Many of you have asked me to make more Royal Holloway related vids. Here’s another one! Or if not, if you’re planning to go to Royal Holloway or you are an international student who’s really worried of what food you can get from a UK university, go ahead watch this video as i will take you guys to the places to eat at Royal Holloway! I hope it’s helpful & have a noice day people!! x


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hi everyone welcome back to my youtube channel I hope you're all doing very well if you're planning to go to Royal Holloway or you're just wondering what the food to eat is like at a university level you should really watch this video because today I'm going to take you guys to the places to eat on campus at Royal Holloway University of London so without further ado let's start the video so the first place to eat on campus would be found this dining hall here they have a variety of foods for lunch dinner even breakfast usually for those who are catered it's 50% off I really enjoy eating my lunch here because the place looks amazing it feels like I'm eating in the castle they also have cold drinks yoghurt and salad founders dining hall is open all week except for the weekends and they're not open all the time they have their own special time I will leave a description under this video for you guys to see what times are they open for breakfast lunch and dinner if you're planning to eat on campus make sure you came with this one basically you transfer it from your debit card through this card so another place to be on campus would be this place however is something on Tuesdays if you go down to the SU you'll see a lot of improvement taking place from like there's duck pancake there's German sausages there's Asian food all sorts of street foods or hair it's really good for those of you who are international you might see some international food here however it's only here every Tuesday and for the prices they're not really too expensive like for example the duck pancake is only seven pounds and the noodles is my second favorite that's only six pounds the next place I love to eat is the hub this place is near accommodation such as Runnymede tube and Butler and Williamson here is the same as founders they sell all sorts of food for breakfast lunch and dinner they also have fruits and cakes and also a salad bar however there is this one sort of food I love to eat here which is the Chinese food basically it's either noodles or rice I can choose the sauce I would like to have and I can take as many vegetables and toppings in it unlike founder's the hub is open the whole week so yeah if you're feeling hungry you can just see the times when they're open and just grab your lunch or dinner here so another place to eat on campus is that boiler house cafe here they have a screwed and coffees and stuff like that and it's like it's near the SU and however it's only open on weekdays if you're having a lecture knee I found this and wanted to have a break you can always go inside found this to Crossland this place is similar to boiler house cafe where they have muffins cakes and hot drinks and also cold drinks I rarely go here though because I always spend my time at the library going to the cafe in there which I will talk after this place and cross ones are open throughout the week except the weekends the next one is cafe on the square again this is similar as boiler house caf̩ and Ruslan's but the thing is this cafe is at the library so whenever you're studying in the library and you wanted to have a break it's easier to go to this place I usually go here to get a muffin whenever I needed a break from studying unlike Crossland and the boiler house cafe cafe on the square is open throughout the week this next one is my favorite one it is imagined this place I love so much why because it sells bubble tea and the place is actually very hearing it has a really unique chairs and also they have sushi too if you're feeling hungry they also have board games if you guys are wondering to play as for imagine it's open Mondays to some things to another place to be on campus would be at Tobias the kitchen lounge why because this place is basically my favorite place to eat on campus they serve burgers mac and cheese it's really delicious guys it's open during the weekdays yeah definitely muscle as for the burgers I don't find them really expensive they are around five to six pounds Tommy's kitchen lounge is only open on the weekdays another place to find food on campus would be the union-shop they have several sandwiches here so if you're half you're having a break during lectures you can just your lunch sandwiches and stuff you can see so that's it guys for my video today I hope that's very informative for all of you if you have any questions please do comment below I'd be so happy to help you don't forget to click the like comment and subscribe button and hopefully I'll see you at Royal Holloway bye bye see you soon at Royal Holloway bye bye see ya Рbe hit I have to actually hit ya okay

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