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3 thoughts on “P2 Bloodthirsty God! Hashim Vs Christian Speakers Corner Hyde Park

  1. this christian missionaries struggling with his own christian concept too sad some time i think this christian all in-build jew that why they own care the about christian Jesus they spoiling indirectly

  2. Most Christians do not know anything about their religion and when they come here to this park, they are shocked by the kind of questions asked by Muslims because they have never heard anything like this in their churches. .
    The churches taught them only that Jesus is a god and that he was dead only to endure the stupidities of the gullible followers and hallelujah.
    I love brother Hashim very much, he is intelligent and he speaks softly if his interlocutor is calm and if the interlocutor shouts and howls, our Hashim also shouts and screams and he is always winner Alhamdo li allah.
    His words hurt the credulous Christians because they never heard that in their churches.

  3. By order of the Holly Trinity entire peoples are massacred, cities burned, goods delivered to plunder; In short, the order was given to suppress life to every person and every animal. Everything is doomed to destruction except for young virgins who are left alive for reasons that we know.
    The Holly Trinity said to Moses, "Kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who knew a man by sleeping with him; but leave alive for you all the daughters who have not known a layer of a man "Numbers 31.17-18
    Here a question arises of itself: How could they distinguish the virgin from the one who is not virgin? The least that can be said is that it is inconceivable that this terror be inspired by God.

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