The Queen’s Christmas Trees have arrived at Buckingham Palace!
🎥 Watch as the Marble Hall transforms for the festive season.
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hello and welcome to another Royal reviewer Channel episode on the 4th of December 2018 the Christmas treats Buckingham Palace have gone on it's officially Christmas at Buckingham Palace the Christmas trees have arrived the trees are grown in Windsor and AH delivered to Bingham Palace at the start of December the trees are then fixed in place here we see the trees in Buncombe palaces marble hall the trees are then decorated in a very royal style the garland was also installed along the grand staircase happy Christmas everyone on the 30th of November 2018 the festive period has officially arrived as the Queen's Christmas tree at Windsor Castle has been erected and decorated the tree is a spectacular 2014 Ordman fir decorated with golden baubles and pinecones there is also hundreds of fairy lights and even tiny replica crowns the tree has been erected in st. George's Hall within Windsor Castle the tree was so tall and lodged the staff had to climb ladders to decorate the tree which will be on public view from the first day of December the Queen however will spend her Christmas privately on her Norfolk estate Sandringham not only will Windsor Castle visitors be able to see the Christmas decorations they will also be able to see the royal wedding exhibition which is a celebration of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex his nuptials which took place at Windsor Castle in May the great stair leading to the apartments has been draped with Garland's and there is also a Christmas tree in the great gallery every Saturday in December families can enjoy festive arts and crafts workshops and on Saturday December the 15th there will be a present trail decoration making workshops and storytelling on Monday December the 10th on Tuesday December the 11th the Scottish vocal ensemble will provide an evening of Christmas carols and seasonal music thank you for watching this video if you have enjoyed it then please give it a big old thumbs up don't forget to share on social media and also hit that notification bell so that you know whenever I upload a new video so from me in Shropshire good bye

25 thoughts on “Queen's Christmas Trees Have Arrived At Buckingham Palace 2018!

  1. How I'd love to have this many Christmas trees at my home. Love their ornaments. So fun and interesting to watch these Royal holiday videos. We have some beautiful ones at our White House, too. Christmas is very special.

  2. What do the Royal Reviewer Family think of this idea: we all – wherever on earth we are – put something royal in our christmas trees ? To thank Elliot and wish him a Merry Christmas . ( I know you read this also, Elliot 😉😊 no secret but a special sign)💖

  3. Thanks Elliot. All these decorations make me so nostalgic. Can we please do a live pop up for everyone's favourite memories and traditions. How do your fans like to spend Christmas? With family? Or hiding away from family. What about favourite foods, best memories? Pretty Please! How would Christmas Eve suit you????? Or another day maybe?????

  4. Good morning and thank you for posting the Buckingham Christmas but are there other royal and historic royal places Christmas events/ calendar during the holiday season.. such as Kensington or Hampton or Windsor

  5. Thanks Elliott! I have always wanted to spend Christmas in England! This helps. I am sure your good friend Sheridan Bucket will forgive her Majesty the early date for the tree!

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