The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge over the Thames completes the loop around London of the M25. Here we have the journey up to the bridge as well as the crossing itself to the toll booths on the southern side.

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3 thoughts on “QE2 Bridge on M25

  1. The last time I came over, I forgot there was a toll, then I had a problem finding British currency in my van causing a long queue and no end of beeping at me. That will teach them not to follow a left hand drive camper van!

  2. I live in Kent and have been along that stretch of motorway many times. Dartford Crossing was paid for YEARS ago so it is outrageously cheeky for them to put the price up to £2. If you take the second exit on the roundabout as you come off the main motorway from Central London and go through the Blackwall Tunnel instead you can get into Dartford and to other parts of Kent for free saving £2. I always go this way when coming back from Hertfordshire as it is nice to see the river Thames shame it

  3. I went to the car only lane @3:32 and the barrier did not lift after I paid £1:50 and paid another 1:50 and barrier still did not lift. The highways agency officer came and overrode the machine

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