Taken on 12-Nov-2011. Featuring Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F, Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-400F MegaArk, AeroLogic Boeing 777F, British Airways, Boeing 747-400. I am still learning. This was the first time using a tripod but with 8 people on the platform was difficult to pan. Next time will be better. I promise :))

35 thoughts on “Plane spotting at Bengaluru International Airport. Heavy Aircraft at Bangalore

  1. U sure this is bangalore…or somewhere else in india..??cuz british airways has never operated a 747 to bangalore…and singapore airlines too

  2. thats why airlines use the "heavy" callsign in the atc.an empty boeing 747-400 needs 160(296.32km/h)-169(312.988) nots to take-off(depending on down wind,air burst,ect)169 nots is the reqiured air speed for a full 737 800.but then 75000ibls of fuel and 10 tons of cargo and passengers combined need 200 knots (370.4km/h) for aboeing 747-400 and to achive that much speed you need a 4 km runway and in blore its just 4.5 so the pilots used flpas 15 instead of 10,thats why the british airways stragaling to take-off  

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