Watch Season 10 of Rick Steves’ Europe — now playing: Twelve new episodes include Portugal (Lisbon and the country’s heartland), the heart of England, Greek islands, Sicily, and Scotland (Glasgow, Highlands, and islands). This season also offers a travel skills episode on cruising, and two special episodes on Europe’s greatest festivals. In each episode, Rick explores the local culture, cuisine, and fun with local guides — all with an emphasis on inspiring and equipping American travelers to get out and experience these wonderful destinations on their own.

30 thoughts on “Rick Steves' Europe Season 10 Preview

  1. Hope you will explore the forgotten part of Europe next season: Ukraine, Latvia, Tallinn and Russia. Don’t forget about the Baltic countries too: Finland, Sweden and Norway. Happy Travels.

  2. Fantastic! Looking forward to watching these. Glad that you did more on Scotland and more on Greece. I never tire of England either. Armchair exploring just whets our appetite for the real thing. Have a great day!

  3. Hi Rick, Something to look forward to! BTW, I enjoyed the NY Times Magazine profile; esp. like the quote: "Fear is for people who don't get out very much."

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