Tinie Tempah presents Sadiq Khan with the Politician of the Year award at the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2017

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Sadiq Khan accepts his Politician of the Year Award | Men of the Year Awards 2017 | British GQ

our next winner has had quite the year just not in a way that he'd have wished yet the award for politician of the year is as much about once calm in a crisis and leadership when leadership is needed most three terrorist attacks in three months the Graham fell fire and countless lives loss but tonight's recipient did not flag all waiver he spoke of vigilance but did not revoke and he put his trust in the resolve of Londoners who in turn put his trust put their trust in him ladies and gentlemen our politician of the year can you guys guess who it is the one and only Sadiq Khan ladies and gentlemen thank you a tiny for the award and for your remarks except for the boys from stranger things tidy any other person here is my height can I can I thank her GQ and Dylan for the generosity in giving me this award I'm very grateful can also thank each and every one of you that's chosen to live in London chosen to work in London chosen to play in London and help make our city such a great great city [Applause] as tiny said the last few months have been difficult for our city but I hope you're as proud as I am of our police officers who when our city was under attack ran towards danger risking their lives to take on and take down the terrorists I hope you're as proud as I am about firefighters when they saw the horror of Grenville tower risked their lives to go into the tower and rescued many many families and I hope you're as proud as I am of Londoners despite the challenges we face we remain united strong and optimistic this award is for London it shows we are the greatest city in the world thank you [Applause]

18 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan accepts his Politician of the Year Award | Men of the Year Awards 2017 | British GQ

  1. How's the knife crime numbers in London Sadiq? What about moped gang crime numbers? Acid attack numbers? But don't worry, targeting internet trolls is much more important. Pathetic.

    Sadiq Khan't has failed miserably, and should be shown the door. I wouldn't trust you with a paper bag.

  2. Hahaha Khan politician of the year! What a joke, what about the rising crime in London? His ridiculous comments on the terrorist attacks? His just got this award because his muslim and speaks out against Trump.

  3. What has this man even done? The fact we have a Muslim as Major of London is a complete and utter insult. I can't imagine a Christian ever holding a position of power in a country like Saudi Arabia or Indonesia, so why do we constantly bend over for everybody else? It's a disgrace, we have no backbone in this country.

  4. idiot of the year, this is a fast,, for this liberal ,, brexit hating establishment elite who are trying to make us like there criminal brain-washing ways,,, this man should be arrested for racism,,

  5. There is something really wrong with this country, when they are handing out awards for being a lying treasonous virtue signaling anti Semitic terrorist sympathiser, this is up there with obama's nobel peace prize and jimmy savillle's knighthood! SMH

  6. Meh..I guess he's better than Ken Livingstone, but the outrage over Grenfell and how it was handled is well warranted. Still, I guess they couldnt give it to Corbyn having lost the election, which leaves Jacob Rees Mogg, probably not the pc choice given his pro-Brexit stance for a London based publication.

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