Plain and simple plane-spotting at the second busiest airport in the UK, London Gatwick Airport (LGW/EGKK), featuring tonnes of heavies from the Boeing 767 to the Airbus A380 and everything in between. 😆

It’s not quite Heathrow, but the presence of heavy aircraft at Gatwick Airport is really increasing nicely as the years go by. Filmed on the afternoon of 18th August 2018, this video shows a variety of planes arriving and departing from runway 26L to and from destinations all around the word. Included in the video is the Boeing 757, 767, 777, 787, 747, 737 and the Airbus A380, A321, A320. Not all of these are heavies, I have added a few extra’s in the mix too. Airlines included are Virign Atlantic, British Airways, Qatar Airways, HiFly, Emirates, Vueling, Icelandair, Norwegian, TUI, Thomas Cook, Westjet, Privatair Germany and many more! 😄

Nearly all ATC (Air Traffic Control) communications are included in the video too! 📻 Don’t forget to hit the thumbs up if you enjoyed this 25+ minute spotting video at LGW! 👍


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○ Camcorder: Panasonic HDC-HS60
○ ATC: Uniden UBC75XLT
○ Tripod: Velbon DV-7000
○ Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 14

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Video Tags:
Plane spotting at London Gatwick Airport Planes at LGW EGKK
Plane spotting at London Gatwick Airport Planes at LGW EGKK
Plane spotting at London Gatwick Airport Planes at LGW EGKK
Heavy Heavies Planes Arrivals Landings Departures Takeoffs
Heavy Heavies Planes Arrivals Landings Departures Takeoffs
Heavy Heavies Planes Arrivals Landings Departures Takeoffs
Head On Heavy Jets Airbus Boeing 767 777 747 A380 787 757
Head On Heavy Jets Airbus Boeing 767 777 747 A380 787 757
Head On Heavy Jets Airbus Boeing 767 777 747 A380 787 757

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  1. Great video. 🎉 The airport is virtually my second home.😅 Airplanes are
    very fascinating. Since there are enough planpotter on YouTube, I have
    specialized in flight reports. 🤗 All the best and greetings from
    Frankfurt. Keep it up 🇩🇪✈🌎

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