✎ Whether you’re looking for the most convenient, picturesque way to travel between London landmarks or an all-day experience, the city cruise boats are the best way to see the city. Listen to an expert guide and live commentary as you meander merrily along the Thames. See the Big Ben, The London Eye, Tower Bridge and much more. Experience the best views in London with the River Thames sightseeing cruise.

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Markvard – One with the ocean


Thank you for watching – I really appreciate it 🙂

if I sit down it's up to you is quite a few seats together that funds the money now that I'm at this party one night but let me earn dramatise and his mice lipstick hurry up to the down to earth people we've got my shaving equipment of life jackets in the front we've got my flowers in the anteroom myself would be friendly the will we are tailors ultimate we serve an apprenticeship the fried is to become a freeman of this river hey captains so you very safe hands of actually works on these honey buns but twelve years but if I'm very well with a river very well just help me friend us and our along the wine we like to do a commentary there was people asking me if there'd be a commentary along the way or what our tour guides and we're not mostly people that just comes in English I'm afraid I must speak slowly enough usually people do understand me I'm pretty sure the most of you do understand me for the birthday so I'm just a show of hands please if you're interested in a little commentary on the way that's nearly everybody except for users who check them where are you from italiano oh there are headsets insulate which those different languages if you don't understand me but then again if you don't understand me you wouldn't have understood what to say so we have got italiano so we'll try our best and we'll start off from the rights the love that I my boots here across the river it was lifted up in a year 2000 there are 32 Gospels there are 32 powers of London and you can see all of them at the top 25 people everybody and it has become Europe's number one tourist attraction as hello Cosco 25 pounds accordingly wave first item 17 years ago it was only five counting and it was only meant to be different so he is I was going to take it down and take you all over the country for the Millennium but one reason stops it from being moved does anybody know what that reason was correct he was early too much money they reckon every half an album he goes around now he earns video public CLE the Golden Eagle of the pub the Royal Air Force War Memorial the airmen and women that lost their lives in the desert world wars and just behind it the Ministry of Defence burning the amethy that is the army the Navy and the Royal Air Force and as a ship in the remote Siena the Tattershall castle a floating bar and our brush lights but she used the bay at bay closer on the river Pamba after New York shields and lovely bulla nice place Avant there publishers and the bridge ahead of us sharing clothes and my white ass nation it's a way to your left the West End Charing Cross station behind the station Trafalgar sway so hung Chinatown Soloway to your left of the West End and this is South London on the white South oval on there's also a footbridge is the first that bridge with opening the said to be very lucky if you wait with someone and a wave of attitude they reckon provide years of the party they might show you why that's it our brilliant height but quite start to the journey of five years of the gun now there's also another five years almani target seven years on their lights the Royal Festival Hall has amazing acoustics inside that means some of the world's greatest step upon the dead including parabati who has since sadly passed away Michael Jackson who has since sadly passed away Frank Sinatra who has since sadly passed away and in the Whitney Houston it was since sadly passed away so we're just waiting now for the Justin Bieber concert pop singer TLE the stone obelisk Cleopatra's Needle over 3000 years old made in Egypt made in pace they are one in America no your per City Central Park and at the Savoy Hotel on the left is got a green a tiled roof they're very luxurious super a hotel/motel a bridge built by women in the second amount wore a suit siege of a manpower there was a white fighting the girls that build the bridge by feisty in the public style when it rains he gets a wash nice and crane the company very dirty where they're playing it doesn't penetrate so bill in a separate the world war white women the ladies that's the other somerset house it used to be your residence that are all your family it's so some where they used to keep all of our birth death and the marriage certificates in by Twitter it had a nickname the hatch imagined and this bunch of departments you can now add catcher the Inland Revenue the base deny building those lovely people the old cyclin and on the rights the National Theatre is that the flashy display punctured lung disease at least as I'm sure we can only break even and Prince Charles he describes it as a nuclear power station he said it's the ugliest thing he's ever seen I'm a nice quite a statement his name coming to the shop I mean he knows a thing or two about octopus also on the rights that Soloff is good in my TV the local offices television station the studios that just be like the trees then X Factor but my Britain's Got Talent a very famous morning in Cheshire they fill me on the right to studio lights home off this morning with also in London we do have a beach you may not have realized this but look on their lights lightens – golden almost tropical light for sure very popular on our hot summer days as you can see that you can sunbathe have a picnic let the children paddle in the polluted Rimmel London's finest are there many passengers from Australia and Canada antibody Oh quite famous in those countries as well is the box I'll chew on their whites is where they made ensembles the stop you but gravely it is about not anymore may now Mikey up north in Atlanta ship but this is where they mated and it's now flats and apartments were for millions of pounds on the roof opening is a lovely blush rights the glass canopy Harvey giggles now the tide is coming towards us from the Gulf say the tide is flooding the average Bible tomorrow look on the rivers bowl as about seven meters Wiesenthal they put faces of lions on the river's water as a flood warning so years agone if the water level got too high if he got to the mouth of the lion they could send out a flood woman and in London there's a wine if the Lions are drinking then London is sinking and if the heads are dots then the ligands but I know some of you on the left with the arch the witness in the sloping roof the old city of Lyman scoffer boys not a school today an American bank JP Morgan and on the right a new apartment block sweep a dream department to the top saying that billion come it's a very religious area here for active friars very religious there was a murder you might have heard me sir an Italian was murdered in London and I left him on a pod hanging under the middle part of his briefs seriously it's unsolved to this time fancy years ago an Italian pervert our healthy he was midnight because he handled money fell apart secret he loaned that money sigh hey loan that money for that mafia that Murphy obviously and he was more than that he was found less time are you familiar Roberto Calvi God's Bangkok bird on the very sad stories on the right with a tall chimney used to be a power station this is now the new heights mother the largest of Modern Art Gallery in the world and it doesn't cost anything to know that it is free completely free to go to Neverland now once you've been inside that room once you've had a good look around in there you'll probably start to realize why it's free unless you you'll be really happy does anybody like it to see a leftist impose Cathedral it took 35 years to build 11 of those years were built construct in the time eleven years to build Europe's second largest dong the biggest sim Peters to the Vatican but look on top of our boy people can walk around the top of viewing area but to get to the top as staircase 500 steps and Harry Potter he flies underneath this bridge on a broomstick in the Harry Potter movie they opened that bridge in the year 2000 Millennium and to your whites ladies and gentlemen William Shakespeare's Globe Theatre the replica they opened it 20 years ago there is no cover to the roof it's open to the elements between April and October every single day there's a paper form in that burning as one yesterday by quality one today one tomorrow the capacity 2,000 people 400 of those people are standing tickets and if you're willing to stand during performance is very treatable unbelievably cheap and face it's only five pound the tickets too much a play that is very cheap isn't it legendary I mean you come all the way to London live entertainment for only five pounds I'm sure the grenades burying the furniture and are we all enjoying the live commentary to say we just should clearly remember but we like to do this film an old traditions now this breach is a suburb underneath the bridge looks here left the parts through the breaking silence they get loaded here with a publish along the river and he published their most taken away or the garbage where they take it to a place ahead of us about ten holes like the place called Essex place where we felt the London's garbage on the Parsee wetland initiatives there on the right the pub the ankle well over 400 is no they do lovely food net and just be like the pub the farmer markets he runs ahead of us and the might of our marquee fellas Cannon Street especially a city on the left if you visit the market the food is beautiful to flowers and of an evening little parson restaurants very popular about these warehouses and our apartment so people living they've made some lovely conversions of these old warehouses and you see the pirate ship the working replica of the golden light Sir Francis Junction you can take the children on there they dress them up as pirates let them run around for a couple of hours they have a lot of fun next door there's a pub the old Sam siding mum and dad they come back in the pub and I run around 1100 fun different couple of hours so we cool it a traditional family die outs in London and they suffer the federal bench tournament so just be like the cathedral again is the power market just stuff the bridge to whites and semi smart London Bridge v leiden bridge in two thousand years this is where the Romans build a bridge but they opened our new breach 1973 the one before this they even rebooted in America he was sinking in the 60s we took it now solved it for two million dollars he was shipped over to America and the rebuild is still there tonight there's anybody away in yes spine Lake Havasu correct in the Arizona desert not many people know the story they rebuilt in the deserts the man who bought that bridge he never came to London to see rumor has it he thought he was buying the other London reach which of course is Tower Bridge they reckon he bought the long bridge and he wasn't too happy but it turned up on a ship in America you could only imagine his eyesight when he opened the box and he realized he bought the whole bridge I mean what two million dollars for that bridge and no chance Johnny no passion assistance is priceless they look out for the whites they're sure the bus over a thousand feet there are offices there's a hotel in the middle shangri-la and is a viewing level to the top designed by an Italian a very famous Italian architect Renzo Piano and he designed it I never paid him for the design they gave him an apartment in the top there are telephone but he sold it about two years ago for nearly 30 million pounds now we can either stay out the way here because coming through the bridge be friend tells me is a talking song now each the bark and its house and I told those parties to take away the rubbish and I'm coming into the mountain with the tribe they can't stop I can't just stop the tide breaks and you goes over the tide pushing behind John the only way that tux can stop is by turning around and facing the title and we do not want to get in there one there's no suspense ahead of us with the warship below with this our pocket we don't we're getting away and cause an accident but I'd be terrible with night crashed into a ton so we've got loads of children on the mother passengers safety first myself if you had the white head and I stood by because look up on the wire he said I fried the Union Jack the only Union judge you see today did you see that flag Pollock on Solomon is a crown today is called a Jack stop Union Jack see the flag anywhere else it's only the Union Flag so promenade is the only Union Jack you see tonight now HMS Belfast bill in Belfast Northern Ireland where they also built the Titanic so lots of action in the Second World War she's open to the public when museum you will have a great time on board the ship I mean just look at the enjoyment on that lady's face though oh she's having a time I see folks she was coming to London to go shopping and she's ended up on a warship gentlemen take your girlfriend the nerf of the day and they will be very happy with you now on each other but now it is very interesting you can go up to the wheelhouse don't answer the energy pumps and say she saw a lot of action in the war now imagine we'd have come out into the channel and we could have stayed back in Simon at some point Elizabeth oh you smoking paper ah I must have a friend we don't trust our vices over Mike I used to walk on net that's our info you can see the whites and their money the tongue can stop the way you might have of start is by coming back to its on the engine but those parties not stopped they keep the flowing with the time the only way to stop her when he gets there fantasy where he's going he left the turn and then face the toilet we are we can stop easy the river that's right Thomas let's give the people away from death what do you like and it doesn't matter where you go in the world if you want a pond and you wait to somebody and I write back again it don't happen it not have the same effect to drive in your car provide London decision why even a people baby my finger man on a bun people I'd love to wait look ahead of us is a lovely pony now we ain't got much shrewder free I mean we could squeeze through there possibly but is her worth it is it really is it I mean in the river there's quite a bit of bubbly she get pumps some other ones in psychosomatic like Milan you lose your engine and then you just drifting safety for our parts and his trunks and I have to fire at him you get in their way and I might belong annoyed screaming Shire why should they be so so we keep by their way if they've got a lot of white diamond oh this will be lights are filled up wave and publish all of London's garbage there are many rubbish parties and everyone every time that is beautiful body it's called the heart shape perhaps she said air we are in England Hampshire and the man who owns it each comment says done but not know who is beside is gonna be leaving tonight this poem has been here for four days beautiful isn't it Roland's are misgiven you're gonna wake her and it's going to be leaving at 5:45 I'm sorry will confirm this beauty right there 6:45 so if you're going to be around this area that I will move around turn the power off six and they would just see you Wayne and I bridge to open 6:45 he's obviously a millionaire isn't he was that always worth about a hundred million pal he's going to be getting that bridge open show me masha'allah in front them all those poor openness that one ago I I think they won't be able to be left the wait for that one to go through but ladies and gentlemen it doesn't cost anything you think you'd buy a latte is free if you own a pond big enough and you've given 24 hours and notice they will open the bridge for free that's best there is a long time I'm lest there be a whole phase in it 24 hours I say no now open it for free but you have to give it back notice we have got priority on the use of the bridge and we can usually over a road traffic and it used to open every day about 20 times a day you could only imagine how much shipping came in and went back up lot of Carberry they all finished in the 80s no more shipping up that used to open every day about 20 times as the ships came in people want over the top but now reopens you have to wait for the bridge to lift and close again before you can continue you imagine their faces when this happens in the middle of January and it's combining freezing cold and I stopped the bridge all those office markers coming on have to start them right there in a fight my English bridge the garden that I've turned the top into a museum so with Annie was anybody going out there and so some of you are over city's finish you got the top look at them with all this glass no try to be up there when a bridge open to the bathroom you see the bridge especially of a nighttime we saw will itself of beautiful booze there's actually only one time of the year they do not open that means one particular day does anybody know but made activate yeah it's not Christmas like you can open with Christmas Day for cruise liners people say the Queen's birthday the open – nope are you'll kick yourself a Nutella lie there in the marathon day there's all those runners run across that we try the whole day and it wouldn't be very fair would it to start opening that reach you go those runners crossing it although of always folks here might make it and they will be more exciting if they openly be just a little bit still it will chop them a little obviously called performance so they were not open it at all I mean that marathon is both by lots of people even as you know love disabled people running the race one of those people was a former boxer Michael Watson we've got very injured in a boxing fight with pre-shipping it took him a week to do that marathon safe an early hours through late in the evening you'll see people running over breached perfectly now you look under my folks the Tower of London the castle they built it for William of the Conqueror the billion thousand years ago most famously we know it as a place of torture and execution just up on the river wall traitors die and it's where they took all the traitors to be executed is gone the most common form of execution beheading with a large blunt axe very famous people went through day including a living Lady Jane drive-by folks and the William honest brave hearts he went through there to be hung drawn and the court that is what I thought we've traitors in this country of course we don't do that here anymore that stopped a long time ago we all have other ways of punishing traitors in especially things like community service rehabilitation they send you to a place called holiday planting they give you a bit three meals a day free gym membership PlayStation and then when you come out of there you're a new person folks we're gonna go in for the pin up very very important then we get you off this farm safely so please stay where you are hold on or remain seated nice to be back and then we can all go off-site if you won't get up and then everyone else rushes off for we pump you might fall over and then you have an actually on their lights and the distance there's the underground the station that's how we all there's a bus stop for pastillas there were boats from here going back to Westminster every 15 minutes until 7 o'clock so if you want to go back to my spin start now you have to get off the boat you change them if you're going to stay on this boat you're gonna go to Greenwich nice our next stop it takes half an hour to go down to Greenwich together I really hope you've all enjoyed the journey coming down the river and we've put it down it's safely I shall jump in first ultimate bio solo you've enjoyed the little commentary resume I did do a little bit of info there's nobody knows the river better than us both families have won this river for centuries apprentice by at night it goes back many years Serbian tears of Waterman and say I really do sincerely hope that my commentary has added to your journey coming down a little [Applause] very nice you gonna say but we do this all year round you can imagine in January it's not so busy we might only oh about 10 people on the boat if though but it's time of year is quite nice again it's a lovely people and tell you about the money and we do in voluntary of the culture solid job and we'd like to do it we are a tradition we leave our canteens and buckets by the exits so when you step off the boat if you'd like to maybe drop a few Bob in the captain's pocket then I'll be mostly appreciated by the crew of course if you don't understand what's a few bobbies we also accept Visa card American Express the punishment are you better for the audience something that thanks for this thing and most of all thank you for coming out on the river today enjoy my thing bring up in thank you [Applause]

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