right rolling yeah we're rolling yeah and it's me well you know eyes are one thing but frankly there is something else here's your next challenge you've done the art yeah enough already can we do this thinning a bit here so the people i can see you fine but you know i don't go there's so much pomp and I don't bump into the furniture but I didn't like to turn my back on people because they see that motion well done good stuff good stuff okay Daniel your thoughts on the last ten years I it's gone so quickly that i haven't had a time to think about my thoughts about the last ten years except that I've had patients coming up to me this evening who I completely recognize from 10 years as I'm saying you changed my life it's been the most extraordinary thing I ever did thank you very much and that was 10 years and that's that hits home that's amazing congratulations on all of this has been a lot of hard work yeah a lot of a lot of interesting experiences i'm sure a lot of challenges a lot of challenges but it's all been great every single step every bit of keeping up with growth and developments and new techniques and be able to operate on people who we used to turn down past and it's just been great so will we be seeing another 10 years at least yeah where do you see things in 10 years time I see things we're gonna take over more of this suit for the party I love that excellent thank you very much okay

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