Andrew Haak from the ROBLOX Communications team interviewed me at BLOXcon London! We talk about my past as well as how to run a sucessful group on ROBLOX.

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I have permission to upload it here.

hey everybody this is andrew i'm at blocks con 2013 in London hanging out here with Tony Tony veteran roblox user who happened to win the Block C war today so we just wanted to kind of catch up with you and see how your day was here at BOTS go well it's been amazing really I've been looking forward to this for months for coming here to been filming a lot but also I was really looking for I was thinking maybe I could leading the block see today is and I was like if I was sitting there with my camera like like it's going to be me it's gonna feel like yes it was me so I was really happy about that and really made my day extra good but also I've been talking to some developers and some players and I'm interviewing them bad my looks and yeah about them basically so it's interesting really how'd it feel to get the the award recognition I saw you from the stage open your fist I just I just felt really great since it's the second time now actually yes I go I got ever have nominated at at rdc 2012 for the group or groups and no for pretty beat of robots oh that's right yeah so this is actually my second time yeah so all you wanted this one yeah I've moon this one but nomination is pretty good yeah yeah so do you want to like just look back and kind of what your where you came from on roblox where you started and what you're interested so so I've been true a lot of different states and roblox from like a year I just played games I didn't do much and then I just feel like I can I just play the game i could feel like i can make a game as well so i just took some models and i put him together and i made some game play out of it so i made some sort of zombie game and if we should front page and back then like like 4,000 views and exactly right now it isn't a lot but they don't at a time yeah it was pretty it's a lot so that was like amazing me and it inspired me to make more games but then I kind of got sucked into class and I spend a lot of time in clans firstly founding back elective an empire and then then I made my own and then that's like a place of the group reach the front page of of games and basically just random people just joined and they were shot so much by our soldiers that they were like we surrender we want to enlist please don't shoot us anymore so we gained like 10,000 members in two days just like that and then it's been growing since then so at the group for like two years but then I kind of felt like I'd done everything I could for it so I just gave it away and then I got it back again and gave it away and now I'm just founded on with but I was really happy with it when I left it last night so a lot of people ask us they sent a group they have like two members and their their close friends so so from your perspective what's the key to a group that get the tracks less so now that everyone is as lucky as me when like getting your game on the front page and the thing I did first was I basically talked to all my friends and got him to join and then we had a small community where we kind of were part of the bigger group back the wachovia Empire we can help them but it kept the group alive and people were more more engaged with my group until we kind of made our agendas and goals and just people started joining also it's important to run some ads to get members but you can't rely completely on ads because those members just click and join and they don't do anything yeah so base it one thing when making a group the more time you spend with your members the more they are going to give back that's like the key thing when making groups so it needs some leadership yeah you have you need some leadership okay cool so um well known for your groups done some good building now you're doing a lot of video stuff so what'swhat's your focus what was your focus today and what are you what are you trying to accomplish so today I I like since last last last year I just there wasn't that much video content coming out of you see 2012 so I felt like I really wanted to see something so instead I you know the be the change you want to see the world so I just took the responsibility on myself to bring that content out so that was before I figure out you making a virtualbox gone but I think it's going to be different anyway because it's my perspective and not like the corporate books is protective so I think people enjoy

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  1. Toni not only gives back to groups, He is everyday giving back to the roblox building community as well by making his [Wonderful World of Robloxia] videos showcasing the lesser known builds of amazing people who have never been in the spotlight.

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