Peter Whittle challenges Commissioner Cressida Dick on grooming gangs!

27 thoughts on “Peter Whittle challenges Commissioner Cressida Dick on grooming gangs!

  1. This is very good video, and important it is on public record. Dick was given her position because of a politically correct agenda – being a lesbian and a woman meant she scores highly on Intersectional oppression Olympics, and not because of merit. It was likely driven by Theresa May, who herself was disastrous as Home Secretary and then an even worse PM, also pushed through because of political correctness.

  2. Why does the phrase Lame dick come to mind? The Police are supposed, under these circumstances of 'interview' , to give out absolute CONFIDENCE that those crimes Peter Whittle refers to are being tackled and dealt with in the MOST ROBUST WAY possible with EVIDENCE to back that claim up!? Deplorable!!!

  3. Dick should be sacked for those few words alone, avoiding and masking the truth is outrageous, we are accused of inventing this shit up but here is the evidence, the met police are totally fucked and the public cannot believe anything they say

  4. The police are now PC ruled by PC. She was the one that ordered the killing of the the dude at Stockwell cos they thought he was a terrorist. And that is why she should never have been made the no 1 in the Met. Cos she will be fearful of upstting the Muslim community again and that is why she tiptoes around muslim pedo grooming gangs.

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