The Mayor is consulting on plans to remove the congestion charge exemption from private hire vehicles.

Caroline Russell argues against a motion brought before the Assembly that rejects the Mayor’s proposal and says the exemption should remain in place.

London Assembly LLDC Plenary, Sept 6 2018

so remember Russell yes and I won't speak on this motion screen group will be voting against the motion and I just wanted to set on the record why and the congestion charge was introduced for a purpose to reduce traffic and congestion and it also helps reduce the emissions that make our air so unpleasant and dangerous to breathe now when the exception for paying the congestion charge was set up for phb drivers Transport for London expected about 4,000 of these vehicles to enter every day but by 2017 there were 18,000 every day that's four and a half times as many while the black cab numbers have remained absolutely stable now there's a consultation going on at the moment and in our response to that consultation I will be saying that TfL will need to look at the impact on smaller operators who won't be able to distribute their bookings to kind of manage to reduce the impact on some of those drivers that Assemblymember Bacon just mentioned but overall the congestion charge is a really blunt instrument once you've paid it there's no incentive to drive less you can continue driving around all day polluting and congesting our streets delaying other essential journeys what the mayor should actually be consulting on is a smart system of charging by time of day emissions of your engine and the distance covered and it would be much fairer and it would even mean that people driving would contribute to TFLs revenue and therefore would cease to be being subsidized by the fare payers however it's an imperfect world and the mayor is consulting on levying the congestion charge on private hire vehicles he has a report forecasting a 45 percent drop in these vehicles entering the zone and a six percent drop in the traffic PHV traffic which does result as Assemblymember bacon said in a 1% drop in traffic overall this is small but it will help other vehicles move around more efficiently and that is good for London so in the absence of a much needed plan for consultation for smart road pricing I think the mayor's proposal to remove the PHV exception is logical so the green group will not be supporting the motion and kill Assemblymember I shall only

0 thoughts on “Private hire cars shouldn't be exempt from paying congestion charge

  1. Private Hire vehicles shouldn't be exempt as they're mainly driven by Paki's, Blacks and Eastern Europeans. But a 15 year old black cab which emits triple the pollution compared to the average Private Hire Vehicle is okay…..Thank You Caroline Russell.

  2. at last ph drivers pay cc most of them r moonlighting no pay tax using alias names.and sharing cars so pay an shut up its about time ur industry was sorted out

  3. boll shit. when u say that 1% will make other cars move more freely u mean black cabs of course even though the black cabs are 15yrs old some of them. STOP giving licences for 5yrs or so.but i guess thats where you rape our pockets again.

  4. Fuck off Carol…. Its all a con extra charges… Those black cabs have the worst pollution rate… Old 2004 black Taxis… Sort them out first… Get rid of Road tax too… The Mayor is a prick

  5. No wonder why this green party get less votes. A discriminatory decision by Mr. Khan and you are supporting them. Green party will abolish soon due to support these sort of decision.

  6. PHV are carrying out an essential service for the public they are cleaner cars then your precious black cabs in which are old and carry the most emissions.

    Private Hire Vehicles are a cheaper, reliable and more cleaner alternative to black cabs. Using a PHV saves the public the hassle of driving in London which would add to pollution, so in fact PHV are doing you a big favour!

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