A really cracking story from the Battle of Britain about an RAF pilot and his unorthodox attack on a Dornier bomber headed straight for Buckingham Palace. Enjoy!

fifteen of September 1940 and the height of the Battle of Britain sergeant pilot Ray Holmes piloting a hawker hurricane fighter of number 504 squadron takes off on patrol over central London Holmes spots a formation of three German Dornier 17 bombers lining up on the rear door near Holmes his shock when oil pours from the rear of the German plane covering his hurricane the German plane was fitted with a rear firing flame through that malfunctions at 16,000 feet spewing out oil rather than flames Holmes temporarily blinded waits for the wind to clear the oil from his screen when his vision returns he finds that he is underneath the Dornier ignoring this aircraft Holmes opens fire on the next door near suddenly one of the German crew bails out but his parachute becomes draped over one of Holmes's wings Holmes wrenches the Huracan over and the Germans slides off parachuting away the third and final dawnia is headed straight for Buckingham Palace German rear Gunners of firing at Holmes but he peels away and makes a head-on attack he presses his gun button but nothing happens thinking fast Holmes decides to ram the Dornier and points his hurricane's knows that the Germans tail intending to slice it off a fraction of a second later Holmes as hurricane smashes into the Dornier ripping off its entire tail assembly this is an actual photograph at the German dawnia spiraling down it impacts close to Victoria Station the pilot managed to parachute clear Holmes's hurricane has also fatally damaged he climbs out of the cockpit and bails out striking his shoulder on his own tail plane and then parachuting away to safety he lands on a roof slides down and then ends up in a dustbin locals gather and hoist him onto their shoulders in celebration Holmes's hurricane fell near Buckingham Palace and was eventually excavated sixty-five years later as for sergeant Holmes he was made an officer and served out the rest of the war he died in 2005 at the age of 90 if you've enjoyed this video I really hope that you subscribe to my channel to do so just click on my photo at the bottom right of your screen a great many thanks and see you again

49 thoughts on “Ram Attack! The Pilot Who Saved Buckingham Palace

  1. Another day at work..jerrys airbourne! flamethrower jammed and covered in oil he waited until he could open up with the then .303 calibre cannons(?)..jammed he rams the Dornier parachuting into a dustbin in the Victoria area of SW London..saw an interview with the pilot on BBC..what a day!! great video Mark ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👍🌝

  2. I have a German magazine (Die Wehrmacht) dated 11th September 1940 and the cover picture shows a bomber flying over Buckingham Palace.

    Headline: "Luftalarm in London – Deutsche Flieger Kommen!"

  3. Around 20 years ago the BBC made a v good documentary about this and the recovery of Holmes Hurricane from under the road where it went in. There wasn't a lot left I think the engine block was actually bent or split in the impact.
    Ray Holmes was at the recovery and interviewed for the documentary seemed a really nice chap.
    Someone must have a copy they could post on U Tube I for one would watch it again

  4. The Germans were ordered NOT to bomb the Windsor castle or the Buckingham Palace by Hitler himself. This must have been a "rogue" German pilot? What is incredible but true is that the allied wasnt allowed to bomb plants who was owned by Henry Ford who manufactured Ford engines on a licence.

  5. Some German bombers,Do 17s, Ju 88s and He 111s, were fitted with backward firing flamethrowers intended not so much to burn enemy fighter pilots to death, but to blind them with black oily smoke. They did not produce much flame at altitude as it was too cold and the air too thin for the oil to burn well, but the unburnt oil did foul some windscreens of attacking enemy fighters.
    See https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/368928-flamethrowers-on-german-bombers/

  6. Your short films are very informative and usually well researched. I must say however, I have never seen or heard of an airborne flame thrower before.
    This video is very recent and since several other of M F Productions fans (below) also echo my point might it not be worth a recheck?
    No offence, your site is very special.

  7. I admire Holmes' chivalry in dipping his wing so that German airman could parachute to safety; but most of all I admire his guts in ramming his Hurricane into the Dornier. Very glad he made it out and lived to a good age.

  8. Buckingham palace was never going to be hit. The royal family who are GERMAN were working with the Germans all along. The war was funded by the Rothschilds and the USA. In particular Prescott Bush with Standard Oil, Henry Ford, JP Morgan, The Vatican in order to possess Israel which is now a Rothschild Fiefdom. All this is in the public record.

  9. Outstanding courage and sense of duty to protect the Royal Family. It was well publicised that the King refused to leave London thereby making Buckingham Palace a prized Luftwaffe target. The building was hit once while the King & Queen were nearby; they were unharmed. Sgt. Pilot Holmes deserved his Commission and his long life after his daring refusal to consider his own safety. I reckon he should have got the VC too. Per Ardua Ad Astra!

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