Ethiopian Maqdala treasures looted by the British colonialists 150 years ago could be returned to the country by London’s Victoria and Albert Museum — on loan.

9 thoughts on “Plundered Ethiopian treasure in a London museum could be returned — on loan

  1. All Ethiopians didn't protect Emperor Theodros II of Ethiopia while Emperor John IV guided and even shielded them that the British soldier be able to free the Captivated Britons from whom a single of them were not killed. IT IS A WAR CRIME TO LOT ALL ETHIOPIAN TREASURE AND ABDUCT THE SON OF THE EMPEROR. They came to free their captives; however, they put an innocent child to captivity. I AM ALWAYS ANGRY ABOUT THIS. THEY NEED TO APOLOGIZE FOR THEIR BAD DEEDS AND RETURN OUR TREASURES IMMEDIATELY. THIEVES

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