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you have one God who sends his son you know how would you explain something that's God I think you know a little you know a little how big God is you know that God is a creator deal you believe that God is a big Creator is one believe God is a creator all of this when we see in the night receives son got to it so how many God you know you know that I'm common when we want to have much of a dimer brother can you appreciate I want to explain what you asked me what did I ask you ask explain how Jesus came I'm asking you you have one god that's what you believe in he sends his son here is his son also God so I tried to explain again God before you explain yeah just make it easy this is good right before you explain you believe in one God who sends his son on earth is his son also god of course so how many gosh do you have no survive longer well you have you have got the highest daughter when this God wants to shows us himself and how it is to live in swimming on the right way on behalf of God told us to this this is what when God gave Mary Mary through the spirit how would you explain how would you explain how would you on a human way what name would you give to to a man or come on this earth through only through the Spirit of God I'll tell you did you say let me tell you it's the son of interesting question so when Eve was created from not the bulb of any noise hear me out what would you say about Edith is she a daughter of God now because she's really special no she stood a different one she is a creation of God the creation of God by God's creative power God created human beings in four different ways we don't know let me tell you he created Adam from without a father animals without from a man or a woman and it's truly created Eve from a man Oh No he created you and me from man and a woman what's left from a woman alone laughs Jesus Christ bodies showing his power of creation so now – let's come back now so having this understood one question before you know this is a clear but we have one God we go back to Adam and Eve I just want to ask you is underneath created from from the ground you know is from the ground in your scriptures you believe God created okay from what on earth shook he took the earth he created Adam and from enemy chokes okay from Mary he created Jesus and from your mom and dad equated you so it flows by clear to them so it's quite clear now coming back to God if you believe in one God and he has a son who is also God why do you say they're not to gods but one maybe you can explain them God always says I am eternal own as we see in the Bible you say this in English Sapporo one plus and you see in many many ways everything in himself yeah he didn't read it off yes community in the self peace in yourself diversity in yourself you you we're not just flesh you have a point once you got that why eight we're not just that you have to not rush dispatch do you have children are we do you have children we're not just best when name is more than just all flesh please do you have children no I have children this is my son me I am a human being my son is a human being how many human beings me and myself one or two the question is just went when God is the question yeah I answered question all the time I am taking no he won't even be but when we talking about I am not even asking you I am one human being my son is one even being yeah we share humanity but we are how many human beings one or two I mean God has divinity that makes him divine God is divine so God is divine and you said the son of God is also divine they share divinity how many gods are there can I have the question before you ask a question let's understand this point I will how many gods we have the father you can't compare like God here and human here okay of course when you have a son there's one man and another man or a boy yeah but when we talk about God something higher okay we have situation we have three dimensions my finger three dimension at the same time explain it to me easy this is a perception of my finger I see hi yep I can see in three dimension so if I were to see this I don't see the back of my finger my perception I can go around and have a look at it but the fact that this is one finger there is one my perception of it will be different are you saying God is perceived differently sometime as a father from the Holy Spirit this is to be a Christian heresy I'm not sure what I want if you had little Christians yourself but you believe God the Father himself it's different from God the Son different he is not the son as I said yes before you say diversity look when you have a god Shiva goddess called Parvati the son of God called Ganesh I'm listening how many goats are they according to you that's one God our God mother got else i'm shiva parvati and Ganesh these are gods if I ask you now this is a husband and a wife or father and a mother and a son forget everything if I told you listen if I would prove to you Jesus which you want to believe you are willing to believe in Christ instead of understanding your belief first we've done shows himself somehow in your life just once in your life if Jesus would shown up in your dreams and if you could read the gospel this is how you will ignite what you would watch you be willing to okay I'll tell you what yes or no I'm telling you I want something right if someone comes here on earth and says I am God I know I'm 100% center why not tell you I am God tell me what do I have to do to convince you damn god now I'm making this plane may God forgive you now I am God I'm just making a claim that I am God on earth may God forgive me for making the flame so now why page would you believe me why not why would you not believe in me because when all to do it now we've been back the same thing now it is nothing about me coming and making plans or this picture which is already Kurama I see you know everything and you're not willing to change I tell you I can tell you everything another question I just told you I just told you you didn't listen yeah you have your uses you said okay when God is coming on this earth I or when somebody comes why are you rushing that's true you're not willing to believe doesn't matter what you will be so I see you're not willing to change this even when God shows up this space to you so this is here's the problem what if if if show the Bible the change in me when you're not trying to change this dark ages the free will understand what you're asking is this imagined because you don't want to change excuse me when you see there's the scripture that's never change that is not true you can prove that is not true you made an accusation and I'm defending myself that is not true you are demanding if somebody comes all of them says I am God and I believe now I make the same offer to you I am making this would you believe if I put that – what are you sure what do you want from me Jesus said well maybe he did all the miracles which only God Himself is able to do it he shows herself through his actions he shows he proves that me he loved me Jesus proves that he is mighty me he could tell the the wind to Scotland he shows us who he is that he could Lazarus set up to to live again yeah so he shows his mightiness through sections just like we see we see in the old pictures and we see from the people who've been living for ages with Godwin living God take an example what the habit it's a heavy chance to start so don't nobody want one way we see how God is you know and you see this also in the old let's examine this you see it in the Old Testament our God is and when we see the same face why do you go I do this move how do you example when we can deal one by one so Jesus Christ it reason why I make you make him or believe in us God he does miracles and that makes him the miracle already God's can do it's not just miracles you know the miracle is holding also the evil can do a miracle the miracle is things that he did did he do it on his own accord for God did through him the truth so he wasn't God it was always standing tonight he was complete human and complete a son my friend it wasn't in his power to be any miracles no he says I can of myself do nothing

44 thoughts on “P2 Is Jesus a Myth? – Mansur Vs Christian Hyde Park Speakers Corner

  1. If God sends his son on earth is the son also god?
    So how many gods are there?

  2. God The Hidden!!!! cant be seen in dreams, comes in mind….even shows up in front of specific people…..lol… if theres something like that comes in my dream surely ill slap and punch at his eye….because that is satan works….only people with closed hard will believe such a claim and satan works….of course satan works sometimes cant be detected…. so God describes Himself in last revelation and we learn from that…. peace

  3. Churches are empty.
    So Christians come to Speakers Corner to preach.
    They dont want to discuss their beliefs.
    They dont even trust their own Bible and the Holy Spirit residing in them.

  4. The reason Christian dont want to leave their faith is bc a lot of low full enjoyman they allow to have sex without marriage drink alcohol eat fork talk bad word and it's relatively easy religion you can just go to church once a year and singing for 30mt they think it's enough to make them enter paradise. even though they know its wrong

  5. Why dont they ever want to answer a question, Mansur was right. They keep brushing the flaws in their belief away and immediately move on to another topic. Never allow them to do that when you have a discussion with a Christian.

  6. In the Bible, God said clearly, expressly, in all simplicity and without mystery : "I am the God." (Genesis 17: 1).
    Why does Jesus, if he really loves us, did not do like his father and say clearly, expressly, in all simplicity and without mystery : "I am the God"? It is very easy to say but he preferred to leave his credulous followers in the embarrassment, perplexity, confusion and doubt especially when he said to the Jews : "In truth, in truth, I tell you Before Abraham was, I am. (John 8:58) He should have said, "Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am god. "
    Moreover, Jesus has said, in several Bible verses, clearly, expressly, in all simplicity and without mystery that he is a man : "The Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost" (Luke 19:10) ), "I am a man" (John 8:40) …
    Jesus was only a messenger of the true and only God and he was the way that leads to the only God (the destination) just like the other messengers like Noah, Abraham, Jacob, David, Moses, Mohammed and the others who had the same message to humanity : "ADORE GOD, THE ONE AND THE TRUE" who does not need either a son or a woman.

  7. For the Christian to deny the Trinity is a decision fraught with consequences, because all the dogmatic body is found affected and it feels threatened.
    It is not without reason that the Church has confessed about this doctrine "This is universal faith: if anyone does not faithfully and firmly believe in it, he can not be saved." (Athanasius' Creed).
    The trinity ===== the X-files.
    The trinity has made Christians crazy, stupid and perplexed.
    They must necessarily understand the incomprehensible, believe in the unbelievable and defend the indefensible!

  8. I don't have the patience of Mansour. I would have told to this Christian who had problems with understanding, that he is an insincere person after the very first few minutes. After the first 10 minutes in which he was acting like a snake to avoid answering the questions of Mansour , I would have told him that he is a retarded and deficient and that I could not waste my time with a false person like him.

  9. Greetings,
    A shoe maker makes shoe and definitely never becomes a shoe.
    Its usual a shoe has a sole and the shoe maker has a soul. A shoe maker definitely has a soul and his shoes would have soles but his shoe would never have a soul.
    Did I get this correct?
    Its strange there are small 'people' in my smartphone and I could see 'Ahmad Deedat' speaking in utube. I tought he has passed. Where are these 'people' living? I did not know I could summon them to talk, preach, sing and do various things with my smartphone. I basically 'brought' back them 'alive'.
    Wonders of current {electric} currenting dead {mauti} people in this realm of memory {tantalum}.
    But those small 'people' are soul less {jasadu} and only comes 'alive' with current {electric} technology. 110 years ago those passed (died) remained passed. Its just recently when 'Jesus' came back he was able to bring them back alive in this realm. Even anyone could bring any thing back alive with CGI technology BUT off course in this realm they are soul less and soles less if they are barefooted.

    Well in actual fact souls never die while soles are recycled (or disposed). Die in the sense not breathing as well as those whom has passed small 'people' in my smartphone whom did not breathe when I summoned them.
    Taha, ma 'gik of picturing current {electric} memory possible numerous activation hierarchy (fitnah). Well said. Thanks for reading.

  10. Adam was created Eve was formed from Adam,

    Mansur you and your son are 2 people, but one family,

    Behold o Israel the Lord thou God is one not in number,but one in Union,

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