Sadiq Khan tells Pakistan that “London is open” during the final leg of his tour of the country.

Mr Khan’s trade mission has now taken him to six cities in six days.

[Applause] Sadiq Khan's final day in Pakistan and once again his hosts mounted a substantial security operation as the mayor's convoy swept into the grounds of a mausoleum in Karachi armed police and soldiers were there to make sure he came to no harm this is the final resting place of the country's founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the man whose parents emigrated from Pakistan to England came to pay his respects even in these surroundings the mayor found it hard to resist his mantra we're here to spread the message from London there's a very simple message and the message can be summed up in three words London is opened London suddenly a cooler hat the Pakistani authorities have left nothing to chance during the three days he's been here the mayor has been subject to the sort of security more familiar to heads of state it is a measure of the security threat here in Karachi that the mayor was advised not to stay in a hotel instead he spent his final night in Pakistan in the relative safety of this secure compound at the British deputy High Commission when the mayor delivered his London is open speech at Karachi's Habib University students took it to mean one thing that I can apply for further opportunities there for my Master's are either my for my far the furthest Rd like and I can apply to London visas are available to students from Pakistan but because their country is not considered low-risk they may have to take part in a video interview by now news had reached Karachi that Britain was moving into the next stage of negotiations with the EU the reality is it appears we're leaving the EU but the least damaging link to London and to our countries for us to remain in the single market remaining the customs union even though we've left the EU Sadiq Khan believes he's been batting for London this week his trade mission has taken him to six cities in six days but now it's over Simon Harris ITV News Karachi you you

23 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan completes tour of Pakistan

  1. OMG what shitty London Mayor is he that only visitng a country of his ancesotrs. Come on mate he does not give a fuck about his people. He is a mayor of London not the Mayor of islamabad. Look who I supported all the time.

  2. The Terrorist Sadiq Khant is in Porkistan to arrange for Porki jihadists to work with returning ISIS in Britain to take over the rest of Britain. That will ensure he stays as Mayor of Londonistan as he strikes 'terror' into the hearts of the indigenous people with relentless, multiple bombs.

  3. He goes to India and freely walks the streets with people shaking his hands no worries ! Now he goes to his native country Pakistan and needs loads of security ! You tell me is there something wrong here?

  4. Us Brirish have always had a collonial love affiar with India. Given strained relationships with the EU, do you think he should be doing his 'trade roadshows' in the EU?

  5. London ant fucking open yeah you don't speak for me yes leaving e.u thank God yeah god almighty..
    I never voted 4 you I can't stand you n I don't fucking like you neither ..N this ante a hate crime either …

  6. Theses soldiers as the news reporter described are a paramilitary force known as the Sindh Rangers. They are usually deployed along the Indian border. They have not been deployed for Sadiq Khans protection visit to Karachi alone. The Rangers have been patrolling the streets of Karachi for many many years to stem out criminal activity from the huge mega city. The police were ill equipped and poorly trained to maintain law and order in the city so the Rangers were deployed. Through them Karachi has seen crime reduce but more is required to fully eliminate it.

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