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hey Ron welcome back everywhere like my fucking t-shirt is this cool Shiva that was cool today I am gonna be doing a QA maybe so I asked a few questions on Instagram I said be a savage and as brutal as you want to be and you guys delivered on the savage front some were really fucking savage so I'm gonna be answering these questions let's dive in don't start I was about to dive in what's your morning routine to keep you feeling happy I'm buzzing for the day first of all I have to get up and let you out don't I and that's already a happy thing because you're bouncing around you excited to see me and it's such a lovely welcome every single day but generally mm-hm not be done generally having a productive start to the day definitely has a knock-on effect for the rest of the day so doing something that you initially feel like an achieve you've not had an achievement with is always a good start so for me I like to go to boot camp like ski boot camp and always go to boot camp I like to go to boot camp I always feel really accomplished and dying all the endorphins from working out and I'd like to walk the dogs sometimes I might even get a food shopping after boot camp basically tick in a few boxes before the day has even properly started gets me going and makes me feel really good so yeah go for a workout what the children have some breakfast get ready be fucking pumping I guess it is different for me because I work from home I work for myself so there's no real start time to the day because the later I start the later I can finish that kind of thing generally if I was to give any advice it would be up nice and early and do something productive before you go to work or go to college just get that kind of ball rolling if you could travel anywhere that you haven't been yet where would you go I really wanna go to Cuba I want to go to Havana I want to go on the gorgeous beaches and have a really chill one I really want to go to Croatia want to go and do a road trip in Italy so bad I am intrigued by Australia I never was really I would think I was just put off with how far it was why do you really want to go because Australia smees you seem so far away and so aliens me in a way and I don't really know much about Australia but I love Australian people and I always talk like this it's one of the things that I do I'm drunk as well I'm lucky am I no I I always talk like this and it's probably so annoying for my friends no actually they they get on it they copy me booth won't break me and that's what Australia and I'm like shut up don't do it don't do it because I just loved the accent and I look the people they're funny funny funny I love skittles ready um and probably like summer crazy like the Anderson how are you doing is of like how is your mental health holding up okay if I'm honest it's been good and it's been kind of a bit shit I think for me I'm always in this constant battle with myself which is when I'm at home all the time I'm working from home I have this like craving and lusts to be away traveling and getting out and doing things and being really active and just you know going to lots of events and doing things I really want to do that when I'm away doing that I would I love don't get me wrong I love being out and traveling and having all the fun when I come back again and I'm totally off schedule and out of my routine I can't really look after myself properly like I'm not very good at eating healthy and responsibly when I'm away like I wouldn't everything in anything and I never really work out I don't really have much of a routine I'm kind of all over the place and I feel like unproductive and so yeah when I get back I'm in like this weird spiral of like feeling like I'm out of I'm not saying I'm out of haven't got my momentum I've not really got my shit together and that really puts me down like if I'm out of routine if I'm out of sorts messes with my mind and I think it's very very true and a lot of people say it like and I'm a massive massive struggle with this because I liked ignite I think there should be a balance but I don't necessarily that your productivity equals your work a lot of people say this and I see it floating around the internet when I'm very productive I feel really happy when I'm not productive I don't feel happy and it's a struggle I know that if I'm not productive it's not the end of the world if I don't achieve anything in a day it's not the end of the world I do struggle with that and yes so when I'm not in my routine or if I've been away and you know come home and I'm tired and I'm sort of out of sync with with life they make it does have a kind of a knock-on effect on my mind I definitely feel like when I'm exercising regularly and I'm eating healthy regularly that makes me feel good because I feel like I'm actually looking after myself and I'm not even a prospective like perspective of just like eating clean all the time like when it's in the week I like to eat good and nutritious and yummy and things that my body's gonna love and it comes to the weekend that's when you have like you you have treats and stuff and you treat yo'self people like this day generally I think it's been okay but I definitely feel a half I have spiraled a bit recently and my friends that had an inspiring it spiral in because I'm like I don't know what I am Who I am what I'm doing I don't know what my routine is I didn't want my were things I don't know why I'm here what my doing my life yeah you sometimes fear the future all the fucking time I feel like I feel like every single year I worry about my job and my career and I figure out the future all at the time but recently in the last few months I think I've come to really appreciate my Worth and actually what I can do wherever people telling me and actually because some opportunities have been brought to my attention and people have said things I can do and would be good at and have the potential of or there's an opportunity that would come up I don't so much anymore I don't being a youtuber isn't gonna be a stable career it's not like it's already showing signs of being unstable because like everyone is suffering that that that started when I started basically pretty much majority of youtubers that were up on the rise at the same time as me who in the same kind of like community in the same kind of bracket we're all now we're all finding it difficult and you know it's no bigger you or anyone it's just the way it's gone kind of you know in there's ways of pivoting your kind of style and your content and try new things out but sometimes it's really fucking hard when you only really have one thing to offer you know if you're a comedian for years you something that's more themed fair enough but when you like someone like me that literally talks about what they're into they're their fashion fue their lifestyle whatever can't really you can't reap if it that because it's about who you are you make an income from brand deals for branded stuff and it's getting increasingly harder because brands are more specifically what they want they have more slightly like they're honing in on that kind of style the kind of influences that they work with like hey I still get work through and I'm very very grateful for the work they get but it is noticeably more challenging these days I would say so yes I do fear the future but not as much as I used to do you ever read guru gossip or any other youtuber gossip sites no because if you are a youtuber whatever you know the Guru gossip is the path to self-destruction it's a horrible website it's it's a manifestation of all the things that are bad in this fucking world basically I don't have time for it I don't have time to read through forums from people that have never met me before don't know me don't know what I'm actually about and they have taken this kind of very intricate judgment that they have concluded from a few minutes that I choose to post myself on the internet I mean I actually the last time I read it was about a couple of months ago and if anything I was laughing the whole time because it was it was just like so ridiculous to shit that I was reading and you know I'm not saying going read hit please don't it's embarrassing put people's assumptions and their opinions are funny that is ridiculous but for someone that probably if I was not in a good way like if I was on a low point like if I was feeling hormonal and down about myself that would have probably have really really fucking fucked me up but I wasn't feeling fragile that day so I could handle it but in all seriousness it's a really horrible horror website who makes these it's just disgusting and it's a shame it's shameful and also I will say this right my tolerance for people's bullshit on the Internet is very thin people will always say oh you should just pity them because they can't have much the line if they do that if they find that fun they mustn't have much of a life or what a poor existence like to just pity them I'll feel sorry for them they're probably jealous of you blob of other oh that's what people like to tell me to make me feel better how about people just stop being fucking assholes there is no excuse of being an asshole there isn't an excuse of being an asshole if your life is shit and you're unhappy with yourself sort it out don't fucking project your misery onto other people that don't deserve it ran over let me just sit my coffee just watching my boyfriend do you weeding the garden you suka stuff anyway do you think you'll ever get married again you know what I wouldn't rule it out my opinions on marriage has definitely changed shall they know what you're in you know I know what I understand fully what entails being married I don't see the importance as much as much as for marriage now it's a new galaxy I I think from a romantic point of view yes it's lovely and the actual having a wedding and having everyone that you there that you love is beautiful and really really great so yeah I probably wouldn't write again but I'm less like it's not it's not a big deal for me anymore how are things between you and Josie since the move out at fucking great I think it's made out of friendship better when you live together you definitely make less effort on actually seeing each other but we see each other every week we talk and text all the time which may add when we're living together we stop texting as much because I think we just thought because we live together we would just always be there to talk to her but we do we text image and every single day we have balance every single day and I think it just is taking a lot of pressure off our friendship didn't hate living with her like if she was still here now I'd be absolutely right since but she moved out I think things have I feel things are better are you gonna get back into music I have lots of your songs and repeat well thank you and yes I am I have been writing so much music over the last few months of Ben Ben was my bass player and box of life we are gonna be together we're so close to like finishing writing we need to take it to the studio and record it and there'll be new music out hopefully this year no definitely this year did anyone say you moved on from your ex-husband too quickly what did you say / do feel about it no one actually said that's me everyone was an agreement that you know stands me what you fucking do and everyone was very aware of other situation how I'd felt how it had been feeling and to be honest I think my family my friends know better then to be so judgmental they they're they're very cool as cucumbers so I'm very lucky in that respect what contraceptive do you use you really be their hormone wise didn't agree with it right now buddy to me I'm not completely happy about I think they disrupt things ruins the fly and also it's tough time just disposing off into the landfills have you kissed a girl before please me my friend just go all the time just know each other don't know why cuz we were just very much we're very happy to be in each of his company how do you deal with weight fluctuation like when my weight changes I feel grim it's very normal to feel grim when your weight changes it should be a reflection on how you look I should be a reflection on how I feel because obviously like for me fucking now if I put on weight I don't sit in the way I feel rather than like me looking in the mirror and noticing it because I know if I I know that when other people look at me they don't notice it they don't notice I've gained six pounds they just don't like my friends no people around me they don't go koi you've put on some timber I know is it because it's the way I feel and the way I get around it is it's all about balance in it if like right now I have been to down a festival I've been away this weekend for that student as a shit I know that I have been eating out a lot I've been doing loads of beer those of booze generally I've been treating yourself myself a lot a lot a lot I've been eating a lot and without limitation and I've been very greedy and who don't feel good about it I haven't been working out as much I feel weaker feel unfit and it's just because I've been so fucking busy and my routines been all over the place I haven't been able to just sort of have that control over my routine and we're just very fairly normal it's very normal so what do I do I sort it out I put my fucking foot down I I just get rid of the shit food in my house oh I don't get rid of it I put it somewhere else where he can't reach it they're really really good healthy food shop I scheduled in like five workouts for the way I take the dogs on longer walk and I do something about it because you know I do it I get annoyed at myself I get just put in myself I get into this little hole of despair and like hatred for myself what a wings not gonna do anything getting up and being active and doing thing about its gonna do something it's all about balance you know like I don't I definitely don't agree with yo-yo in I don't agree with being really really unhealthy and then being really healthy and then being really unhealthy but for me I find that tension be just coz of my lifestyle just because like I might have a month of not going anywhere and then I have another month of being like for example in Chicago then immediately after that I was in France like it was just non-stop go go go go it in it and it was it's really hard we are it's one finger struggle with her but weight fluctuation is normal it's just how you kind of do of it if you bothered by it then do something about it if you're not bothered by it and you just live in your life and you're loving your life and you're just having the best life ever then do something about it like for ages I was just living my best life and I was really fucking happy and then I got to the point murrow's is to be like hello miss me ridiculous town you integrating it in a bit let's see it's me so then I decided to like fucking hell if you put on six pounds because if you give a shit but if it really bothers you and you don't feel good and you're like oh it's a little bit out of my comfort zone then do something about it have you ever considered vegetarianism veganism all of you oh thank you I think I ready for a little bit and I sucked at it um I don't think I could go vegan but I do enjoy vegan food and vegetarian food and I'm definitely I've cut i cut out pretty much cut out read me I eat a lot of chicken and fish even then I'm still trying to cut down on my meat consumption just because I think if we all just cut down generally on things it would make a difference you don't need to have dairy all the time you don't always need to have meat all the time I'm even gonna probably stop buying milk and get out milk instead because I discovered the oat milk in tea is actually pretty nice and I love coconut milk I love almond milk when I'm out I never get like a normal cappuccino it always is it's always coconut milk or almond milk or hazelnut milk I'm like learning how to cook more and more about me and just generally just be more aware of shit how do you make new friends as an adult and sustain them you can present a dolt is quite intimidating it is but there are so many things you can do to make friends now in this tech not little world we live in first of all bumble now as a BFF being on there which is like dating but for friends which is really cool those people use it and it's very normal to use it joining a club or like a group like boot camp for me I've made other friends they're joining like online groups as well like forums whether that you have a sheriff still there interest although just don't be afraid to speak to people and ask them if you want to do something if you know like if you know them if you go to the same class or whatever like hey we should hang out let's do something that's really super cool just just yeah just ask just ask and just don't be afraid there's nothing – there's literally nothing to lose do you regret getting married I don't regret getting married don't regret getting married but my bank balance does it was a great day I regret I do regret that I had my dream wedding and I mean the marriage only lasted for months that's a pretty that's a bit annoying it was a great day on the day I had a great day everyone had a great day I can't regret it just because I didn't work out my wedding there was fucking brilliant okay my exbest friend keeps subtweeting about me and it's breaking my heart what do I do fucking text him saying what is your deal why are you subtweeting about me that is a shit thing to do something along those lines or you could just be more pre adult and be like so those tweets that you're sending well you could even you could even be like you're a dick stop doing that or you could be like this is really hurting my feelings there's no need for this or you could be like – stop being so childish I don't know all the personality traits that I have that I just sometimes always constantly battling with myself what person do I want to be today what's your funniest poo story yes I want full messy with this question okay I've already I have already spoken about this in a video so rather than boring you about again I'm gonna give you the full juice and I put the link in the descriptions you watch my poo story because I dedicated a whole video for this story it was a first date story which involved who ate its are being more brave with outfit choices being bold is scary being bold it's only scary because you're worried about what other people are gonna think about how you look once you get over that fear and that care of other people judging you you can be as bold as you fucking won never let other people's opinions feel watered-down who you are as a person as soon as you get over that and you realize that other people's opinions on you don't matter it will be so Awakening and refreshing and you'll be so free if you could do a collab of another youtuber who would it be they'll really want to do a collab with Jamie Genevieve because I think she's an absolute babe and I got one of her really well I love talking to her love hanging out of her and I'd love putting my face at the moment I really enjoy watching bought a bankrupt so I'd love to go on a little trip with him and do some exploring with him and he can teach me some shit because he's fucking great any advice how not to have expectations in relationships well first of all don't believe everything you say on social media don't believe what people say on social media about relationships but social media has a great way of portraying things we don't really real it always shows the great things positive things to polish things and it never ever shows the bad sides and I think that a lot of relationship goals hashtag shite is a big cause for people having issues in their relationship because they're just like why is my relationship not like this everyone's a relationship is different there is no perfect relationship there is no like tick box everyone that's different just like we're all different like we all have different personalities you might gel with your partner in a different way that someone else might gel there's like everyone is different everyone else's relationship is different so don't think into it too much and don't put too much pressure on yours no partners relation how did you become so confident on your body well I do do like I get this question a lot and I feel like I hate this question but I just don't know how to answer it because my confidence is actually just from its gonna some really fucking funny is from within its from within I don't think about my body as much anymore as what it looks like I sit more as a vessel I think more about my body in terms of its fitness its strength how it makes me feel rather then you Alex that far like I don't look at it in that way anymore no obviously I do I do get annoyed with my clothes will to tie it or they don't look right because I've gained a few pounds and I'm just like no my dad didn't like that before that was me but I think I'm just confident and my body is just the sack of meat that I'm carrying around that my soul and my driving my driver is in I don't know and oh my god forget really deep there definitely feel like you are inside of your body like your your being your wherever you are is inside of it and you're just carrying this I like to look after this and I like to I want it to be strong I you so of your boyfriend if I look we haven't seen him in a while yeah oh sorry and you just worked away your works away sometimes it's at home sometimes it's not something away doing his job he has a job and he's here all the time and also he's not bloggers I have I'm the vlogger he's always being my blog do you miss your ex do you do that crazy girl thing and stalkers IG no lion yeah yeah yeah like because feelings and shit way more fucking complex then a piece of black and white paper like a lot of time together but you know and we did a lot of stuff together and we've got a lot of memories together and I miss aspects of him his personality and what we had in terms of like just our relationship and how I used to just get on generally as human beings not necessarily leathers which is human beings let me guess until I guess I miss it and as he Fulham on Instagram just so I can stop whining up up I don't think this way as soon as you break up with someone in you sneak cut off your feelings and like cut off having anything about them unless they really really hurt you and you hate their guts and you just want them to fall into Mordor like cool but you know if it's not like a terrible terrible ending I don't see why you need to die nope couldn't possibly ever think about them ever again where do you find inspiration for your awesome style and rock and roll music Hollywood Cowboys movie stars or some other influence of people fashion bloggers nostalgia being myself do you get sick of strangers thinking they know you because the amount you share online don't get sick of strangers thinking they know me online because I'm fully aware that I share my I choose to share my life online I choose to put my everyday life online and so when people come up to me and me like let me good how's this a little bit oh that sounds really weird I'm like no it's not weird like I put it on the internet for you to watch if you ask me about it that's not weird that's not what I chose to show you don't wait it's when people think they know what's best for me online so it's like comments whence regarding my relationships my lifestyle like I get it it might come from a caring you know place but I also find it quite equally quite it's quite it's quite patronizing and also like I don't like it when people that don't know me no me no me no me tell me what's best for me just be it as a fellow homeowner I love you will take on like moving in as in do you Charlie Imran oh yeah I just put everything half right to half way because we both live in it we're both professionals but me being as well but we're both full-time workers both career people and we both are in the house pretty much do you think when you're in it I think when you're an adult in a relationship it's pretty normal for kids just share everything and that's my house but if he wasn't in my house he'd be in another house paying rent it's no different it's always that way there's always that kind of oh and your mortgage he'd be paying someone else's mortgage if he was renting them around but no it would pay off and half I think better he's happy with that I'll never that good oh and last question how aware do you get your own credible price probably well bizarrely it's amazing that's so nice I think I've always as a kid I've always been like the one that's always wanting to be the entertaining the Joker the funny one like the show-off the loud one I don't know where it's come from I just I just always remember being an out-there kind of kid I don't know maybe it was I was quite the actual kids I love singing I love performing and dancing and making up dance routines for my mom and my grandma the good idea I was always playing like The Lion King with all my toys I would be like this I put my hands like this so that little pause now and I just the top of stairs I'm like hey I was very imaginative and bit a bit crazy oh yeah he's always been like it I've always been like it and I like making people laugh and I'm it real happy and I've been kind to people and I like being nice to people and I like giving everyone the time of day and I always feel like you should treat people how you'd like to be treated etc etc so I was being a dick though to you you can either you can dick them back or you can rise above it and be a better human being it's up to you whatever path you want to take anyway thanks for watching I was a really long you an a but the questions were great and it was very hard to pick like how many that I got but thank you if you message me thank you so much and love you notes everyone you

45 thoughts on “Reading my Guru Gossip & other savage questions

  1. Had no idea what the โ€˜Guru Gossipโ€™ website was so I took a quick look. Honestly found it a little bit sad that there are people out there regularly commenting on other peopleโ€™s lives, or putting others down, as though itโ€™s a normal hobby or past time all the while letting their own lives pass them by. Never mind, Helen! At least you make money from them watching you ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. it's so relatable! People Always need what they don't have at the moment, but when you actually have it, you want the other thing back. I am so busy and constantly doing things I have to, that I crave not doing anything for a while. But then when I have time to do nothing I feel so shit and being productive gives me energy. I understand you, but even though you feel you are spiraling sometimes, to me, and probably 'us', you are an amazing and inspiring person. Creatively-wise, body-confident-wise etc.

  3. Helen! You are so relateable. I get the same way, with my mental health. Working out will make me feel great, but I am not always consistent, and can over indulge the weekends than feel like crap. Stay as positive and wonderful as you are and thank you for these fantastic videos! โค๐Ÿ˜˜

  4. If youโ€™re worried about single use plastics in the form of condoms, see if you can get a diaphragm and spermicide from your local sexual health clinic. You need to be assessed first so they can give you the right size but theyโ€™re really good when you get used to inserting it, itโ€™s like a menstrual cup but a bit more slippery ๐Ÿ™‚ Itโ€™s pretty old school and not as effective as condoms but if you know your cycle they can be great

  5. I completely agree with treat people how you wanr to be treated and when you spoke about people being mean online and others saying just pity or feel sorry for them when in actual fact your just letting them get away with shitty behaviour! You are literally my favourite person on YouTube ๐Ÿ–ค

  6. I am living for your thoughts on online hate. Totally agree that being told to pity people who need to sort their own shit out is useless advice! Love your content Helen

  7. i've read your guru gossip recently and they were quite nice about u, especially when u got rid of matthew. sad you call people jealous for being happy you're on the right path now. doesnt make sense to me but glad you had a laugh

  8. I'd never heard of guru gossip so I decided to have a nose…that was a mistake! I felt so bloody depressed and shit about myself and life JUST from reading bitchy comments about other people! The posters on there must spend their lives being miserable af! Like get over yourself and concentrate on your own life jeez ๐Ÿ™„

  9. I find your enthusiasm infectious. I love these sit down talk to camera chats. I really like hearing these updates and how working for yourself is going. You're an inspiration!

  10. Hey ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป I had my daughter watch your bikini video as she isnโ€™t very body confident and after watching we ordered 3 bikinis for our upcoming holiday for her and she wore shorts to school for PE for the first time…ever…thank you for being a positive figure on YouTube and a great role model-sometimes our girls need to hear it from someone else that they are beautiful and can wear what they want!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  11. I didnโ€™t even know what Guru gossip was until you said, I just had a look on there … WTF ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„ these people seriously need their brains tested… some of the things they say or presume is disgusting. Just because you put a small portion of your life on the internet that means they can judge you for it ? WOW! And youโ€™re absolutely right. There is no excuse for being an arsehole and thatโ€™s exactly what they are ! I just couldnโ€™t believe what I was reading !

  12. It's jealousy 100% and it's bang out of order. Jamie G cops it on GG too, I was livid when I saw your threads but arguing with them it pointless, they thrive off of the attention. Bunch of disgusting, sad little biches.

  13. I donโ€™t think anyone needs to justify themselves being on guru gossip unless theyโ€™ve said something which is genuinely wrong. Viewers have been paying your bills for years Helen. If you canโ€™t handle those viewers having an opinion on what you post, how you act, how you come across, then make money another way. Iโ€™m done

  14. Is gurugossip that different from gossip magazines like heat etc that discuss and critique celebrities lives, relationships, appearances etc? Is it the YouTube equivalent of those kinds of sites and magazines?
    Donโ€™t get me wrong, I think both are toxic. But so many people read celebrity gossip websites and magazines, itโ€™s so normalised, which makes the vitriolic hate towards people who go on guru gossip seem more out of place.

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