RMT and TSSA union activists and supporters urged London Mayor Boris Johnson to reverse ticket office closures on London Underground that will see 800 jobs cut and safety seriously compromised. They delivered 1,500 protest postcards signed by Londoners warning of the dangers of the plan and demanding a rethink. Video filmed and edited by Chris Kasrils.

R&T members and their supporters protested outside London City Hall this week to demand a reversal in cuts to London Underground ticket offices 1,500 Londoners have signed protest postcards addressed to Boris Johnson which would deliver by the Union to coincide with mayor's question time had the Greater London Assembly and the message to the mayor is a straightforward message and that is to reverse your cuts program on London Underground we've been engaged in a protracted industrial dispute with London Underground to defend jobs and defend the safety of the tube and now thousands of London is assigned postcards to say they're very concerned about Boris Johnson and transport for london's proposals to cook tube jobs we're defending tube safety and defending tube jobs so now we're into the business of cups more cups and as far as old people are concerned it's a very very difficult thing because we do rely on the staff to help frail elderly people to be able to work you know get on to the choke tubes to get down to the station and to get into the on to the bathroom one of the prime areas where bodies gave a promise that he will not shut any of up London sir ticket offices was actually north harrow station in my page having given that a promise to expect the mayor to keep it but obviously like many of his legacy is reneging on this blatantly and the 800 up our stuff going up as a result of for this decision none of this is acceptable because I strongly believe that you need presence at ticket offices you need present tell presence at stations and you cannot play around with the safety of passengers or passengers like the elderly order with families who need support who need advice etc stations you need staff available end up there's absolutely no assurance that any of this will happen under policies wall shall we continue both an industrial and political campaign and a public awareness campaign of what will happen if these Goods go forward they've already been a number of safety breaches on the tube because of the cuts the Boris Johnson of it or is already implemented we want to be fighting and making sure that the to be safe for Londoners and for people who visit London as well

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