In a first Street Prize win for London, one lucky player scooped the entire £30,000 prize with her postcode E11 4BE!

Winner Violeta Demian was absolutely delighted to be surprised by Judie on her doorstep and becoming the capitals first Street Prize winner was a dream come true for the 26-year-old.

Im really happy, said Violeta. This is very exciting! Ive only been playing for two months and never thought that Id win!

Violeta plans to spend put newfound wealth towards buying a new house and has already been spreading the good news, causing her friends and family to sign up!

Ive told my brother already, she explained. Hes gone straight on to the website and subscribed he hopes youll be coming back to London very soon!

And players postcode sector E11 4 were toasting to their success too, as seven lucky residents picked up a sizeable split of the £5,000 Sector Prize.

4 thoughts on “People's Postcode Lottery winner in London E11 4BE

  1. Hi Curtis, we do have many winners in the London area, you can check our website's Draw Results archives to see all of the winners in different areas. We only include playing postcodes in the draws, not all UK postcodes. With prizes to win every day, you've got a great chance to win!

  2. i rekon the winner for the sake of camera work was asked to redo filming because she swore, i know i would!. ive been playing for ages. seems hopeless as their are millions of postcodes in and around the united kingdom. ci also feel londoners dont win anything.

  3. People react in all kinds of ways to being surprised with a big cheque! Be assured, it’s not a “set up.” Real people win real prizes every day with People’s Postcode Lottery. We do have winners in the London area; this week we had a Daily Prize winner in NW2 4LU – Brent, just outside of London. Because only playing postcodes are included in the draws, you will tend to see more winners where there are more playing postcodes. As we grow, there will be more winners in other areas.

  4. I'm wondering why very few people from London actually win. If you look at the site, it's always people from north of the country and I'm sorry, but if I won 30k, tht wouldn't be my reaction!! Looks a bit 'set up' to me.

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