.

  8. I don't trust Khan. He banned an harmless bikini ad in London's metro. I think he's an hidden Islamist and NOT a liberal Muslim. I can't understand why London people voted for him.

  9. Too many racist jealous twats on here. It was a Christian terrorist attack. You people are not condemning it. You bunch of coward white supremist Christian terrorists.

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