this power bi report provides an analysis of crime in London from January 2012 to December 2015 it's based on data obtained from dated police Tek and augmented with population data from the 2011 census thanks to the Office for National Statistics this first page shows the number and rate of crime over the time period we can click on a particular bar to show over crimes reported in that month the tree map visual shows a breakdown of crimes by crime type you can see that anti-social behavior is the most reported type of crime in London the map shows a number of offenses in each area initially by London Borough we can drill down into each area until we see the detailed areas of crime here showing that shoplifting in the Ealing Broadway Center is responsible for the largest proportion of crime in this part of London the second page of a report uses the population data from their 2011 census to calculate the crime rate the number of crimes per 1000 residents this allows us to compare different London boroughs regardless of their different populations we can see that burglary rates despite generally falling a worst in Westminster and Camden whereas violence and sexual offences are rising on a worst in Westminster and Lambeth the final page of a report uses social group data from the Office for National Statistics to identify the number of crimes categorized by the social group of the people living there here taking a detailed look around Waterloo train station opposite houses of parliament

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