Quinton Lucas has kicked off his campaign for Mayor of Kansas City. Help Quinton become the next Mayor of KC by supporting his campaign. He is from our community, and he is for our community.

hi I'm Quinn Lucas a lot of people run for office to be something I'm running for office to do something to make positive change in our community because that's what I've been doing my entire life whether it be my work in prisons to make sure that folks coming back home know the resources that were available to them whether it be my work as a teacher ensuring that the next generation knows that their future isn't defined by their past and whether it be my work on the City Council where I'm not just talked about transformative legislation I work to ensure that there's quality affordable housing for all Kansas Citians I've worked to make sure that there are opportunities to return funding back to our public schools public libraries and mental health institutions and you see that's why I'm running today these aren't policy issues for me this is my real life I grew up knowing homelessness I knew it was like you didn't know where your next meal was coming from I stayed in this hotel with my two sisters and my mother and I care about this because this is what's important for the future of Kansas City not just momentum but momentum for all neighborhoods at Kansas City I asked over the next year of this campaign to you stand with me work with me pray for me and struggle with me so we can make positive change for our community and a better Kansas City for all you

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